Slog AM: Fire on the West Coast, Fire in Beirut, the Political Spectrum of Seattle Ice Cream



Eulogizing Diana Rigg without mentioning Emma Peel seems like some kind of crime.


Ha! The only thing that would 'bring down' a federal building in Seattle is a copier jam, which would stop the massive flow of paperwork!


how long til Fake 'prez' stops this gottdamm Hoax -- this Catastrophic Climate Change the Libs have so unfairly saddled us with?

the damn Libs have also blown this Coroanavirus 'Crisis' so far outta proportion it'd take another trumpf Miracle to get US outta this, now. Thanks. Libs.

'four more years'?
how 'bout Forty?


Trump: "Bob Woodward had my quotes for many months. If he thought they were so bad or dangerous, why didn’t he immediately report them in an effort to save lives?"

Now we know, the associate editor of The Washington Post apparently has a greater obligation to protect American lives than the president of the United States does.

About the Sawant recall campaign, I'll hold myself up to anyone when it comes to despising Kshama Sawant, but recall attempts are just total BS distractions. If you don't like an elected official, recruit someone who would be a better alternative and convince the voters as much the next time there's an election. And in the case of Sawant, all a recall campaign does is play into the hyper-charged, us-vs.-them framing of our politics that Sawant thrives on.


Police summarily executed Reinoehl

Wapo: "...according to (neighbor) Nate Dinguss, Reinoehl was clutching a cellphone and eating a gummy worm as he walked to his car outside an apartment complex in Lacey, Wash. That’s when officers opened fire without first announcing themselves or trying to arrest him, Dinguss, a 39-year-old who lives in the apartment complex, said in a statement shared with The Washington Post."


1980's Seattle band The Allies (and MTV Basement Tapes winner), with their song "Emma Peel"


@6: That's something our state AG should look into if he can multitask while harassing Facebook.


@ 5,

It wouldn’t have made any difference if Woodward had gone public.
The loathsome, lying corporate media would’ve just both-sidesd it for a day or two while GOPnazi propagandists spewed their Baghdad Bob bullshit until Prezinazi AntiChrist aired even more depraved lies to the glee of his Despicables, all of which would’ve been forgotten in week after the latest criminally insane outrage.
I mean, he called US service members “suckers” and “losers,” and they still can’t stop kissing his double-wide, spray-tanned behind.
Rinse and repeat.

@ 6,

The US must lead the world in extrajudicial executions at this point. We already have by far the most people in prison on the planet.


@6 That neighbor is almost certainly a communist and quite possibly homosexual.


@10 -- yet another one
scheduled for Elimination.

never gets Olde, does it?
national 'socialists' strike again.


"If what I did was so bad, why didn't somebody stop me?"


Re: calls from unknown numbers. No, our elected officials should do something to address the increasingly frequent scam and robot calls so we can actually use our phones in a safe and efficient manner, especially in times when communication is paramount.


Also, Reinoehl was not killed by police officers. He was publicly executed by federal agents.


I guess the Trolling Dipshit Brigade is spending the morning reformulating their Troll Farm marching orders and consulting their MAGA decoder rings.

Soon they will appear to tell us that, yes, Covid19 was certainly more deadly than the flu. They knew it all along. And the last five months of trolling about it's no big deal, spreading conspiracies about China, and how hospitals lie about covid19 deaths — was part of the effort to keep the nation calm.

They just wanted everyone to stay calm. Like Churchill would do!


@15: I can empathize how frustrating it is for you when there isn't a foil to eviscerate.


@13 if you check your iPhone, you'll see it now will tell people if you have COVID.

You are something to be marketed to, not assisted.


Hahahaha. It's really cute you think you are anyones "foil."


@19. Fuck you.


@19 There's the revisionism! You didn't say it was another "Spanish Flu." YOU said it was "just a flu."

Actually you were claiming it was LESS dangerous that a regular flu in March and April then you claimed it was "just another flu" for months after.

Even thought the rate of infection was higher and the fatality rate was higher. This was proven to you.

Time after time people linked to the CDC, Johns Hopkins and other infectious disease experts where this data was widely available. And yet you persisted in these moronic claims. And still do, apparently.

You're a lying worthless pile of shit.


You're a lying worthless pile of shit.



@9 Andrew, absolutely, and it's pathetically and tragically disingenous of the media and democrat leaders to suggest that this is some sort of smoking gun and now we finally understand what was goin on...

No, there isn't anything we know today that we didn't know 5 months ago. Trump and the Republicans are fucking evil. They made it explicitly clear they didn't give a fuck how many people died and didn't give a fuck about containing the virus. And now 200,000 people (and counting) are dead.

And Democratic leadership has been too fucking spineless to be out on the Capitol steps every week, holding press conferences in mass, and hearings every day. What the fuck do Cantwell and Murray do all day? Where the fuck are the leaders on this? Biden and Schumer making a big-to-do about it now?

