Mother of Murdered Portland Anti-Fascist Activist Still Seeking Answers



@1: If the hit and run driver were to be caught, I guess the charge would be First Degree Manslaughter. Nevertheless, "murdered" is accurate in the vernacular sense.


News I Like: Journalism.

News I Don't Like: Radical OtherSide Propaganda.

Get over yourself. Left and Right are myths. There's only Rich and Not Rich. And you're not rich.


When the cops are the fascists, there will be no answers for anyone murdered by them or their co-conspirators.


Murder is correct in the LEGAL sense. You do not get to run over a person and leave the scene and have it called anything other than murder, especially when committing murder by vehicle in the name of white supremacist terrorism.

In case you have forgotten:
James Fields, who ran his vehicle into protesters in Charlottesville, killing Heather Heyer, was charged with first degree murder.
and then
Man Who Killed Heather Heyer at Charlottesville Sentenced to Life In Prison, Plus 419 Years


@6: Hmm. Don't you think that raising a child who is politically passionate wanting to make a better world (right or left) is good parenting?



You're a failure as a human being.

Also, I'm confused by the line, "The driver fled the scene on foot after hitting Sean, leaving behind a black SUV."

They've got a car and weren't able to garner any leads from it? From the tags/registration/VIN, etc? Not sure if that sentence is maybe just in need of a clarifying edit.



In that case your mother must have been a veritable monster, because look how you turned out...


@8 Regarding that SUV: in order to solve a mystery, you must first want to solve it. I suspect PPB figured they could get a lot of intelligence on Portland Leftists if they "investigated" the murder of one, and had no intention of actually figuring out who committed the crime that led to that young man's death.


No wonder most people don’t trust the cops.

This mother deserves compassion and support to have lost her son who was indeed murdered because of his politics. Funny, with all the clues the DA and staff can’t come up with a solution. We know why because they are allied with the Trumpers who are kkk. They were looking for intelligence on Portland activists exactly and not interested in finding the murderer.


Your friend is just hit by a car and can't walk, you don't call an ambulance but instead move them and put them into a vehicle? Literally how stupid are this unfortunate person's friends?
We can assume they were also antifa and, as such, chose not to call 911. Doing so was very likely detrimental to their friend's chances of survival, but also the cops' ability to pursue the suspect quickly and canvas the neighborhood for a likely injured suspect. But, acab and all...
"“The two dudes kept telling their friend to get up and walk, but he wasn’t moving,” Perez said.
The two people picked up the man, according to Perez, and started dragging him across the street, creating a trail of blood behind them."
Real nice.
And prior to, the only person nearby said he heard people arguing and one say, "The best thing you can do right now is get back in your car and drive out of here because otherwise I’ll kill you."

That doesn't sound like something you would say to a stranger. Is it possible he was killed by someone he knew? As a self-described anarchist, couldn't an associate of his also be an anarchist and therefor see violence as an acceptable means to an end? Did his friends give descriptions of the perpetrator(s) to the police, or did they not do so because that would be cooperating with a fascist organization?


@11: "This mother deserves compassion and support to have lost her son who was indeed murdered because of his politics."

That's true also for the mother of the man that her son killed.


@13 - Disregard. I conflated this story with the Michael Reinoehl/Aaron Danielson killings.


Note to the writer: there is no such thing as a “grand jury trial.”

It is important to get the details right when reporting on criminal justice, because the details are often critical to understanding the story.


Fuck you The Stranger, you used to speak the truth now you just write fucking nonsense without any facts. Jesus fucking christ.
"Sean Daniel Kealiher, 23, was killed near the Cider Riot pub after being hit by a car that had been fired upon with live rounds. His friends dragged his body away and did not call the police."
An excerpt from a September 2014 zine by Kealiher titled, “Why Break Windows” reads: “From the simple smashing of windows to the placement of a bomb or the robbing of the bank, our actions are heard and felt rather than ignored and treated as everyday life.” “The attack is the most beautiful moment an anarchist can undertake. Feeling the adrenaline of rushing to a window with a rock in hand, or the moments before striking a cop with your fist. Planting the bomb, pulling the trigger, shouting f— the police!”
In the final paragraph of his “Manifesto Against Schools,” it reads: “We all die anyway, and we will be miserable somehow and somewhere, so why sit by when you can burn? Why sit in your room, dreading going to school? You need not have to, especially when you can BLOW IT UP OR BURN IT DOWN.”