The family of Breonna Taylor settles with City of Louisville; officers still not charged.
The family of Breonna Taylor settles with City of Louisville; officers still not charged. JOHN SOMMERS II / GETTY

Protesters held a sit-in for the homeless in the Grand Hyatt Seattle's lobby: Shortly before noon 350 Seattle’s Twitter account shared what turned out to be a fake press release from Mark Hoplamazian, CEO of “Hyatt Hotels Corporation.” The release announced that “the City of Seattle and King County Councils” allocated funds to temporarily house 30 homeless people “pre-selected by Seattle’s Navigation team.” Several reporters made some calls and determined the release was a hoax.

Around 4:30 Converge Media’s Omari Salisbury reported a demonstration began after the fraud was announced: An anonymous group claimed responsibility for the fake release and issued demands. Judging from Future Crystal’s livestream, the cops and protesters argued for a while about the merits of Capitalism and Communism, with one cop arguing that capitalism had lifted more people out of poverty than any other sort of economic system. Outside the hotel, one woman who said she was from Ashland, Oregon told officers, “Look at the heart behind what they tried to do today. I’m 66 years old and I have nothing left. Don’t arrest them, please just honor them.”

During this conversation, one cop claimed the Democratic party started the KKK, which is not true. This information spread on Facebook and was flagged by the company's fact-checkers.

As of 5:45 protesters had marched onto Pike Street: Cops issued a dispersal order around 6 and the crowd complied.

The Mariners postponed their outdoor game against the Giants this afternoon: Yesterday, the team played a doubleheader against the A's at T-Mobile Park, despite Very Unhealthy air quality. “As always, the health and safety of the players, and our staff is our first priority," the Mariners president said in a statement, apparently forgetting yesterday's doubleheader.

More details on the Breonna Taylor settlement: The City of Louisville has agreed to pay $12 million to Breonna Taylor's family and "institute changes aimed at preventing future deaths by officers," reports the New York Times. More:

The agreement, which did not require the city to acknowledge wrongdoing, was sizable, with her family receiving more than double the amount paid to the relatives of Eric Garner, the New York man who died in a police chokehold in 2014. While a few cases resulted in larger payments—from $13 million to a whopping $38 million, some of them came only after years in court battles. By contrast, the Louisville agreement was reached in just months.

Most of all, it was unusual because of the range of changes—a dozen in all—that the embattled city agreed to adopt in an effort to quell the protests.

Politicians can't seem to do anything about Facebook, so I guess Option B is Kim Kardashian: The almost-billionaire is joining Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Orlando Bloom, Kerry Washington, and Sacha Baron Cohen in freezing her Instagram and Facebook accounts on Wednesday to protest the company's lack of action on rampant misinformation. "Misinformation shared on social media has a serious impact on our elections and undermines our democracy," she wrote today. "Please join me tomorrow when I will be 'freezing' my Instagram and FB account to tell Facebook to #StopHateForProfit." Why just tomorrow? Make it a lifetime!

Twitter released a little bit of data this afternoon: Turns out South Korean boy band BTS rules Twitter, to no one's surprise. The number one question asked about BTS on Google is "Why is BTS so popular?"

Sad: Here’s How You Can Receive Your Oregon Ballot By Mail If You’ve Been Displaced By Wildfires

Sadder: Gates Foundation’s Annual Goalkeepers Report Shows COVID-19 Has Stalled 20 Years of Progress, Calls for Global Response to End the Pandemic

Saddest, if you're Bill Gates: Bill Gates Sr., civic leader and father of Microsoft co-founder, dies at 94

Okay, it's not a SAD PISSING CONTEST, BUT! This is also sad! Capitol Hill's Marination Station is closing for good, reports Capitol Hill Seattle blog. Nearly a decade ago, we wrote that our affection for Marination Station had reached a near-irrational level. That level continues to be near-irrational. Many of our eight-plus-hour HUMP! juries were fueled by Marination Station. Fortunately, the company's "centerpiece Marination Ma Kai in West Seattle and offshoot Super Six in Columbia City" are staying open, notes CHS.

Trump's team keeps peddling an unsubstantiated claim that Biden takes performance-enhancing drugs: He accused Biden of taking drugs on Fox News on Sunday. Then, this tweet from his team:

(For those curious, they mostly just make you sweaty.)

Oregon has opened its first-ever mobile morgue: Eek. At least 22 people are confirmed to be missing in Oregon. "The state has activated a 75-member regional response team to recover remains in the field and operate the mobile morgue," writes "The state received grant funding for the program a dozen years ago and has trained for such an event ever since but has never had to use it."

Are you a pro-Trump youth-troll? Then Turning Point Action wants YOU, young troll, to help make propaganda ahead of the November election. What a time to be alive.

Love Slog AM/PM?

Watch this video: Then let me know if you think it's charming or if we're fucked.

The air: Still Very Unhealthy. It'll probably remain that way until Thursday or Friday.

The Seattle Aquarium released this video of the moment when Pier 58 collapsed on Sunday: Seattle Times published the video, along with a deep dive into why the big concrete terrace and fountain plunged into Elliott Bay. (TL;DR: Some busted-ass steel-and-concrete support piles.)