The cops are making bank on all these protests, and part of that bank is going to SPOG through dues. Think of all the money that is going to be have to be taken from other city programs to pay all this OT. It's like people have forgotten that the cops are paid to be there. In the case of yesterday, they were making a few hundred bucks an hour.

I'm all for police reform and protest, but there's got to be smarter way to do it.


What, no coverage of the Jesus people in Wallingford?


Yes. Thank Gawd
all those rioting Police
are getting massive Overtime pay.

Just spoiling for a Fight

why give them one?


The current strategy of showing up in battle gear to pick a fight with police and then feigning outrage when a fight actually happens is getting tiresome. Outside of the true believers is doesn't feel like there is much support for these continued melees. Protests can be productive when they draw attention to your cause and give you momentum to enact change but it feels like we are now seeing the momentum start to swing the other way as the general populace is not willing to dismantle capitalism in the name of social justice.


Duck Fart dear, be that as it may - but when they publish the top paid city employees next year, I am willing to be the top ten will all be SPD officers. And there'll probably be quite a few in the top fifty.

All of that money has to come from somewhere, and that somewhere will most likely be cuts to things like parks and social programs. LA just announced furloughs for 15,000 employees.

OTOH, in 2007 they furloughed us for two weeks, and I rather enjoyed that. And they paid us back a few years later.


Meanwhile 500 maskless Jesus freaks gather at an intersection in Wallingford and the cops don’t do shit.


It's rad that we judge all protesters off the actions of a few but not cops.


@1 there’s a difference between chanting and killing unarmed black men with impunity. Beware the enemy with nothing to lose for they are the most dangerous.

Blasting country music during a police action? It’s difficult to see any professionalism pulling stunts like that. Sounds like someone in management has seen Apocalypse Now one too many times.


@9: No police brutality in these clips.


Proud Boys on bikes.


Spokesman Colby Williams says they were protesting for total transparency in the next SPOG contract negotiations. Did any of his fellow protestors know that? And, really, isn't that concern something you should be taking to your elected city council representatives?


@12: No police at all, while 500 white people terrorize my grandma.


@9: They had more pressing matters to attend to.


It looks like the American people are tired of trump's idea of "law and order".

The majority of Americans think Biden will handle the unrest better than trump has.


The majority of Americans think the violence will get worse if trump is reelected.

I guess supporting violence from his supporters and claiming that the violence happening under his watch is a preview of "Biden's America" doesn't make sense to average Americans.

I hope dumb donny keeps showcasing what a total fuck up he is. Keep on showing everyone the shitshow that is "trump's ameriKKKa" and the people will vote for Grandpa Joe without hesitation.



Chances are more people will die as a result of the Jebuz Freaks' actions than will die as a result of the protesters' actions...


@18: Buildings are more important than my grandma?


@24: bingo


If the cops can't shut down a few thousand people NOT WEARING MASKS in Fremont and Wallingford, a super spreader event, then they should not be wasting scarce police resources on attacking peaceful protesters in South Seattle.

Going to be a lot of people taken for task on endangering Wallingford and Fremont.

We're talking 60-70% budget cuts for the police after that.



Maybe stop acting like lunatics and you may get some support. You are mostly just talking to yourslevs at this point.


I didnt think I could have more visceral hatred to an affinity group than the pigs. That was until Antifa; white, educated, middle class youth in skinny jeans getting to decide who and how we are going to protest in the US. They are anti-free speech, anti-capitalist, and somewhere near the bottom claim to be anti-racist. They are really the only group that can compete with the Trumpistas on who can be most willfully ignorant about the facts, and then who can be loudest about it.


Corona drinkers seem to be a particularly duchey bunch. Seems more like a brand preferred by jock/cop types. Maybe a plant? I'll give it to em(antifafa) on this one.



The poll all show that Americans are sick of trump's shitshow.
He can't blame Biden for shit happening on his watch, and it's obvious to most Americans that trump has no idea what he is doing.

"Biden actually beats Trump by a 49% to 42% margin on who is trusted more on law and order in an average of June Kaiser Family Foundation and Pew Research Center polls.

In other words, Biden beats Trump on the terrain that Trump wishes this election were about. That seven-point difference looks a lot like the overall polling showing Biden with about a 10-point advantage."

"A Quinnipiac poll found half of likely voters nationwide — 50 percent — saying Trump as president made them feel less safe, versus 35 percent who said he made them feel safer.

By contrast, 42 percent said Biden made them feel safer, versus 40 percent less safe.

