There's a Big Hole in the Seattle Waterfront



Well, you did Release The Kraken ...


Learn to swim


Natalie, if I were investigating this, I might ask the following:

Was the recent seawall reconstruction completed in this area? Did that work contribute to the pier failure? Was the pier inspected prior to the seawall construction activity? Were there any indications during that inspection that Pier 58 was at risk of failure?

And, considering we have two catastrophic structural failures now within months of each other (West Seattle Bridge included), I'd like to know if the City knows what other infrastructure is at risk.


Is this the cherry? Ha! We should be so lucky! I figure we'll get The Big One right around the time the weather turns frigid and it's raining sideways, so we're forced to cram together in indoor shelters with no power, no internet, and our medical resources completely overwhelmed. THAT will be the cherry on top of 2020.


@3 You must be new to the stranger (lack of capitalization emphasized for multiple reasons, some metaphorical). The writers confuse providing an outside link to real journalism as journalism. If you want depth, you need to dig on your own time. You're lucky if you get more than simple clickbait. I read it as a simple distraction from important things when I need a break.