Wake up. Time to die.
"Wake up. Time to die." 400tmax/gettyimages.com

Today is That Day: We will never forget. We will always remember. The day the CIA used force to remove from power the democratically elected socialist president of Chile, Salvador Allende. The horror happened on September 11, 1973.

The 2020 Social Justice Film Festival: TRANSFORM: Another World is Possible
Screening 70+ films challenging systemic injustice, stigma, and targeted oppression, October 1-11

Most of the Conspiratorial Blame for the Wildfires in the Pacific Northwest Has Been Attributed to Antifa: Not the Proud Boys. Yet the mainstream press is making it sound as if both have received their fair share of blame. This is a dangerous fantasy. The big story that's eating the soft minds of millions of Americans is that antifa is a thing, a sophisticated organization that, like moles, is busy burrowing below all of America. What these soft-minded Americans believe is what Trump wants them to believe: That one day all of this burrowing will cause the whole country to sink into the ground and collapse.

This story, "Officials squash rumors of far right, far left setting fires," only has one function, which is to make the far right equal to the far left. But this equivalence does not diminish the right; it diminishes those who are against racism, or police brutality, or against the destruction of the environment, or who want universal health care, or who believe all levels of education should be free and properly funded. How in the world are these demands the same as those made by those Proud Boys or figures on the right, near or far?

Seattle Is Now Asking: "Are masks for COVID-19 enough to block wildfire smoke?" The answer is: No. How come? Because "woven fabric can block the aerosols that carry the coronavirus" but not "tiny soot particles."

“What we really worry about in wood smoke are those small particles, which, when inhaled, have the ability to get deeper into the lungs,” UW Medicine pulmonologist Dr. Cora Sack told Seattle Times. Fine, fine, fine. Now tell us what one should do to best protect the organ that feeds one's body the air it needs to burn food? It's best you stay inside and wait for the world to end.

You Heard the Story About The Scorpion and the Frog? Well, I'm that scorpion because nothing in the world could stop me from posting this video today.

Seattle's COVID-19 Cases: Are back to where they were in the late part of May. Thanks for this must be directed at the increased use of face masks. Now we know that the economy could easily have been on the mend months ago if we did not have the president that we have now. Some might say: But if Trump imposed face masks and other safety measures on the US in March, he might have easily won the re-election. The answer to this is: If Trump had managed the pandemic better, had done the right things, had saved something like 160,000 lives, this would have meant he is not such a bad president.

Did the Bob Woodward Recording of Donald Trump Kill Sarah Cooper's career? Back in April, Cooper's lip-synching video of Trump's famous Clorox suggestions (she called it "How to medical") launched her into the realm of internet fame. But on August 9, the journalist Bob Woodward released a recording that left no doubt in a normal functioning mind that Trump knew how deadly COVID-19 was way back in early February. The striking thing about the recording is Trump does not sound crazy at all. He knows the facts, and understands the seriousness of the situation. Cooper could never make the same fun out of it as his musings about injecting disinfectants or his stunning success on mental tests. Indeed, after the Woodward's recording, one wonders if Trump is simply playing dumb for his base? Playing dumb because he knows urban elites like Cooper will mock him? That's something to think about.

"Good And Proper Answers": When will this ever end?

And the Dream that Excludes 190,000 Dead Americans Continues:

Will Seattle Never Stop Dying? Rantz rants:

Tech giant Amazon is taking additional steps to abandon Seattle, choosing not to renew its lease for the top eight floors of an office building in South Lake Union. The space reportedly totals over 180,000 square feet.
And where is Amazon going? Across the floating bridges.

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The Wildfires Are Now Killing People: Our future has arrived and more of this terrible future will become present simply because we refuse to end the liberation of carbon. Expect COVID-19 to look like a walk through the park as temperatures and extreme weather events continue to increase.

Climate Catastrophe Has Saved Blade Runner 2049:

A Note on the Skinny Stimulus: What the GOP sees and hears when American workers are pleading for that stimulus scrilla:

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