A woman was babysitting her neighbor's 3-year-old daughter. The girl took her clothes off and started touching herself. Should the caller say something to the parents? Is this behavior a red flag for abuse? Or is this just how the 3-year-olds roll?

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A man with a very girthy penis can't come without extended penis-in-vagina action. But sometimes his ladies can't handle it. He started faking his orgasms. Any other solutions here?

On the Magnum version of the show, Caitlin Doughty (host of Ask a Mortician on YouTube), is on to discuss how the pandemic is changing the way we handle funerals, grieving, and possible positive changes in the death industry. She is the most charming goth mortician you'll ever encounter.

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And, in the response calls, our ever-pragmatic listeners offer great suggestions on how to make a bed work for three people.

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