Slog PM: Trump Suggests We Do a Little Fraud, Fox News Won't Shut Up About Nancy Pelosi's Hair



our hair furor/cornered rat's gonna get more and more Dangerous -- expect War, either here or Abroad and soon -- it's the only thing that'll Save his sorry, tanking ass.

excellent. another War.

just what's it gonna take to
finally tank the US of A?

mind the patriots.


Republicans should be commending Pelosi for exercising what they consider their God-given constitutional right to not wear masks.


speaking of herr Furor
and greasy lil' hands
and Big Surprises
this from the nyt:

"Gerald Ford Rushed Out a Vaccine. It Was a Fiasco.

Trump should keep that in mind as he pushes for a coronavirus shot.

Last week, news arrived that President Trump had lurched into what may be his most reckless obsession yet: His administration would probably seek an 'emergency use authorization' for a Covid-19 vaccine long before some scientists believe it would be safe to do so."

Of course, he did.

it goes on: "A spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services immediately addressed the obvious suspicion: 'Talk of an ‘October surprise’'— an attempt to manufacture good news just before the November election — 'is a lurid Resistance fantasy.'" --Rick Perlstein, today


to the Abyss, everyone?


Everything I've read says that California hair salons in all counties could open up at 25% capacity as of Monday, which appears to be the day Pelosi had her hair done.


@2, So what should Democrats be saying about one of their Leaders.


@6 "thank you for being such a staunch defender of civil liberties and supporter of small local businesses"


Wonder if the anti-Pelosi comments here are going to be as nuts as the anti-Sawant comments.


Trump is literally destroying the entire country and gaslighting everyone about it, but by all means, let us focus on Nancy Pelosi's hair. Trump is running around spewing insane shit left and right and lying about vote by mail to such a degree that Republicans are having to educate the constituents that voting by mail IS safe, secure, valid, and one of the best ways to vote. If only one of Trump's imaginary anarchists WOULD chuck a can of chunky soup at his head. FFS how much more this shit are we supposed to take?


Sadly, it's gonna go on until someone pries his greasy little fingers away from the West Wing.
BTW - The Mississippi flag looks fine - I have no problem with 'In God we trust'. I'm still waiting for God to send a slew of those m*ther f**kers to jail!


It's more disturbing that the House Speaker of the United States doesn't have the resources of a good friend who's a hairdresser and a box of L'oreal Excellence 6A (light ash brown).


"There is a scourge of bad flags. And they must be stopped!"

Great Ted Talk. And I learned a new word!


Okay, I'm not a citizen of Mississippi obviously, so this is really no business of mine.
As a life-long atheist I have to say that this shit does offend me.
I don't trust in god, and even if it could be proved to me that any such a supernatural being existed, now or in the distant past, I damn sure wouldn't trust it.


RE: National Debt

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it sort of a trend that republican presidents tend to increase the national debt far more than democrats?

Regardless of whether the national debt is of great concern or not, it certainly doesn't speak to republican's so-called "fiscal responsibility" if they're the ones consistently running up the bills without collecting any revenue.


Yes, they do increase the national debt.
And after over 30 years of this, you would think that voters would have caught on by now.


Not to worry, Urg.
Austerity's just around the corner, just as soon as the next Dem takes over. They'lll be falling all over themselves, 'bout how Bad that National Debt is. Nevermind, that most of it's usually Theirs.


Look, you try keeping track of your wig when you've suffered from microhemmorhages and other CVD impacts like Herr Trump has ...


As if we needed more proof that the people refusing to wear masks are sick fucks.

Sociopathic Traits Linked to Not Wearing a Mask or Social Distancing During Pandemic: Study


It was no setup, according to the salon owner.


@15 - Same. As atheist as it gets, but I've never cared about the "In God We Trust" crap. It's a distraction to get worked up about. I consider it just a meaningless decorative phrase.

I like the new flag.


@21 - It was a trap according to Admiral Ackbar!


just when you think the
Cops cannot get Worse:

'Black Man Died of Suffocation After Officers Put Hood on Him

Relatives of the man, Daniel Prude, said the police officers involved in his death in March in Rochester, N.Y., should be charged with murder.

A Black man died of suffocation in Rochester, N.Y., after police officers who were taking him into custody put a hood over his head and then pressed his face into the pavement for two minutes, according to video and records released by his family and local activists on Wednesday.

