What’s it like for the reporters who cover Portland's protests on a nightly basis?

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For over a hundred nights, protesters demonstrating against police brutality and systemic racism marched in Portland and the city's reporters were with them every step of the way, facing many of the same dangers. Now you can find out what it's like to be a journalist on the front lines of these demonstrations with "Eyes on the Ground: A Conversation With Portland's Protest Journalists," a Tuesday, September 22 livestream event hosted by The Stranger's sister paper, The Portland Mercury.

Join hosts Alex Zielinski and Blair Stenvick of the Portland Mercury’s news team for a livestream conversation with the journalists who've been reporting on the protests for the last three months. You’ll hear candid, honest reactions on topics such as why they do it, confrontations and arrests by police, ethical journalism, getting tear gassed, and "must-have" safety gear for the protest reporter. And they’ll share their wildest stories from the front lines that you won’t hear or read about anywhere else!

This is a "Pay What You Can" event with proceeds going toward supporting the Portland Mercury as well as the attending journalists. If you wish to make an additional contribution to support the Stranger and Mercury, please do so here.

Our panel of all-star journalists include: Sergio Olmos, Tuck Woodstock, Suzette Smith, Mathieu Lewis-Rolland, and Andrew Jankowski.

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If you want to know what really happens on the ground at Portland’s nightly protests, don't miss this thought-provoking and fun evening of conversation from the journalists who are committed to bringing you the truth!

Don't miss "Eyes on the Ground: A Conversation With Portland's Protest Journalists," TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 7 PM, GET YOUR "PAY WHAT YOU CAN" TICKETS HERE!

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