Jess Stein

"The Sun Is Always Shining in Seattle"

I wish this were me.
I wish this were me. JK
This one comes courtesy of starheadboy. The last time I could stand outside in the sun was Monday, September 7. That's sad.

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"Every Nettle Leaf..."
A bit of poetry for your morning.
A bit of poetry for your morning. JK
This one is a little old, but it's time for fall. There's a hashtag if you're curious for more.

"No Guns for Men"
Spotted on 15th Ave.
Spotted on 15th Ave. JK
We are, like, three years from this being the official Democratic Party platform in a misguided attempt to appeal to young people. No guns for anybody, bitch!

"The Drug Is Football"
Would take a hit of just about anything right about now.
Would take a hit of just about anything right about now. JK
I recently found out that two of my closest friends are HUGE soccer fans and as the group chat was popping off this is what I imagined in my head.

"Be Whatever the Fuck You Want"
Um, okay.
Um, okay. JK
I have a feeling these two know each other.

"Alien Creature"
Im feeling seen.
I'm feeling seen. JK
Me logging on to my little Zoom meeting from my little laptop to talk about my little projects that consist of my little life before signing off to write my little articles from my little desk in my little bedroom.

"Every Cop Is a Class Traitor"
Wow, say that.
Wow, say that. JK
Anyone in the mood for donuts?

Spotted on Capitol Hill.
Spotted on Capitol Hill. JK

An old CHOP leftover.

"Cops Do Not Protect Us"
Im feeling these anti-cop stickers this week.
I'm feeling all these anti-cop stickers this week. JK
They really don't!

"You Are Worth It"
Low-key LOréal marketing.
Low-key L'Oréal marketing. JK
I'm internalizing this message even though it's corny.

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at

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