Slog PM: Facebook "Doubles Down" on Its "Commitment" to the PNW, Mariners Play Doubleheader in Very Unhealthy Smoke



Never go full Trump.


Oh Chase I’m so glad your mom is doing better. That must have been so scary!


Yes, yes, yes!!
Glad your mom is better!!


RE Mariners -
The air looks horrible, but the cardboard cutout fans aren't complaining about the air or the beer prices!
The A's won game #2, and lead the AL West!


Now we all know someone who has a family member who got COVID. So glad she's better Chase.


I have two friends who's mothers did succumb to the covid back in the spring. Is is really that unusual? Both are from the New York City area, where I suppose that's more common.


I got my REI membership card back when the store was on Capitol Hill. Do they still issue dividend checks? Or have the MBA vampires drunk up all that money too?

That bloated corporate campus is unseemly.


I got family in Clearwater and St. Pete, glad your mom is okay too Chase.


This is pretty entertaining.


FUCK Facebook & especially FUCK Tя☭mpanzee Tяaitor Mark Zuckerberg!

Zuck should be prosecuted for selling all of our data to shady, extremist right-wing Cambridge Analytica, thereby derailing our fragile democracy — which we only know about because of a courageous whistleblower. Oh & FUCK ZUCK!!! May a herd of diseased yaks pay him an intimate visit! #DeleteFacebook #ZuckSucks #FuckZuck