Slog PM: Seattle Public School's First Day Disaster, Patriot Prayer Kicked Off Facebook, Lots of Mammoths in Mexico



The lab said the woman took the test in June.

She died in February.


In other news, president asshole acts like a total piece of shit, fears fucking up his hideous combover.


Twitler is in angry panic mode now. More stories like this need to keep coming out to raise his ire. Hopefully they will cause him to stroke out for good. He was slurring his words again at today's Yelling at Clouds press conference.


Speaking of Mexico. Let's check in on that border wall! "The Privately Built Border Wall Will Fail, Engineering Report Shows"

Trump and the MAGAts can't even xenophobe properly. But I'm sure Mexico will reimburse the investors.


Whoa. SEVEN THOUSAND Missouri students (at one school) come down with the Covid? Whoa. Misery's shooting for the herd Immunity? Very Brave of them. (Do we still have those Road Blocks? are they in Storage? Might be time to fetch 'em out.
They all gonna go Home for the Holy Days?

One point NIne MILLION
BEFORE the End of the fucking Year.

trumpf better Pray
for a (servicable) vaccine
soon. There may be Hell to pay.

@1 -- it's RetrofuckingActive?
Holy Shit!


"The Seattle morning march just shut down the southbound I-5."

Piss people off first, then expect them to listen to you. Works every time. Especially since the people in the first 100 cars facing you haven't heard the BLM (trademark) message yet.


@3 -- trumpf just needs a few more (maskless!) Nurembug Rallies to keep himself fresh, probably. his Followers are sure giving it their All for the trumpfster; and how he Despises them so, for doing just that. He'll dump them the very same way he's dumped . . . well, just about Every one, eventually.

Gotta give 'em Credit for
Taking one for the Team
a Team of one


This country is going to suffer such catastrophic loss of life and loss of every other kind, far more than the rest of the world combined, all because some racist, misogyny assholes and Russia and the NRA and the GOP thought they should put Trump in the White House as revenge for the rest of the country electing President Barack Obama TWICE. And of course because you couldn't possibly vote for Hillary Clinton, because the only thing worse than the rampant racism in this country is the deep seated misogyny.

Hope it was worth it.


@6 People should reread Letter from Birmingham Jail - MLK addressed your concern trolling 57 years ago with more grace than you'll find on Slog. People were saying all the same things about him that they say about BLM today. And now he's got a monument on the national mall.


@9 He was murdered. It's easy to revere a dead man. Twist his words. Pretend he was someone white people cared about. It's meaningless. Black people who are ALIVE and BREATHING and DEMANDING JUSTICE and WHO DO NOT WANT TO BE MURDERED are a problem in this society.


It is better to say "A new airport in Mexico" than a "New Mexican airport".


HOT and
thanks for the Tune!


Pearl Jam - Do the Evolution


@11. for a minute there I thought they meant that ABQ Sunport was getting replaced...


quote from "jess Zimbabwe"? where do whities keep picking up "Zimbabwe" as a name?

i think anyone that though seattle public schools would roll out smoothly was kidding themselves...sounds like remote babysitting or "distract my kids for awhile, PLEASE" more than school.


@10: Your patronizing is slipping into disingenuousness.


How is it that states like Washington and Oregon: with all of their IT expertise,strunggle to get shit like online learning and unemployment payments systems right?


@17 Maybe at least part of the answer to that question is because our two states' antiquated, woefully inadequate red-state legacy tax systems don't provide the resources to do big, complex things right (Washington is definitely the worse of the two in this regard, but both states are bad). So our public agencies are forced to jerry-rig solutions with the technological equivalent of duct tape and bailing wire and get called incompetent when they don't work perfectly. It's astonishing that we muddle along as well as we do.


@17 Imagine what could be done if the billions of dollars spend on police in the state were spent instead on things like education and updating unemployment payment systems!

And the answer to your question is that the IT expertise is used on making profit for Billionaires. They don't exist to make anyone's lives better. They exist to make money. Period.


Trump boat parade ends in disaster after multiple vessels sink in Texas lake


@19: Our economy is large enough to do all that, without defunding the police.


@19 xina, that is so on target and what the Republicans spend much of their efforts trying to take the focus off of. And they're very successful at it.

It's the flip side of the same Republican coin where they put all the focus on a tiny sliver of the budget - usually public assistance programs, education, environmental regulations, etc. - so that they can divert the focus away from the mammoth spending bills like the military.


changing my last name to zimbabwe to trick people into thinking i’m black to have more clout in local public school politics, as one does


The boaters apparently were not observing general safety rules.


imagine that!
Yacht's wakes
sinking peons'
smaller craft.

e pluribus
unum bitches

or Bust.


@29: Yeah, I'd be pretty pissed if I found that all the bud light had been bought up - especially if it was a very hot day.


Cool that COVID has killed 1000 cops and antifa has killed 0. Should we take COVID more serious and antifa less serious or nah? Some of you must not be respecting the police like you should or we wouldn't have this problem.


It's rad when people give advice like "If you don't like what's happening just sitt quietly because protesting doesn't work so just take it" That's how every successful person got where they are today.


Five boats reported sank in the Trump armada. I see Purple Hearts in these brave boaters' near futures.


@17 Both programs have never been able to get full funding from our state, thanks to Republicans whose goal is to break government in every way possible. Since that just goes with their narative that government doesn't work.


@36: You find someone being seriously burned funny. Wow.
You know, I personally know two people who have been seriously burned and I am here to tell you it isn't even a tiny bit amusing. You need to sit with why you are the way you are.


Molotov cocktails are now being served in Seattle.


I do not know how to do this. So, here I go..