A CNN poll found Biden leading — by a 51 percent to 46 percent margin — on who would better keep Americans safe from harm. (It also had him leading on better handling racial inequality by 18 points)."

If trump makes you feel safe, you are a member of a shrinking minority of fools.

Remember, only people dumber than dumbass donny think he is anything other than an imbecilic loser.


@31 - Nah, is it really so hard to believe that in a crowd of hundreds that hates cops, a few hate them just a little bit...extra? If you don't think so, you're naive. Besides, if the police were going to plant something damning to the protesters, they could do far better than that, and protesters have indeed been throwing fire bombs here and there, so...

I have reached riot/"dynamic protest" fatigue myself, although it appears these protesters were just standing around and not rioting. Still, many people no longer care about the distinction. This unrest has now surpassed the point of diminishing returns IMHO, and there's a reason that Biden recently promised law and order also. His analysts have come to same conclusion.

All that said, SPOG is a legit target of protest, as it and other police unions are deep, deep in the tank for Trump. Unions are heavily involved in politics. The NYC police union received a lot of attention for endorsing Trump, but ALL police unions adore Trump to the point of fetishization. I bet he gets 95% or so of the white cop vote and a surprisingly high percentage of the POC cop vote, as well.


@27: Indeed, molotov cocktails are the drink of choice at peaceful protests.


@34: "America had started to question our police forces. We began to see police brutality and acts of murder. We started to support reorganization and finding better ways to police our communities."

Which is where the hard work begins, and also (not-coincidentally) where self-appointed activists lose interest. That leaves attention-seekers and SPOG, each of whom wants to prevent reform for their own reasons.


The constant murders and police brutality of Black people don’t seem to bother these bootlickers which would justify this any way they can. You love the status quo that kills. Now they are ignoring the homicidal attacks on protestors by neo nazis. How many have been brutalized and murdered by the right wing? Huge numbers. You are not only cowards but your defense of this brutality is enforcing racism and the civil war which Trumpers and the police are initiating.
White silence on this matter is condoning rascism and fascism. The protestors are fighting for positive change which would defund the police who are rightwing thugs and provide humane services for the most deprived.

Are people supposed to just sit back and take police state behavior which is what we have? Those of us that are not privileged are not blind to this monster. The right side of history is for those who fight back.


Police lie all the time. They kill all the time. They came from the slave patrols and they enforce brutality against the humble. White silence on these matters enforces it. We belong to the right side of history which fights against this outrage and for a world that provides humane solutions.


35 You and your ilk continue your blatant lies to justify the unhinged actions of Trump and his followers. Nothing is too low for you is it?


Remember antifascists? They saved you from Hitler in WW II. They did a lot of fighting and sabotage which the enemy called terrorism.

Antifascists come from different classes and cultures they have saved lives. Remember when antifascists saved lives at the Charlottesville debacle? It wasn’t white liberals.


@38: "White silence on this matter is condoning racism and fascism."

What noise do you want to hear from whites? No matter the content or the volume, you're the one who should start listening for a change.

@39: "We belong to the right side of history"

You'll have to wait for the historical record to determine whether your tactics backfired.

@40: "your ilk"

Isn't that a phrase typically used by minds who always thinks in stereotypes? I thought you were more sophisticated than that.


@41: There was one fatality in Charlottesville, Heather Heyer, a white liberal who wasn't saved by a non-white whatever.


@41. You are awesome, thanks for sharing your soul with everyone.


@42. Are you implying that might makes right and history is written by the victors?


@39 @42 is right. Amped-up cops kill White kids too...exand your mind:

Remember, Only a Good Guy with a gun can stop an autistic 13 yr old running away.


F—k SPOG Nazis.


@48: We're already changing the game. We enacted I-940, which changed the legal standard under which law-enforcement officials can be prosecuted. And you know who understands police procedures better than most of us? King County Prosecutor Satterberg:

"For these actions Satterberg's office charged Nelson with murder and assault."


Officer Nelson seems to have had a long-standing problem with making peaceful arrests:

"In that time [the 12 years he has served on the Auburn police force], Nelson has been involved in at least 65 use-of-force incidents and has committed three of the five officer-involved shootings in the entire police department since 2011. Before shooting Sarey last year, Nelson shot and killed 48-year-old Brian Scaman in 2011 and 25-year-old Isaiah Obet in 2017. All three were shot multiple times by Nelson, and all three died from gunshot wounds to the head."

So maybe the problem isn't confined to suspects resisting arrest?

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