Cornish's First Week Back to School: Day 5



yes there is no onsite testing, but the one medical app all students, staff and faculty who are on campus are required to do daily is literally across the street from the main building. If you get flagged you go and get a test and quarantine until you get your results. The school covers the cost of both the tests and the screening app (which has other Telehealth and therapy options) So yes it’s not on campus but it’s closer to the main campus than some of the secondary buildings. If the student you interviewed didn’t realize that they’re not doing the MAIN requirements to physically enter the buildings. Which also means they didn’t read any of the 10 emails about the safety procedures that went out both before the semester started as well as this week. So that’s a little terrifying.

Also all students and teachers were given the choice to be 100% remote if they wanted to. It does effect the choice of classes but several art dept and design classes are only online with the choice to come in and use the (greatly reduced occupancy) media labs if wanted, but they could choose to do the assignments at home and teachers are recording videos of appropriate for home processes for those who chose that route.

I find it interesting that in 5 days of interviews you didn’t cover one person in the art department and focused mainly on dance...which is the hardest one to figure out of the majors, but it discounts the entire summer that staff and faculty spent working out how the Safety systems would work. Just because the students aren’t 100% familiar with them yet (and are not reading the emails that explain these new processes in depth) does not mean that Cornish is winging it. They’ve been working on how to appropriately do this since March and have a more through plan than any other school I’ve talked to faculty and staff in the country right now for the visual arts field.


Actually this person is very misinformed. Many faculty at Cornish have been required to teach in-person against their will in various departments including art, even if they have health conditions like asthma, compromised immune systems ,or family who are at risk at home.This is in violation of the faculty's collective bargaining agreement and the Governor's recommendation that those who work in higher education with such concerns should be assigned alternatives. Faculty should have a choice and make their own decisions about risk in a pandemic.