Slog PM: A Fake Hyatt Press Release, a $12 Million Dollar Settlement, a Very Unhealthy Week



lol, "navigation team"? the council made sure to get rid of them...

a hotel is not a homeless shelter. other people may actually want to stay there one day....


Now we have gone full circle, with the Hitler Youth, uh I mean the Kiddie Trolls for Trump!
Next I expect to see a Leni Reifenstahl-style homo-erotic propaganda movie for our Orange Hitler!


"... one cop claimed the Democratic party started the KKK"

oh, yeah, he posts here all the time. claimed to be a cop, did he? he used to swim the English Channel, too but claimed it got 'too boring.' imagine that. but with that trumpfian Fool parading around as 'the prez,' you know what they say -- shit run downhill. speaking of the KKK. and un-Domesticated Terrorists.


So Trump admits that he's on performance-enhancing drugs, basically. A weird euphemism for cocaine, but sure.

So brave of that handful of Hollywood celebs to pause the narcissism machines for one whole day. So brave. Seems to me that they could be more effective in buying up some billboards or ad time to bring awareness to the issue, or raise visibility as to why they're leaving permanently, but I'm no millionaire, so what do I know?

Charlie Kirk is the answer to what life would be like if your face really got stuck that way.


There was a fake press release, in conjunction with protests against Hyatt and City of Seattle? The post seems to imply the protesters were railing against some type of fraud committed by Hyatt? The protesters put out the fake release then encouraged people to join them in protest -is the gist? Or were they copsucker/MAGA types protesting the city's approach to homelessness?


Holy Sh*t. That pier collapse appears way more dramatic than I'd assumed.


@7 & 8: LOL you can always be counted on to show your ass can’t ya baby.


RE: Breonna Taylor settlement

Said it before but worth repeating... the settlement should be paid for out of the Louisville Police department's salaries and retirement funds.

Maybe if it hits them in their own bank accounts they'll actually start acting like police instead of gangbangers.



Well, considering he can't tell the difference between the government censoring political speech and a private company banning hate speech or blatant lies, his ass is probably the smartest thing about him...


8 can’t imagine a single message that should be “banned or silenced.”

Anyone want to take bets on the amount of kiddie porn on that dudes computer?


You might want to talk to people who understand disinformation tactics and fake groups, such as certain UW professors, this is a known tactic of Russian operations in the US.

And the anti-American GOP that does their dirty work.


Just circling the drain here. Shouldn’t be much longer now.


so the fake hyatt "press release" was indeed fake, huh?