Slog PM: Trump's Losers, Fonda's Regrets, Who Is This Freaky Balloon Person?



Trump is talking about Pelosi's hair because he literally has NOTHING else to talk about. Think about that for a minute. HE CANNOT COME UP WITH ANYTHING ELSE TO TALK ABOUT.

Anyone supporting this demented, deranged, delusional, feces filled skin bag is not stupid, is not misinformed, they are just as demented, deranged, and delusional as he is. So when the last person in this country is about to die, remember that. Trump destroyed everything and not one person with the power to do so did a damn thing to stop him.


I wonder if it is because they refuse to wear masks or social distance? I mean when donned in their riot gear and tear gassing people, you'd think they'd be safe from the spread...

COVID-19 caused more police officer deaths in 2020 than all other causes combined. Combined!

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page’s executive director Chris Cosgriff, the law enforcement death toll due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when all said and done, will likely “surpass 9/11 as the single largest incident cause of death for law enforcement officers.” Frankly, that number will soon be surpassed, as the “more than 300” number cited by The Washington Post includes 343 firefighters.

Texas has the most COVID-19 law enforcement deaths at 25 and counting. Louisiana comes next with 12. Florida and California both have nine. When you consider that Florida is already cooking its COVID-19 numbers, and California has almost twice as many police officers, it’s easy to see how conservative policies affect the true safety of law enforcement.


Of course Trump hates the US military. They are the original antifa movement.





@3 - King George III was a fascist?



Exactly my thoughts. Every time it's in the news, I say, so what? It's like reporting that someone used a fork at a Japanese restaurant. But I guess maybe it gives less attention to the reports of Trumps anti-American, anti-military remarks.

If anyone has a Twitter account, please ask Rep. Dan Crenshaw if he's a loser or a sucker like the President says.


@6 The American Revolution was the only time the military has been used?


Slog used to periodically offer "Required Viewing" posts. Last Week Tonight here was quite good and would probably qualify as such.


@6 he was a king. His empire was oppressing about half the world. checks notes yeah that's a fascist.


@8 - You said original, so that's why I bought up our first war.
@11 - Equating the British Empire with the Third Reich?



Just read in the NYT that the alleged shooter of Aaron Danielson was shot & killed by Federal agents attempting to arrest him in Lacey, WA.

Sigh. Most unfortunate.
Please all sides chill.


Speaking of De-funding:*

7 Officers Suspended as a Black Man’s Suffocation Roils Rochester

The man, Daniel Prude, who was having a psychotic episode, died after police officers placed a mesh hood over his head in March.

*how 'bout we re-Think
those ol' Slave Pztrols?


Vice news did an eerie interviewer of the now deceased antifa killer, Michael Forest Reinoehl:


see: Tom Tomorrow's brilliant toon
why aren't you running it, Stranger?



Yeah, given how fixated so much of our society is on "eye for an eye" type justice, maybe this will at least serve to satisfy the bloodthirst and allow for a period of relative calm. Wishful thinking perhaps, but one can hope.


@4 They say every cloud has a silver lining.