Dumbfucks like Biker McFuck Face (my god your are fucking stupid and such a shitty human being) will have you thinking this has all been an overreaction, but how do you think the history books are going look back at this as the POTUS/Republicans let 200,000+ people die for no fucking reason other than they are evil... and where were the Democrats on this? Because we all know the shitstorm Republicans would have created had things been the other way around (not that they ever would be because the Democrats, while spineless dumbshits in their own way, would have at least tried... until Republicans stopped them and then blamed them, as they already do now). And you thought there were a lot of hearings about an email server and the 4 Americans who died at Benghazi.


@6 "Dinguss's account of the Sept 3 fatal shooting, first reported by the Oregonian, contradicts details offered by federal authorities, who said Reinoehl, 48, pulled a gun as members of a fugitive task force tried to arrest him. Two other witnesses also told the Olympian they had seen Reinoehl fire a weapon at police.”


19, you have repeatedly proven to be embarrassingly wrong about covid from the very beginning - like literally every comment you've made on the topic is false - but i have to wonder what you get from constantly saying stupid things that a cursory google search would put to rest


@26 its a sex thing. Literally cant cum without being humiliated. Please dont kink shame, you gotta do what you gotta do to nut.


He did not "downplay" the virus.
His minions, including so many people here, parroted his nonsense (and still are).
200,000 Americans dead (that we know of, who knows what the real number is)
Over 6 million Americans sick (with more sick each day and with states like Florida simply refusing to report any numbers at all, who knows what the real number is).
Trump says GO BACK TO WORK!
Trump says VOTE IN PERSON!
Trump says
Trump says
Trump says
Trump says

Trump was recorded saying a whole bunch of shit that equals treason (on top of all the stuff he has done that is also treason, but is not, to our knowledge, on any recording).

Forget prison and fines for this traitor and his enablers.
This level of treason, this level of depraved indifference to life, requires execution.
All of them.
Every single GOP Senator, Congressperson, Governor, Mayor, and organization that has enabled this demented, deranged, mass murderer to remain as the resident of the White House.

And the GOP must be eradicated. They must never hold power again. Period.
Anyone okay with this might as well just end it now.
The Death Cult will end it for you, unless you are a member of the 1%.
After that? I guess they believe when they have destroyed everything and killed everyone (or made them jobless, homeless, hungry, desperate, and sick), they will fly off in their spaceships to another planet? I'm not really clear on what they end game is.
I mean these are people talking about Trump having a 12 year term as if he will be anything other than a drooling vegetable (if he is even ALIVE) a year from now.
Denial is suicide at this point.


There is still hope.



@29. The body politic needs a scalpel; it won't endure a chainsaw. And anyone who really thinks the human race can survive in space without learning how to find balance on earth first is outrageously deluded with fantasy. Space is so far beyond your wildest manchild imaginings of control. Power alone cannot overcome ignorance or substitute for true knowledge.


32, see this is what i'm talking about, you just make shit up and then get mad at it

No one is being forced to stay home -- we're all allowed to mask up, wash our hands and move on with our lives so not sure what you're actually mad at or why you feel compelled to downplay the threat of a virus that has killed 200K americans and will lead to a lifetime of health complications in a significant percentage of survivors

You go ahead and keep being you, i'm just pointing out how childish it is to be constantly mad about people taking a serious threat seriously when you have convinced yourself it's not a threat at all. Carry on.


You shouldn't be free to force people onto poverty due to your fear. It is selfish.

@35. And yet that is exactly the GOP's playbook.


selfish: keeping businesses closed so fewer people die
not selfish: allowing people to die so you can go shopping

I see no flaws there, just airtight logic all the way around! Everyone knows the only thing worse than being dead is being poor.

Personally i would prefer that our government just gave those people money until this blows over so they can survive and you don't have to carry the burden of worrying how they're going to put food on the table -- something that is eminently possible and doesn't end with hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths and, you know, the same economic despair that concerns you so much, since normal people don't carry on like nothing's wrong when people are dying all around them.


Oh and 3 of the wildfires in Oregon have been deemed caused by people (in addition to the gener reveal party that caused the biggest fire raging in California). People are clearly the fucking problem (as I sit in my apartment, disabled and incapable of evacuating, but even if I could - fire is all around - to the north, the east, and the that leaves the ocean 3 blocks to the west.


"Everyone knows the only thing worse than being dead is being poor." Right wing mania in a nutshell. Awesome comments, blip.


time to fininsh off
the ice cream?

praying for an Onshore
wind fo ya, xina


The antifascist was murdered by the Trump regime that ordered the feds to execute him.

He didn’t have a gun.

Trumpers said he did. He knew he would be murdered by authorities. I know its dangerous to tell the truth but I do it anyway.


I’ve been that poor and it is death but with other help I was able to get out of it. I’m still relatively poor but I do well because I am Not Alone.

Its community - build community not capitalism.


Power to the people - fight back. Its beyond voting the civil war is here.


There is some witty ass people on this thread and I highly appreciate it.


By the way you ignored the anarchist community in your ice-cream survey. There is needed education on what anarchism is instead of the hysteria of mainstream media. You think?


Sawant should be defended just because she thoroughly annoys the elite in Seattle.