How Do You Make a Yearbook for an Online School Year?



In the long run, after you've been out of high school for a few years, are yearbooks even any good for anything unless one of your schoolmates goes on a shooting spree?


Luckily for you, modern kids, we've developed this thing you might have heard of, called "social media." It's the modern way of keeping your teenage tonsorial choices alive forever!


It’s all out there on social media - teachers complaining about zoom vs teams videoconferencing on Facebook, Instagram shots of teens attending prom with their mom, PTSAs fundraising for rental assistance, students calling for BLM on Twitter. It’s not that nothing happened this year, it’s that schools were closed and we deprioritized education. Let’s not sugar coat it! Seems like all that would be easy enough to screen shot and print out.


Don't kids these days each have 10,000 selfies at least? Pick one. Make an online yearbook. This is not a problem. Why is this even being discussed? The country's on fire but people are concerned about a school yearbook? Are they really?