The man, Daniel Prude, 41, died on March 30, seven days after his encounter with the police, after being removed from life support, his family said.

His death occurred two months before the killing in police custody of George Floyd in Minneapolis set off protests across the United States.

But it attracted widespread attention
only on Wednesday when his family
held a news conference to highlight
disturbing video footage of the en-
counter taken from body cameras
that the police officers wore."

And the bodies continue to pile up like cordwood
whilst the Citizenry is made to suffer all
consequences of police Misconduct.

The Slave Patrols
MUST Soldier On:

It's the ONLY
Choice we

well, that or
Total anarchy.


@raindrop so how did they get security footage from inside the salon?

That said Pelosi should know what the restrictions are without having to rely on the salon owner.


@14 Ha ha! Do I really need to remind you of how Donald Trump and his rapist friend Jeffrey Epstein loved to have private parties with underaged girls? I will anyway.


Pelosi shouldn’t even be in San Francisco. She should be in DC, along with the rest of the Dem House caucus working up a fucking Covid relief bill. I don’t care if the Republicans won’t pass it. This is not a time for summer vacay. It would be a powerful political message to the country to see them at least trying to provide assistance to people.


I saw the clip of the owner and thought of 2 questions left unanswered - Pelosi had an appointment? How so? and Pelosi has been coming in regularly? Other visits since the salon closure?
If the other visits were during the closure then it is obvious the owner could have trotted this out much sooner but chose now.
Tone deaf / own goal or whatever for Pelosi but obviously there's an underlying reason for the timing.


@27 Hi there. They already have a relief bill passed. In fact, I read an article Monday (iirc) that they had scaled it back some but the Republicans rejected it again. So work is ongoing.

Maybe the message of symbolic legislation isn't all that powerful, considering you missed it entirely. I mean, assuming your post was made in good faith (coff)


@28: What's the motivation of the salon order to do a set up? Someone paying her to humiliate Nancy? Just to get interviewed by Tucker Carlson?

She says her business is ruined. Death threats. Her Yelp is inundated with bad reviews.

Regardless, the owner should be invited to testify in a House committee hearing.


Speaking of DOMESTIC Terrorism
this, from today's NYT:

In Act of Heresy, N.R.A.’s Former No. 2 Calls for Gun Control
A new book from a controversial former executive accuses the National Rifle Association of “appealing to the paranoia and darkest side of our members.”

The National Rifle Association’s former second-in-command is breaking with the group’s orthodoxy and calling for universal background checks and so-called red flag laws in a new book assailing the organization as more focused on money and internal intrigue than the Second Amendment, while thwarting constructive dialogue on gun violence.

More at the Morons over to the NRA at


the article cited in @32 was written by
Danny Hakim and Maggie Haberman.


@32, edited:

More ON the Morons @ the NRA.


"This story is ridiculous, hypocritical, and sexist—but it's all over conservative media"

Ridiculous - Yes
Hypocritical - Eh not really
Sexist - I have no idea how you got there



Would it make you feel better if the rapist in the White House sent Biden an invite?



"The National Debt" is such an abstract for most people I honestly wonder if it really has that much impact one way or the other in terms of their thinking.


That salon owner couldn’t be more of a Republican woman if she tried: scary makeup, blondined hair, bitchy demeanor, and drama queen tendencies. (Republicans always say that they’re getting death threats)

I wouldn’t go to any beauty parlor where the owner looked like that.



Half the country is currently working from home - why would Congress be any different? And as @30 points out the Dems HAVE been working. As for the Republicans, well, you could threaten to tie Moscow Mitch to the most uncomfortable government-issue wooden chair you could find, place his hands directly on the keyboard (although from the looks of him I seriously doubt he even knows how to operate one), force him to listen to a six year old's rendition of "Baby Shark" on continuous loop, and smack him on the back of the head with a rolled up copy of the Constitution every five seconds until blood runs down his neck and he still wouldn't get anything done.


Clearly Nancy Pelosi getting her hair done during a pandemic is the most hugest scandal in American political history since that Black guy wore a beige suit after Labor Day.

And IIRC, wasn't every 'Murkins God-given right to gicher hair done what all them RWNJ - er, Patriots were running around shouting about earlier this summer? Did they change their minds allasudden?


