Jess Stein

"Good Morning"
Spotted this one in the night.
Spotted this one in the night. JK
This sticker comes to us courtesy of Christos Andrews of Ghost Note Coffee. I spotted a lot of them in Capitol Hill area earlier this weekend and I'd like to see more, tbh!

Support Local Business. Buy direct from WA farmers weekly at Neighborhood Farmers Markets.
Weekly Markets in Columbia City, Lake City, Magnolia, U District, West Seattle, & Capitol Hill.
"Can We Be Friends?"
Me texting girls I think are cute.
Me texting girls I think are cute. JK
The anxiety-inducing design of this sticker accurately conveys the anxiety of the question.

"Scrambled Eggs"
Spotted along the pier.
Spotted along the pier. JK
This weekend I ate an edible and found out that Kelsey Grammer is a conservative Trump supporter and felt really disturbed. Then I spent like 10 minutes thinking about how I always thought Frasier and his brother were English, but realized they just had mid-Atlantic accents. Anyways, scrambled eggs.

"Defang Durkan, Defund SPD"
A sticker version of a poster that popped up in CHAZ/CHOP.
A sticker version of a poster that popped up in CHAZ/CHOP. JK
Happy to see that some CHOP art has now moved into the sticker realm. I remember seeing the poster version of this bad boy on 11th Ave between Pike and Pine earlier this summer. It's a great poster/sticker, but it makes Durkan seem a little cool. Vampires are always at least a little cool.

"Helping Others Helps Yourself"
Dont show this to RuPaul.
Don't show this to RuPaul. JK
Would really love to know why this sticker exists. Not being rude, just genuinely curious.

Its reflective!
It's shiny! JK
The medium the sticker was printed on was really reflective in the late afternoon sun last weekend. Had a thought to take a selfie, but my face is too big.

"Stop (Eating Animals)"
Spotted on E Thomas and 15th Ave.
Spotted on E Thomas and 15th Ave. JK
I think I have a soft spot for stop sign interventions. To be fair, I keep seeing them!

"Fight Cops"
A nice thin sticker.
A nice thin sticker. JK
Probably not the best literal advice, but I agree with the sentiment. And the sticker just looks so satisfying.

"Peace Was Never an Option"
A lot of things going on here.
A lot of things going on here. JK
Spotted on Capitol Hill. Obviously, the baldie is Bezos, and I'm pretty sure the animal is the mischievous goose from Untitled Goose Game. I've never played it before, but after watching this trailer for the game, I think I'm in love.

"Nude Figure"
A new favorite.
A new favorite. JK
From column favorite Padajuan—it's his Olympia. A spiritual picture of me enjoying the Labor Day weekend.

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at

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