I guess I won't pay federal income tax this year then.


Everyone knows the best way to watch a Bond film is at a drive-in movie theater from the safety and comfort of your all-electric offroad truck, while wearing a cloth mask!

@1 drank the kool-aid Herr Trump offered


(Here's a candidate for most trivial comment award) Did they type that "defund cities who defund and are thus anarchies" utter crap memo on a Selectric™ typewriter from the eighties!?
...#@$ troglodytes stuck in a troglodyte era


looking forward to 2 months of increasingly desperate and illegal attempts from the trump admin to change the trajectory of the election with the hope that they will find the one thing that convinces more than 40% of the country that he's actually the most amazing president ever


@7: Please let Lara Trump know if you come up with any ideas.



I wouldn't suppose you have anything to backup your baseless claim that the murder suspect there is an "anarchist" do ya? I won't hold my breath. Also, here's a link to a comment thread in which you falsely identify the race of that same shooter. You also state in this thread that you like being called a stupid bitch.


i heard nancy pelosi got a blow-out and didn't wear a mask, perhaps a multi-state ad buy about queen nancy's flagrant violation of municipal public health codes will turn the tide while also reverse-psyching trump supporters into not thinking the pandemic is a hoax


Oh, so NOW allasudden RWNJ - er, Conservatives "get defunding"...


RE: Someone from Twenty One Pilots did a Bad Tweet

What was so bad about a dumb joke?


David Blaine is an asshole that should be arrested for both felony littering by abandoning the balloon lift device to fall randomly in the desert on Native Americans lands, and arrested for interfering with commercial airspace (same as the jet-pack guy near LAX).


Gotta say, it's been pretty impressive watching corporate media stooges bending over backwards to frame 881,000 new unemployment claims as a 'good news.'


Waiting today to hear from all of the people who went on and on and on about how this pandemic was only killing people in BLUE states, so who cares!!! Now the death rates in RED states are raging (and will ultimately be far worse, because the people living in red states have taken Trump's lies, won't protect themselves or others by wearing masks or engage in social distancing, have GOP leaders who parrot Trump's lies, and are not taking any measures to end the spread).

So where are you all? I mean you were all full of glee when blue state democrats, liberals, and independents were being murdered by COVID-19 and waving your MAGAt hats around. How do you feel now? Let's hear it. Let's hear your justifications and your spin and your depraved indifference to the loss of life now that it's red state populations that are exploding in COVID cases and deaths.

I'm waiting.

Before Labor Day is over we will have passed 200,000 deaths in this country. Because Trump willfully ignored the pandemic and is now pretending it is over.

Republican states death rate more than double Democratic states
States with Republican governors have been worse hit by a multiple of nearly 2.4

Today's numbers:

Coronavirus Cases:

and all the while:
Trump is doubling down on his commitment to be a poor role model on mask-wearing


Fuck fascist trump, I wish he'd just move to north korea already and become Un's bitch. Then he could have all the civilian executions he wants. He can take his brainwashed cult members with him too.


all anarchists are white guys with dreadlocks & all white guys with dreadlocks are anarchists - QED, motherfucker


@15: "I'm waiting."

I understand your frustration. This isn't exactly a comment thread on Brietbart.


Ahhh, of course, you read it in The Seattle Times. But never provide links or other sourcing to these highly informative articles. Well, you know I also read an article in The Seattle Times! It said that you like to drive out to Eastern Washington and pay the farmers to have their horses fuck you in the ass. It said that you started out with smaller animals like pigs and sheep, but are hoping to eventually get yourself loose and lubricated enough to go on an African safari in an effort to find a willing hippopotamus that's really satisfy your needs.

Stupid bitch.


@22: Good lord, let it go.


@19 - there are a lot of people in the world who are neither anarchists nor "really great guys." The Mango in the White House, for example, is demonstrably neither of those things.


Jasmyne, if that headline about the "bad tweet" makes you want to throw your computer out the window why did you report on it and link to an article about it. Most of your writitng is about racisms big and small, why didnt this one trigger you? "Use your platforms" sounds like something you have probably encouraged. But hey, if you are turning over a new leaf and no longer see things through a highly racialized lense that would be great!


mental health episode = acting crazy and refusing to stop.


@ 27JC

I don't know about FB but newspapers charge political campaigns premium prices (no discounts) and require them to prepay. So political ads are pure gold.



A shocking new development in the pelosi blowout scandal currently rippling through the political lanscape: the stylist backs her claim that the salon owner not only set up pelosi but has been operating her salon illegally for months!

Congress must subpoena everyone involved and get to the bottom of this so our nation can heal. Write your representative TODAY and demand action #blowoutgate #salonghazi


@27 sir toby II

"refusing" to stop? When you're mentally ill, you CAN'T stop, that's why it's called an illness. If you have cancer you can't simply "choose" to not have cancer anymore.


