Were still doing this.
We're still doing this. RS

"Life-threatening" floods headed for the Gulf: Courtesy of Hurricane Sally, which meteorologists expect to hit Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, according to the New York Times. Sally's path runs from the panhandle to Louisiana, where residents of Lake Charles are still rebuilding after Hurricane Laura's storm surge wiped out the place in mid-August.

Bipartisan House group proposes new coronavirus aid package: But, of course, it doesn't please anyone, so it's going nowhere, Politico reports. While much of the country struggles to make rent and mortgage payments due to layoffs or medical problems related to COVID-19, "few on Capitol Hill expect a deal is possible in the remaining weeks before both the House and Senate will leave town to campaign before November."

Republican state lawmaker calls reporter "cocksucker" after he writes about her freaky QAnon links: Grab a bag of popcorn and tuck into this story from the Inlander's Daniel Walters, who found himself on the receiving end of an expletive-laden rant from Republican Rep. Jenny Graham. Walters wrote a story about the Spokane lawmaker's habit of "forward[ing] her Facebook followers to bizarre conspiracy sites without realizing it," which he described as "a sidebar to this piece about 4th WA Legislative District Candidate Rob Chase, who much more knowingly promotes QAnon, even if he doesn't describe himself as an outright believer in the theory." In response, Rep. Graham phoned him up and called him a "lying piece of shit" and a "cocksucker." She also lit him up in Facebook comments, calling him "'disgusting,' 'hateful' 'sleazy' and a 'lying piece of dung.'" Despite this response, she didn't point out any specific inaccuracies in his story. Almost makes me nostalgic for Pam Roach.

Wanna listen to her voicemail? Walters provides:

Complaint alleges "uterus collector" at ICE facility in Georgia: A whistleblower named Dawn Wooten told the Intercept that LaSalle Corrections, which runs the Irwin Detention Center, "has underreported Covid-19 cases, knowingly placed staff and detainees at risk of contracting the virus, neglected medical complaints, and refused to test symptomatic detainees, among other dangerous practices." The Daily Beast's analysis of the complaint includes a detail about a doctor who Wooten called the "uterus collector" because “everybody he sees has a hysterectomy—just about everybody." These revelations come after major protests and hunger strikes within the facility broke out last spring.

The City of Louisville settled with Breonna Taylor's mom: The settlement includes "millions" for Taylor's family and also "reforms on how warrants are handled by police," according to the AP. The city will say more at a press conference later this afternoon.

Everyone's tweeting about the rain last night, but don't get your hopes up: The precipitation didn't do much to improve air quality, says the National Weather Service in Seattle.

"To be out in the fields, it's like you can't breathe." California farmworkers are battling COVID and wildfire smoke at once, NPR reports. What do they want? “When you look at farmworkers and you ask them, ‘How can the state help you during these difficult times?’ the No. 1 thing they will tell you is rent relief.”

Wildfire now forcing evacuations in eastern Idaho: The Woodhead Fire in Idaho has now burned more than 40,000 acres, according to the Statesman.

Australia is bracing for another fire season: Last year's fires down under burned 46 million acres. Those living on the South Coast are still struggling to rebuild and dealing with longterm ecological consequences, the New York Times reports.

Pro-Trump "support our troops" ad uses stock photo of Russian-made jets: But that's not the only foreign shape in the ad, according to Politico. "After this story was published, the creator of the image, Arthur Zakirov, confirmed in a Facebook message that it shows a 3D model of a MiG-29, and that the soldiers were Russian models. He said it was a composite photo created five years ago and taken in three different countries showing Russian sky, Greek mountains and French ground."

Leader of right-wing extremist group appears to have used fraudulent press pass to get into event featuring Donald Trump Jr.: Jennifer Harrison, the leader of AZ Patriots, appears to have used a press pass featuring the logos of three journalism organizations that say they have no connection to her. According to the AZ Mirror, Harrison was barred from the state House of Representatives in Arizona after "she and another member of her group followed a group of students advocating for undocumented immigrants into a private meeting with a Democratic legislator, claiming they were ‘observing.’”

Trump continues to call his rallies "peaceful protests": So far, Democratic governors haven't played into this trap by trying to stop a Trump rally, the AP reports. Loren Culp, the police chief who rose to fame for refusing to enforce gun control legislation overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2018, pulls the same shit.

So uh: This ad ran shortly after Tiger King's Carole Baskin took a turn in a tiger-print dress during Dancing with the Stars:

Well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, WELL: Seattle Times Editorial Board endorses Kim Schrier. They think the guy running against her, Jesse something, is too Trumpy.

UW to start testing returning students and staff, expects to find a few hundred COVID cases: The testing program is voluntary and starts Sept. 24, KOMO reports. Testing for fraternities and sororities began Sept. 8.

Federal and state inspectors will investigate Pier 58 collapse: One tidbit from this Seattle Times story: “Bob Donegan, president of Ivar’s Restaurant on Pier 54, said workers on the perimeter of the Pier 58 site had been directed to watch for sudden shifts in the structure and blow an air horn as a warning to evacuate. “‘Five of seven [workers on the pier] were able to get away because of the air horn,’ said Donegan, who’s been closely involved with multiple waterfront projects." So let me get this straight. The plan was to...blow an air horn if the pier was about to collapse? Is that....normal? Engineers/construction workers please go off in the comments.

Rosh Hashana is this Saturday: Make some apple and honey challah instead of the ol' sourdough this weekend, ya freaky gentiles.