Right-Wing Media Distorts Story of Machete Attack in Capitol Hill



Just because she is high, doesn't mean she isn't a protester.


The whole 'child molester' angle is straight-up Q-Anon insanity.


Qanon is a helluva drug.


Here's the last thing @6 posted to the slog before his comment there in which he derides other people's intelligence.

"Obama was a warmonger who never say a war he didn't like. Do you know.why we went to war in say Lybia? Most people can't"

Good times.


The Stranger doth protest too much, methinks.


Socialist Media fights back justifying machete attacks on innocent people....because if you're on drugs you should be free to stab people with machetes.

Oh, and btw: www.recallsawant2020.org

Donate today, to end human suffering in Seattle.


Yes Rich, either she was one of the protesters, a random psycho, or both.


Good article Rich. The real story there is the SPD blog post. We know collectively SPD is a bunch of stonewalling lying power-tripping assholes (with sincere apologies to the good individuals on the force). I'd like to see an article investigating the pattern of SPD's propaganda.


who cares about her particulars? she attacked a guy with a machete - arrest her, jail her. but certainly don't look for sympathy for "the cause" over her crazy ass.


Rich, can you please link us to the video you saved of the incident. Everyone here, whether they appreciate it or loathe it, knows how the Stranger enjoys editorializing straight news until you cant tell whats opinion and whats fact. Now that you told us your opinion of what you saw maybe we can form our own opinion about the event free from bias of either side.


Also, if there were better treatments for bipolar disorder Antifa AND QAnon would cease to exist. Talk about cut from the same cloth of poorly addressed mental health. Get all these fuckers back on their meds and back to work(covid and govt be willing) and watch both sides of this battle evaporate.


@18, 19,

He probably should've made mention of it within the post, but I'm fairly certain that if there weren't either legal or technical issues preventing it he'd have linked to the video. Also, equating antifa (a protest group whose methods I sometimes disagree with) to Q-anon (a batshit insane group advocating batshit conspiracy theories involving cannibalistic child molesters) is utter bullshit.


@7: "Qanon is a helluva drug."

Time to stop pretending like "everyone is a sex trafficker and child molester!" is just some right wing "Qanon" delusion

The King county prosecutor's office and SPD have been spreading the "everyone is a sex trafficker/child molester!" bullshit myth for years as a scare tactic fund raiser.

In a recent hysterical ST editorial, the worst elements in the King County prosecutors office claimed "we are all surrounding by sex traffickers, now give SPD a buck to help fund beating down peaceful protestor's.....I mean fighting sex trafficking!"

"SPD is our ally in fighting sex trafficking"

No doubt Qanon are a bunch of sick fucks,, but lets give our local boys in blue for feeding them their most ridiculous talking points over the past several years.




I should have assumed the guy that came here to defend Obama's war record would be antifa friendly. I mean both groups care more about making their enemies look bad than promoting the truth. Both groups are mostly white, male or masculine presenting, aggressive just for the sake of being aggressive, both are obsessed with paranoid conspiracy theories...i can go on but i think i made(remade) my point.



I wasn't defending Obama's war record brainiac. I posted that comment to point out the comic element of someone who can barely write deriding the intelligence of others.

And again, I would point out that whatever conspiracy theories you believe antifa to be promoting can't hold a candle to those of Q-anon. This isn't even debatable, though I welcome your attempts to do so.


I immediately thought: QAnon. Although seems like those people are usually better armed.

And no, @19 QAnon would not 'cease to exist' if there were 'better mental health treatments'. It has been proven again and again that there is no treatment for idiocy.


@15: "We know collectively SPD is a bunch of stonewalling lying power-tripping assholes (with sincere apologies to the good individuals on the force)."

Ha! A sincere person would not disparage the coworkers of the good individuals on the force, their profession, and the entire department.


@27 raindrop, eat shit you stupid dumbfuck. We know what a dumbfuck you are precisely because you can't seem to grasp what a dumbfuck you are.


Thank you for another informative article, Rich.

Stories like this one are further proof that we've GOT to flush the Turd November 3rd.


@30: Kudos to Rich for identifying the rot in our police, media and politics and no question Trump is a worthless turd, but do you really imagine you will get anything better under "super predator mass incarceration of minorities while giving my drug addicted privileged son Hunter a free pass" Biden in charge?

Police will continue to lie because it's who they are and how they maintain budgets and power despite offering little of value to the public. Mainstream media will continue to inflate and feed off those lies because it promotes clicks. All politicians will perpetuate those lies because without fear and panic people would see them for the worthless sociopaths they are.

If you think who we elect as president will change that, the past 100 years of American history are against you.


@31 Ludicrous5: I'd FAR rather have Biden / Harris in the White House as of November 3, 2020 (and officially sworn in on January 18, 2021) than four more years of a worthless, mentally deranged, corrupt-as-fuck Orange Turd who only serves itself, laughing as the United States, a once mighty democracy, goes down the toilet with the rest of the world. Is that what you want?
The GOP is now the Party of Trump, rapidly degenerating forty years after the rise of Ronald Reagan. The history of the last century is actually against you, by your lack of reasoning and the continuously abysmal track record of RepubliKKKans in office. Did you skip class during American History?


@31 Ludicrous: Nice try, Lil MAGA concern troll.


@29: I suggest you seek your better angels to regain a pleasant attitude.


Left Wing Media Ignores the Dangerous Power Vacuum and Violence Created by CHOP Because it Doesn’t Fit with Their Preferred Ideological Narrative


@34 -- no, she'll shortly be in the prison's Fire Patrol, working for Good Wages ($1.00/day, I've heard) unless they don't hire Hackers.

