"Can you blow me where the pampers is?"

College is the best time to experiment with things that will stunt your brain growth. Drugs, alcohol, libertarianism.


Man, the Porky's series occupied a weird niche in my childhood (I was born in '74.) I pretty much thought it was porn, based on the way the adults in my life talked about it, as well as those "cool kids" my age who were lucky enough to have seen them. I desperately wanted to see the movies for years and never got the chance. Revenge came out in '85 though and so I'm guessing that by the time it was finally finding it's way to VHS, I must've found some other outlets for my curiosity (we had a Sports Illustrated subscription back then and I seem to recall the swimsuit issues spending copious amounts of time in my, and my older brother's care.)

I'll have to try and check this out at some point, I suppose, if only to see what I missed out on for all those years.


He might be Emilie to certain friends but officially it’s Emile Hirsch


You have time for Porky's Revenge but not Times Square?


Yeah, the libertarian jokes are 30 years old, but the film is 26 years old so it's not like they were tired back then. Also, the fact they are still reasonably current after so long is testament to their relevance.


This is getting old. Y'all discovered a library....


I confess a fondness for PCU (which came out in my senior year of college) that is strong enough that getting my DVD back is the one reason I sometimes consider contacting my ex.


PCU might be unstreamable but it’s also unwatchable.


I hate that the progressive movement has become the un-fun, you must step in line types. Progressives are the people who remind the teacher that they forgot to assign homework.

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