It's a Weird Time for Studying Nature



I actually had to do a field trip for Biology &180, where I collected plant and animal specimens at Golden Gardens, took pictures of them, identified parts, and submitted it all online.

This semester I will be doing Geology &101, and they're sending me a $180 mineral kit to use for my labs.

Next semester, I have to do Environmental Science field trips too.

Since I'll get the early vaccine (don't recommend it, only 50-60% effective, might have side effects since we haven't done a full 512 subject study or race/sex/comorbidity cohorts matched with both cases and controls and those who already had COVID), it looks like I will be able to do in-person Environmental Science at the UW after that.

My takeaway is this. The professors are doing their best. The microscope dissection and owl pellet dissection and other stuff sucks balls and is not the same at all.