Slog AM: Floods, Fires, an ICE "Uterus Harvester," and a WA Lawmaker Cussing Out a Reporter



ICE having their own Dr. Mengele is very on brand for this administration.


"...workers on the perimeter of the Pier 58 site had been directed to watch for sudden shifts in the structure and blow an air horn as a warning to evacuate."

This is the Trump era; that goes well beyond the legal federal safety measures.


City revenue is tanking and we are in several lawsuits, we had to use the contractors who skirt OSHA to save a buck! Hopefully they choose a more diligent company to repair the bridge, my goodness, glad nobody was mortally injured.


Wow, what a Freudian slip by Trump. Support our (Russian) troops! You know, the ones that got me elected. So what if they are paid to kill those American troops. Those guys are losers.


"Pro-Trump 'support our troops' ad uses stock photo of Russian-made jets"

Trump loves gaudy visuals. Not hard to imagine his team poring through online stock photos to present for trumpy's okay, everyone totally oblivious to content.
That is your government at work.


QAnon is completely mainstream in the GOP. It’s already a carefully cultivated moony-eyed cult of delusional racists now. Of course they’re eat this modern version of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” QAnon is this generation’s Satanic Panic with some anti-semitism and far-right New Age Personality Cult authoritarianism thrown in. It’s perfect.

Where they don’t openly follow it they propagate it’s talking points. Hell. There are Trolls here who do it all the time. That Teddy guy. His rants about Hollywood pedophiles and shit. Right out of QAnon.

My favorite part of the cult is that even though Trump is named in several sexual harassment suits, named in an Epstein indictment, used his underage modeling agency to populate Epstein’s Mar-a-lago parties, described Epstein as a “good friend,” and logically suspect in Epstein’s murder at a Justice Department run federal facility, Trump is magically immune from the conspiracy. Except as a secret agent who penetrated the ring of satanic pedophiles to bust it from the inside!

It’s got everything!


@5 hahah... no, as commander in Chief, he or his campaign, can literally call any US military branch press officer who has an infinite supply of PR material of the US Military. For free.

And most stock will say exactly what type of equipment is in the the photo.


@5 oh. And federal government employees are barred from working on campaigns.



Like that's going to stop him - hell, he assumes that if they're not part of the mythological "deep state" undercover seditious cabal working behind the scenes to destroy him, then they're on his personal payroll and he can make them do whatever he wants. He's like a three year old who simply doesn't understand the very rudimentary concept of "no, you cannot do that".


@8 And the Constitution forbids emoluments too and the Hatch Act forbids government employees below the President and VP from participating in political activity.

Seriously, @5 is right except that it's not your government at work, it's the "best people" campaign at work. It's straight up incompetence.


Boy, no matter how mad I got at someone, I can't imagine me every calling them a cocksucker. What kind of mental state does this woman have that she called the reporter that?


Although I think it's fair game now to call her State Rep. Cocksucker. . . .



Why does a privileged idiot bigot like Jenny Graham still have this job? I am guessing it has to do with another privileged idiot bigot called Trump.

Keep up the good work reporter and thank you.


As for the Trumpers, it looks like and apparently is - that they cannot function without a big daddy telling they how to live and what to do.

Resist, resist, resist, resist.........


@13: Because she got more votes than her opponent. Not a matter of privilege.

Take AOC for example. She was a POC bartender who beat out a long term politician of New York society aka "privilege".


This shit show just keeps getting worse. Forced hysterectomies on people kept in cages at the United States border is (TWO) international human rights violations. This administration needs to go down and go down so hard nothing like it can ever rise again.


Nice to see that the Spokane suburbs continue to be a national embarrassment to the state. Matt Shea just was not enough.

And @12, she's not getting anywhere near mine.


The Woodhead fire is in western Idaho, not eastern. It's along the Oregon state line.



That was my first thought. There can't be a handful of jobs in the country in which one could have statements of that nature go public and not get immediately and shamefully expunged. It's so bizarre that so so many of those rare jobs just happen to be of such high, the highest really, profile and influence. What a disgraceful human being.


@19. Spreading covid peacefully does way more damage to business owners and consumers when they are dead.


RE: Breonna Taylor Settlement

They should pay the settlement out of the Louisville police department's salaries and retirement funds.


@19 Yeah driving cars into people and setting up roadblocks with armed thugs is totally non-threatening.


21, 22

Also: Republican state lawmaker Rep. Jenny Graham [allegedly!]:
"It's on. If you [Cock Sucker] think for one minute you[CockSucker]'re going to pull this crap and you[CockSucker]'re going to walk away from it, you[Cock Sucker]’re nuts.

Ooooh . . . just when yer thinkin’ $arah Paylin’s returned furever to her despicable den of inequities, out pops the next GOP incarnation: Sic ‘em! And don’t forget the Lipstick!