@35 -- every Day
I'm Thankful
we're not

@36 -- THNX, FOX!
[Uncle Snoopy,* is it You?!]
& how 'BOUT them Tax-Cuts, eh?

[*White supremicist cum
extreme rightwing nutjob
spied on a client post-mortemly
to Capitalize (monitize!) on her Death].


@32: So because I point out what is wrong with Biden that makes me a MAGA concern troll? How politically sophisticated of you.

People arguing that the worthless pieces of shit Democrats are better than the worthless pieces of shit Republican party is a primary reason for our decline. There is no accountability in a world of "but my party!"

Donald Trump is a moron, narcissist and a psychopath, but that does not make Joe Biden wonderful. It just provides an excuse for those like yourself to lower your expectations of what you expect from elected officials. If you can move somehow move beyond the brain dead "but my WING IS BETTER" propoganda, you will see that there is by partisan support for mass surveillance, police violence, endless war, giving tax money to the rich while shaking down the poor as well a a universal deep mistrust and hatred of the American people they pretend to represent. You name the bad legislation and I will identify the members in both parties who supported it.

Joe Biden has no more use for you than Donald Trump does. Every day they prove that they have complete contempt for you and every day people like you pretend one or them is your friend.

Stockholm syndrome is no way to go through life. Wake up.


^^^^^ this is what happens when they're so many trolls in these comment sections that everyone starts to look like a troll.

@38 Luddite5, while it's not an excuse (and reflects a lot of what I find wrong with the Dem party), much of the Dem “bi-partisan” support for those things you mention are a result of trying to chase the center-right (traditional Republicans and right-leaning Independent voters) as the "center" is dragged further and further right.

Republicans accuse Dems of being soft on crime, so Dems "have" to show that they're not. Republicans accuse Dems of supporting "welfare queens", so Dems "have" to show that they don’t. Republicans accuse Dems of being fiscally irresponsible, so Dems “have” to show that they aren’t.

But even given that, the Dems ARE better than Republicans. A large part of the dem base is held hostage by Republicans and Dems chasing that center. The system is so broken, Dems are all we have. To vote for a third-party is just a vote for Republicans, and again, as bad as Dems might be, they’re not half as bad as Republicans. Despite the hyperbole, I think even you recognize that.

We're stuck in a broken two-party system. The Dem party became the default of Republican resistance, a party that only appeals to the left/liberals/progressives because they have no other choice.

The question is, at what point does the left send a message to the Dems that their political strategy will no longer be supported, even at the cost of election after election until the Dems get it or are superseded by a third-party. Because no matter how many times the Dems have followed the losing strategy, they're showing no signs of changing, and they’re taking the left-of-center with them.


There are 5 precincts/police stations in Seattle. It's purely coincidental that this wacko was driving by the one... "down the block" dumping garbage and setting fire to a flag "on the SPD East Precinct fence line,".
btw: would you be interested in hearing about a great deal on a time-share?


Crazy attracts other crazy of all stripes. Let's just say that Cap Hill post CHOP is a total free for all dumpster fire and people from far and wide know it. People who prefer an anti-social lifestyle are attracted to dumpster fires like moths to a flame.


@39: I appreciate you're thoughtful and passionate response. If politicians were anything like you we would have a party worth supporting. Unfortunately, Joe Biden and Donald Trump have far more in common with each other than either of them have with you, or me. That's why they want us screaming "Republican! no Democrat" at each other. It provides them with a solid base of support regardless of their actions. They depend on us hating each other so much that we never hold them accountable for their actions.

If I understand you correctly, you believe the democrats sacrifice their true beliefs in pursuit of the competing for the center, correct?

There are plenty of examples of endless war, mass incarceration (Joe Biden and the 1994 crime bill that incarcerated more black men than any other single piece of legislation, Kamala Harris fighting to keep innocent men incarcerated and sending poor black women with 2 jobs to jail for their child's school truancy, then laughing about it in the media when asked) protecting the rich (remember, multi billionaire Jaime Dimonde is a life long democrat) to believe that they have no agency in all this and are simply pursuing the other party.
The sad truth is that politicians are sociopaths who have no moral center the way you do. They talk in terms of morality for the sake of their gullible voters, but all they really care about is more money, more power and less accountability and the will destroy as many regular people as they need to in order to get their. If there is one thing Republicans and Democrats agree on, it's that blood covered votes are still a win as long as they are cast in their favour.

There are three branches of government in the US: the paramilitary branch led by the police, prosecutors and judges, the political branch and the rich business branch. They collude to dodge accountability from the American people and to stay in power at all costs. Politicians are not leaders, but followers who's life work is to defend the corrupt status quo. They all share a contempt for the Constitution because it restrains their power and a disgust of the American people they believe are their servants. Remember this the next time you hear an candidate of either party talk about "holding us accountable."

Anything more than that is simply people projecting their wishes for integrity on power hungry monsters who care nothing for them.

Texas is Republican and police openly steal from the poor through asset forfeiture and attack peaceful protestors with impunity. Washington is democrat and the police and the politicians behave the same. If I showed you a video of how they behave and what they get away with you would not know which state you were looking at. Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump believe in more funding and less accountability for the police, basically Raindrop's definition of "reform."

I see no difference between the two parties and when it comes to the unwashed masses they certainly see no difference between democrats and republics beyond how it serves their ends. Your neighbour is your friend, but politicians of both stripes promote "stranger danger" and want you to see your neighbour as a threat so you will see them as good.

Getting back to the article, can you tell be any difference between the nut job right wing Qanon garbage and the King County prosecutor office "everyone is a child molester and human trafficker!" propaganda? They both use the same dishonest talking points as they did during the 1980' satanic sex abuse daycare scare.

Any distinction you make is hair splitting. A distinction with no difference.


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