Another massive blaze in Beirut near the site where thousands of pounds of ammonium nitrate exploded last month.
Another massive blaze in Beirut near the site where thousands of pounds of ammonium nitrate exploded last month. Sam Tarling / Getty
JCPenney could potentially live to see another day: Mall owners Simon Property Group and Brookfield Property have reached a deal to acquire the flailing retailer for a cool $1.75 billion. JCPenney filed for bankruptcy in May after losing profits for years and suffering a deadly financial blow from the pandemic.

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The news spiral over Trump downplaying the seriousness of coronavirus continues: Sen. Chuck Schumer said the president had "an obligation to let people know." (Duh!). WaPo columnists are writing about the ethics of Bob Woodward sitting on that information.

And Trump? He's tweeting that he wanted to keep the public "calm" and how Kim Jong Un is in "good health." And on and on and on.

450 new coronavirus cases reported in the state yesterday: Washington's total confirmed case count has reached 78,000.

Amazon Go is expanding deep into Microsoft territory: The company opened its second grocery store yesterday in Redmond, WA (my hometown), right near a now-shuttered Sears (where I bought my first bra) and a Marshall's. GeekWire reports that this particular Amazon Go will feature hot food items and more baby products since it's, you know, the suburbs.

Dame Diana Rigg is dead at the age of 82: She played roles like Olenna Tyrell in Game of Thrones and Tracy Bond, the wife of James Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. ETA: She also played Emma Peel in British TV spy series The Avengers.

884,000 Americans filed for first time unemployment last week: If you add in the first time claims under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program, that number jumps to 1.7 million. In total, a staggering 13.4 million people filed jobless claims last week.

The Seattle protests have already been cannibalized by the romance novel industry: My Antifa Lover: A Riot of the Heart by Jessica Stranger (no relation) was released last month. It's about a young congresswoman who falls in love with a "daring masked protester" after meeting him at a "non-violent burning down of a federal building" in Seattle. One (Amazon) reviewer said the novel "Starts out slow and weak but finishes strong." The only type of finish that matters!

Maybe you shouldn't ignore those unknown numbers calling your phone: 20 percent of people who have tested positive for coronavirus in Snohomish County are not answering their phones for contact tracers, reports KING 5. Listen to Travis and Thugger on this one.

Remember that massive ammonium nitrate bomb that went off in Beirut last month? I know it feels like 10 years ago at this point, but The New York Times has an excellent interactive article on what exactly happened that day and how this perfect storm of a situation came together. Spoiler alert: it's due to corruption and bureaucratic negligence.

Aaaaand there's another massive fire on Beirut's port today: The Lebanese army said the blaze broke out at a warehouse storing oils and tires, reports Al Jazeera. The area was outside the "red zone" of blast investigation and local workers say that there was an effort to clear the warehouse of debris from last month's explosion when the fire erupted.

There's going to a Kshama Solidarity Rally next week at the King County Courthouse: To defend the District 3 city council member "against the right-wing recall campaign," reports CHS Blog. In August, D3 resident Ernie Lou started a campaign to recall Sawant, saying her "actions and policy proposals are not supported by a majority of District 3 residents." Note: Sawant won her district last year with 51.8 percent of the vote.

The Senate is set to vote today on a slimmed-down Republican pandemic relief package: And it's probably not going to pass. According to Bloomberg, the Democrats say they have the votes to block the bill from reaching the floor. It's unclear if lawmakers will start another relief package from scratch or just leave everyone hanging as their constituents deal with record unemployment, looming evictions, and skyrocketing healthcare costs.

The West Coast is still very much ablaze: A Northern California fire has put 20,000 people under evacuation orders or warnings after killing three people and nearly incinerating small mountain communities in the state. In Oregon, five towns have been "substantially destroyed" according to Gov. Kate Brown as 470,000 acres continue to burn.

Meanwhile in Washington: The fire in Bonney Lake that caused evacuations yesterday has officially been extinguished. But the Big Hollow Fire in southwest Washington has grown from 6,000 to 22,000 acres in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, according to Seattle Times' wildfire live update blog.

More contaminated air could be coming our way: This time it's not from the massive wildfires in our state, but from the massive wildfires burning up the rest of the West Coast. Meteorologists told KUOW that winds coming off the Pacific Ocean are filled with smoke from Oregon and California fires. If we get any westerly or south-westerly winds, says Dana Felton of the National Weather Service, all that smoke could get pushed over our region.

That being said: Air quality in Seattle has gone from "unhealthy for sensitive groups" to "moderate" in the last 24 hours. It's also going to be really hot today—sit in front of a fan if you can.

Portland shooting suspect's death ruled a homicide: After an autopsy conducted by Thurston County Coroner's Office found that Michael Forest Reinoehl was shot multiple times in his head and torso, says the Seattle Times. Reinoehl was suspected of killing a right wing activist in Portland last month and was killed by police officers outside an apartment in Lacey, WA on September 3.

A shooting in Lynnwood led to a highway chase ending in Seattle: Police were responding to reports of shots fired at an apartment complex in Lynnwood, chasing suspects in a speeding vehicle onto southbound I-5. The pursuit ended when the suspects' car crashed near 36th Ave NE and NE 145th St—one suspect died at the scene and the other fled on foot and has yet to be apprehended.

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Portland City Council just passed the strictest ban on facial recognition in the country: It prohibits businesses from "collecting, using or storing people's facial or biometric information gathered in spaces open to the public, such as parks or grocery stores," reports The Oregonian. The private ban will go into effect on Jan 1 while the ban on use by city department goes into effect immediately.

This is spicy: But what we all wanna know is—where does Frankie and Jo's falls on this spectrum? Or Old School Frozen Custard?

Something to groove to this morning: This keeps me calm as I frantically write the news. My roommate told me that this band is paves the way to becoming a Deadhead, but I don't care!

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