@22: Why? All good apples must pay for the crimes of the bad apples?

That's like asking lawsuit settlements against hospitals and pharmaceutical be paid out the salaries of the doctors, nurses, and scientist who work there.


No, Silly rainy; if the Po-po won't Po-po themselves they can pay a Monetary Dividend to those whom they Mis-do. Got it?


@25. The expression is that all bad apples rot the rest of the bunch.


Er, sorry. That rotten apples, if not removed or dealt with, will rot the rest of the bunch. If they will not hold their own accountable, they are complicit and should pay accordingly.


@28: Can you make the case that all of the Louisville Police department is complicit in the murder of Breonna Taylor?


@29. It took the entire country raising hell to get a basic civil suit (how many bitcoins is a life worth), and no arrests were ever made months after she was shot eight times in her own home in March. Sounds pretty complicit to me.


@28 Given that two people in LPD lied to court officials (once to obtain the warrant and once in the prosecution of her boyfriend) and are still employed by LPD, sure looks like complicity. Not to mention there is still no decision on charging the officer who shot Breonna with murder. The wheels of justice turn far more slowly for cops than others. Breonna's boyfriend was charged within 24 hours for shooting at the cops despite the fact that the cops didn't identify themselves as they broke down the door, so there was no reason to think that it wasn't a home invasion.

Until police employees get fired for lying, there is no chance of accountability.


Of course Louisville Police department is complicit - they lied about evidence (falsified log entries - copies fo discrepancies are now evidence in the civil trial, for one), stonewalled outside investigation, denied releasing full body cam footage, at first lied about he existence of body cam footage, and Daniel Cameron, the Kentucky attorney general, refuses to release forensic reports.

And of course they refuse to arrest the officers who murdered her. You fucking racist cretin.

And we don't have to "make the case" for anything. That's the job of the Kentucky AG and the Louisville DA — who are corrupt as fuck and have a lengthy history of shielding dirty cops, Klan involvement, and racism.


@32 Don't forget that the prosecutor tried to give a plea deal to Taylor's ex if he implicated her as a drug dealer, and then tried to walk it back when he went public with it. My guess is blaming black people for their own murders is pretty standard in Kentucky, and settlements are a last resort. But if taxpayers want to keep paying for these kinda settlements, then bad police training and maintaining the status quo is a pretty good way to do it.


@31 That should have been directed at @29. Sorry for any confusion.


@32: Continuing Urgatha's point, still doesn't explain why an officer with no involvement in the case should have a portion of his or her salary to go toward lawsuit damages. That's what insurance polices are for.


@35 And who pays when those insurance premiums go up because "a few bad apples" decide to kill black people or rape women in custody? Why should taxpayers be on the hook because police unions want to protect these creeps?


Jesus Horatio Kee-RIST---ICE has a "Uterus Harvester"?? The GOP is BEYOND sick.
My heart bleeds for all incarcerated or detained women who had this involuntarily done to them!

And here I'm celebrating my own personal liberty after 43 years of misery, 6 weeks after a successful, long-awaited hysterectomy. My amazing OB-GYN drove the Devil out of Grizelda. The evil internal body parts long plaguing my body are gone. I just had a Regan (The Exorcist, Linda Blair, 1973) / Carrie (Sissy Spacek, 1976) party last Friday, complete with Devil's food cake and red wine. This symbolically commemorated the 80th birthday of director, Brian DePalma (b. 09/11/1940), and the recent passing of Swedish actor Max Von Sydow, who played the senior of the two priests, Father Lankester Merrin (opposite Jason Miller's Father Karras) performing the exorcism in the film. And of course, the evil body parts surgically removed are now named after the three meanest girls in Carrie: Chris Hargenson (Nancy Allen), Norma Watson (PJ Soles), and Helen Shyres (Edie McClurg). Burn, (Carrie) bitches, burn!

@16 xina, @21 Garb Garbler, @22 Urgutha Forka, and @24, & @26 kristofarian: I nominate you all for the WIN!!!! Bravo, spot on, and kudos.


@36 Mr. Friendly: Bravo and kudos! I just added you to the WIN list, joining xina, Garb Garbler, Urgutha Forka, and kristofarian. Spot on and well said.


@37: You're hysterical.



Don't try to change the subject you gormless half-wit.


@40: You're free to address any subject you care to bloviate about. The floor's yours.


@39: That's big talk for someone who snorts hydroxychloroquine just because Trumpty Dumpty said so.


@35 it’s called retribution. Your leader says that’s OK now. If it’s good enough to impose on a civilian it’s good enough to impose on law enforcement.


@36: Taxpayers are already are on the hook for unsavory litigation costs. But, yeah, let's add another layer of bureaucracy on cities to have them disperse insurance premium costs on city salaries according to metrics defined by what judicial reviews and more committees. It would be interesting.