Worse Wildfire Damage May Be on the Way



Another important short to medium term mitigation measure is to add fireproofing requirements to homes in areas at risk of wildfires. By following a handful of relatively simple design and landscaping criteria, you can make homes near impervious to wildfire. See this great 99% invisible episode on the topic: https://99percentinvisible.org/episode/built-to-burn/.


Get used to it. Thanks to sixty years of over logging, over development, and climate change this is going to get worse and worse every few years until August and September see the west coast routinely evacuated and unlivable. All this shit was predicted by climate impact models thirty years ago and nobody listened. People will forget that used to go outside in August and September.

Welcome to another new normal.

Without serious vigilance we’re going to get pandemics every 4-8 years. We’re going to see massive climate crisis refugees within a decade. And we’re going to start having permanent food security issues all over the globe (ocean acidification is already at the tipping point in some of the largest fisheries).

But make sure we elect more snti-science, anti-vaccine, and young earth creationist Free market fetishizing game show host leadership. I’m sure that will solve everything!


"Total economic losses from the ongoing wildfires could soar to over $130 billion (which just to put things in perspective is more than half a Jeff Bezos) according to AccuWeather,"

So let's create a unique tax for these unique people who have sucked billion$ out of the economy, and clean up this mess up with the proceeds.


Another easy fix is to remove any insurance liability for homes built in woodlands.

Effectively, you're subsidizing bad behavior when you do that.

But, hey, that's just economics. It doesn't care about your religion of detached single family housing in the forests.


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"All this shit was predicted by climate impact models thirty years ago and nobody listened."

Including Obama and Biden for 8 years.


@6 The Paris Agreement says fuck off. But of course Obama was Schroedinger's president. Simultaneously a strong-armed dictator and weak and ineffectual according you dimwits.


Humans (and let’s be more specific - American humans) won’t stop being wanton and selfish until extrinsic factors prevent them from being wanton and selfish. That means the only thing that will change our behavior is high prices or food shortages. Food shortages will be the result of total collapse. That is where we’re headed. My money is on a small number of species to survive. Unfortunately, humans will probably hold on by eating crows and rats.


I know they can be
particularly unpallatable
but are Billionires actually Edible?

asking in a sort of
Euell Gibbons way

oh, and then there's this
from Democracy Now

ALEX HARMAN: A hundred thousand more workers [headed to Amazon] at effectively minimum wage. Yeah, it is troubling. And we focused on how Amazon presented price gouging. Amazon came out very early saying that it was unacceptable to them.

Bezos himself identified this issue in his shareholders letter in April.

And so, our primary concern was: Are they doing anything?

And we would argue they’re not. It has been a marketing campaign, in our view, not an actual effort to stop this process.

And they would argue that it is — there’s millions of products, and it’s a whack-a-mole-type process to try to stop this.

Well, you can right now go to Amazon.com and start searching for essential products and find price gouging.

This is not a whack-a-mole; this is a pervasive problem. And they are doing nothing.

And so, the only conclusion we can draw is they either don’t care or there is a profit motivation here.

And it is important to note, we were focused on Amazon as the seller, but they have arguably a greater profit motivation when it is a third-party seller engaging in this.

And so, the fact that third-party sellers are continuing and Amazon themselves are doing this suggests that they do not see this as a problem, because they are looking to maximize profit during the pandemic.

Tons more at:


@6 Obama signed The Paris Climate Accords, you colossal fuck wit. Which Trump pulled us out of.


Not to discredit the role of climate change in creating increased fire risk from natural causes, such as lightning, but I was just reading today that camping exploded over the pandemic as people assumed they would be getting away from others for a safe vacation (lies, I went camping and there were fucking people everywhere, but beside the point). Have you ever been camping during a burn ban? Holy fuck, I've had to inturrupt people several times asking them to put out there huge fires because I don't feel like getting surrounded by flames in the backcountry with no cell service.
If people weren't so stupid and careless with fire then we would have more resources to fight the fires that occur naturally...or from poor power line maintenance, or what have you.


@10, We've been out of that siphoning of taxpayer's money for 3 years but of course that caused all the wildfires fuck wit.



Nobody said pulling out of the PCA - literally the ONLY thing our current leader has apparently EVER pulled out of prematurely - was the CAUSE of the wildfires, fucktard. Oh, wait. YOU did, you credulous cockwomble.


I love the civility of modern Amerikkka.


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You cannot keep track of what you say from one second to the next. You’re the only one who made the claim that pulling out of the PCA caused wildfires “ but of course that caused all the wildfires...” right there, motherfucker.

It’s not our fault you can’t keep track of your own fallacies.

Your first stooooopid comment claimed Obama and Biden took no action on the Climate Crisis. But of course there was the Paris Climate Accords - the single biggest international agreement to date n Climate.

And now chastened with humiliation at your own shit fer brains-ness you have to compensate with more strawmen.

Haha. God. Nobody takes you seriously in your life, do they?