Mother fuck scum of the earth shit Barr. He's a fucking traitor and should be BBQ'd alive for his betrayal of the Constitution and his handing of Trump every get out of jail free card imaginable. Just who the fuck IS this scumbag fat pig of a shithead? Fuck him and get him the hell out of the Department of Justice, he has no fucking qulaifications to do what he has done other than to fuck up our country and give it to Trump's family on a silver platter. Mother fuck these passive shitheads who blink an eye and report, "What will he do next? This certainly is not a conservative approach to this office!" like deer in the fucking headlights. You stupid feckless shitheads, do your goddamn jobs and enforce the Constitution. You can't stack the judicaiary with a bunch of qualification-less fucking stooges and then demand due process when you break the rules and muck up the process with loyalists who do nothing. Seriously, FUCK YOU you pieces of shit! Reign in this nightmare of a justice deparment that is anything but and just fucking us as much as possible. Fuck Bill Barr! Roast his ass or get him the fuck out of office, he is worse than shit. Scum. Trash. A fucking parasite.



“Plenty dumb violets”


Frank Ocean was the antidote , thank you


Economic devastation hits millions, McConnell says words that mean nothing.

It's been 111 days since the House passed the $3 trillion HEROES Act, which Sen. Mitch McConnell has refused to take up, and it's 27 days until the government runs out of funding at the end of the fiscal year. New unemployment figures for last week are out: 833,000 people filed for state unemployment benefits under the new seasonally adjusted guidelines. But the real number, including those filing under Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) is 1.6 million. Just last week. The week before was 1.4 million.

There are more than 29 million people receiving unemployment insurance in the U.S. right now who have lost the lifeline of the $600/week bump in payments. There are many more who are unemployed and not receiving universal income (UI). Many of them—as many as 23 million—are facing eviction. Feeding America projects an additional 17 million of them will become food insecure this year, for a total of 54 million Americans who don't have enough food. And Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Wednesday that he doesn't know if another stimulus bill will be agreed to this month, "but we're giving it our best."


@31 Yes but cancer is an actual disease. Acting crazy is a choice.


@38 Acting being the key word. To a person who is truly mentally ill, the crazy choice appears rational.


Running around naked, screaming, hitting things, and spitting at people are all choices.

It was a spit hood used on a person who claimed they had COVID who was running around spitting at people.

Had he chosen to stop acting crazy....


@40. Tell that to a dementia patient at a hospital when he takes a swing at you.



If I'm ever that far gone I hope someone takes pity on me and puts me out of my misery.


@42. I, too, am anti-flogging. But that is what advanced directives are for. And all deserve their dignity respected and well-trained caregivers who can diffuse conflict, stand at the side and guide others' loved ones safely to the next task. It takes everything and those that serve well and endure are the best of us if we support them.


@42. But if we take this mentality, we ensure that our loved ones are neglected and abandoned by burned out, compassion fatigued, resentful, and formerly- enthusiastic numb attendants who cannot sustain the monumental effort needed to care for our collective needy we set and forget.


@40: Given he has a choice, why doesn't Donald Trump stop acting crazy?


The CNN story is a disservice, read this account. Be sure to read to the end:

Wild that they site several health issues but his liver and one kidney were donated.

Tragic death preceded by one long, horrible trip through Hell.



So a commenter on here repeatedly makes shit up about an active murder investigation and attempts to use that made up information to discredit the journalists of a newspaper that I enjoy reading, I call him out on his bullshit, and you implore me rather than him to let it go? Yeah, GFY.


What about my comment leads you to believe I'm angry? I think you're an asshole and an idiot to be sure, but I'm not angry about it. Quite the contrary! Though admittedly crass, I rather enjoyed composing that post, and thought it pretty funny, if I do say so. I rarely smoke pot these days, but regularly practice yoga and have even dabbled in meditation now and again and am perfectly happy and sedate, thanks for thinking of me though. If my calling you a stupid bitch is what concerns you, please note that I only do so at your urging.

Seriously, by all means smoke a joint if it makes you happy, but don't make shit up and attempt to use said made up shit for political purposes, as it's an asshole move. There doesn't seem to be much known about the murder suspect (I feel as if I heard it was gang related, though haven't seen anything to corroborate that anytime recently) and this is the best I could do.


@45 You ask, "why doesn't Donald Trump stop acting crazy?"

Because Donald Trump is an asshole. He knows exactly what he is doing and enjoys it. Hopefully the Flying Spaghetti Monster, in his noodley goodness will help us get rid of Trump on Jan. 20, 2021.

But hey, thanks for proving my point. Crazy people need to just stop. They enjoy the attention and freaking out the normals, and more often than not bring their fate down upon themselves.


@Sir Toby II,

I take it you don't actually know anyone with mental illness. Their brains are telling them things that mess up any so-called choices they make. They can hallucinate, see or hear things that don't exist, except to them they're real. They aren't capable of seeing the world and other people the same way you or I do. All their "choices" are tainted by the illusions their minds are creating.

Mental illness IS a real disease too. They're not doing it to get attention. They're not doing it to "look crazy" to other people. Their brains are not functioning correctly.

It's like a computer with buggy programming. The computer thinks it's giving you what you prompt it with but it's all incorrect because it's not functioning correctly.



"Their brains are not functioning correctly."

Hmm our brains are the only evolutionary advantage we humans have. Without out brains we would have been extinct 200,000 years ago.

If these individuals brains are not working maybe we should institutionalize, and isolate, them to protect the rest of us.

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