Trump encouraging his base to vote multiple times sounds pretty swell to me. Wouldn't that earn you a 5 year stint in prison? Oh wait, that's probably only if you are not white.


Republican visits a hospital and holds a news conference while refusing to wear a mask. Response: Masks are a political tool!
Democrat gets a hair cut and doesn't wear a mask. Response: Crucify her!
She shoulda worn a mask still, but the hypocrisy is just too thick...


The House passed a second COVID stimulus bill in MAY. MAY. It is now SEPTEMBER.
Mitch McConnell is the SOLE REASON legislation has not been brought to the Senate for a vote and the Republicans are responsible for all of the continued suffering. I don't give a shit if Pelosi is in California and I don't give a shit what she's doing while she is there. Over FOUR HUNDREDS BILLS HAVE BEEN PASSED BY THE HOUSE SINCE 2018 AND MITCH MCCONNELL HAS SAT ON THEM, DOING NOTHING. MITCH MCCONNELL NEEDS TO GO IN THE DUMPSTER JUST LIKE TRUMP. Every last one of these Republican motherfuckers who have burned the country down FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN THEY CAN AND THEY SEEM TO ENJOY IT, SADISTICALLY AND NIHILISTICALLY, NEED TO GO.

ALL OF THIS IS OWNED BY TRUMP AND THE REPUBLICANS. ALL OF IT. Anyone saying or believing otherwise is just as delusional, deranged, and demented as Dumbass Donnie and his minions.

The House has done their job, over and over and over and over and over.
The Senate, specifically Mitch McConnell, has not done his job since Obama was elected. He sure does enjoy collecting his paycheck, though doesn't he.

Anyone voting Republican is a nihilist hell bent on death and destruction. What exactly, I wonder, do they believe is going to happen when they have destroyed everyone and everything? A dead country with no people and no industry and nothing left but piles of garbage and dead bodies is not going to generate any revenue for these greedy soulless, sick, sadistic, shit bags. So what exactly is their end game? The Rapture is not coming. There will be no other planet. I mean right now Americans are banned from all other countries in the world. But what? They'll sit in their bunkers, printing money and declare themselves winners? I mean they also seem to believe they will all live forever - like chanting 12 more years at MAGAt rallies is not just total insanity regardless of rule of law but basic biology in that Trump will be dead so very soon, much sooner than he believes. His brain is literally rotting and he is decomposing in front of the world. Oh and I DO mean DECOMPOSING. Like a rotten fucking corpse.


I thought it was hilarious ....Pelosi got some "blow back" on her face mask campaign and political posturing. Nancy.....When ya go out on a trip for revenge, dig two graves!

The polls look very, very tight in the swing states... Biden 50% - Trump 46% ...too close to call and not very encouraging at this stage of the game.

Biden has to avoid penalty points (Sexual Harassment Claims, Weak Leadership, Too Old to Lead A Nation, Harboring far Left Agenda, A Whip at Law and Order)....and Trump doesn't pull some rabbits out of the hat before November (2nd Round of Economic Stimulus, Viable Vaccine Before Nov, Lower Unemployment Figures, Dow holding in the 28,000 Range)...., then Biden, just might squeak by.


I'm fine with Mississippi having "In God We Trust" on it long as they put "All Others Pay Cash" on there, too.


@24 - They're not hoods per se, like the Klan or executioners wear. They're spit hoods made entirely of mesh. They're used in Europe, as well, and have been deemed medically safe. The primary complaint of their critics is that their embarrassing.

So, I would strongly suspect that pressing his face into the pavement for a full 2 minutes while he was on PCP had far, far more to do with his death.

This kneeling on people's throats and pressing their faces into the ground for periods longer than merely momentary (like seconds) to overcome resistance seems to be a thing with cops nowadays. I don't recall it being so in my day...or I was just fortunate enough not to have witnessed it.


Biden shouldn't go to Kenosha or anywhere else. He should stay home, campaign electronically and through surrogates, and set the example we all need him to set. The contrast with covid-party-animal Trump will be all the more obvious.


If Nancy Pelosi had killed Herman Cain through an act of willful negligence, THAT would be a news story.


& if hair furor had killed 2-3,000,000* through an act of willful negligence FOX the Patriotic Choice˜ would be all over it, blaming it on Biden and BarackO.

*perhaps that's just for Starters