Scientists havent even studied the results yet so lets not get ahead of ourselves.
Scientists haven't even studied the results yet so let's not get ahead of ourselves. PEDRO VILELA/GETTY IMAGES

An FAA overhaul: The U.S. Transportation Committee is going to give the Federal Aviation Administration's process for certifying planes a makeover since the Boing 737 MAX somehow got certified and then crashed twice and killed 346 people. This is one takeaway from a Congress investigation into the Boeing crashes. Boeing engineers repeatedly raised concerns over the plane's safety, the investigation found. But the plane was still certified. According to the report, “excessive FAA delegation to Boeing has eroded FAA’s oversight capabilities.”

Experimental new drug shows progress: The drug made by independent scientists at Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical company, showed reduced blood levels in new COVID-19 patients after a single infusion, reducing hospitalizations. The drug is a man-made copy of an antibody from someone who recovered from COVID-19. It's called a monoclonal antibody. Despite apparent success, scientists haven't fully studied the results yet and the results still need to be peer reviewed. However, it's important to note that every treatment in the works right now is intended for seriously ill patients, the New York Times reports.

Washington State Patrol frustrated by freeway protest closures: The Seattle Times obtained emails from the WSP detailing troopers' frustration with a new stragety for protests this year: let protesters on the freeway and block the onramps. The emails are from the weeks before a car killed protester Summer Taylor while a demonstration was on I-5. In years past, WSP blocked protest groups from entering the freeway. That strategy changed this year because these "were not normal circumstances," one trooper wrote in an email. Read more here.

We got a little taste of rain: Thank you for the little shower, rain clouds. We would like some more soon, please.

Actually, we'd like "an atmospheric river" amount of rain: According to KING5 Meteorologist Craig Herrera it's going to take a lot of rain, some consistent wind, and the wildfires in California and Oregon to sputter and die for the air to well and truly clear in Washington.

Speaking of a heckuva lot of water falling from the sky: Hurricane Sally, a Category 1 hurricane, just made landfall in the Southeast. Sally's pounding Alabama and Florida. I'd like to reconsider my wish for an atmospheric river of rain now. Sally is moving slowly at just 2 mph which will bring flash flooding to the area.

More storms on the horizon: So fun to be at the "climate change-induced catastrophic weather event" portion of 2020. After Sally, which wasn't far behind Hurricane Laura, three concurrent storms are chugging through the Atlantic. One (Paulette) is a hurricane so far, and two (Teddy, Vicky) are tropical storms.

A vaccine plan: The U.S. will provide free vaccines to every American, according to a playbook sketched out by federal health agencies and the Department of Defense. Yet, getting every American a vaccine will hinge upon there actually being a vaccine. Many Americans are skeptical, especially since it seems the trials are being rushed in order to get a vaccine out before Election Day.

Around 23% of American young adults think the Holocaust is a myth: What is going on here? Around two thirds of adults aged 18 to 39 don't know that 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust. What's even more fucked up is that 1 in 10 think that Jews caused the Holocaust. One in eight said they'd never even heard of the Holocaust! If you can name a concetration camp or ghetto then you're better off than the 48% of adults who can't. Did no one learn anything in school? Or watch the History Channel? Or any of the World War II movies that inevitably get made every single year?

Indonesia doles out punishments for anti-maskers: If you don't don a facemask in Indonesia you may have to dig graves for COVID-19 victims as punishment.

Make them dig graves! A legion of anti-maskers stormed a Florida Target.

11 arrests in Seattle: The Seattle Police Department arrested 11 people in a downtown protest. The protesters were arrested near the Space Needle for alleged property damage.

Scooters! Electric scooters will start cropping up around the city this week. The whole "sky full of smoke" thing can't be too good for the first week of any micromobility pilot, can it? Fuck it, I'll scoot in the smoke. Anyone have a spare N95 mask for a noble cause?

Queen Anne woman finds really old alcohol stashed in her walls: It might be from the Prohibition era.

Big Ten Conference wants to play football: In a reversal from a decision not to play football in 2020, the Big Ten Conference announced it would try to start games by October 23. The 14 schools in the conference would join the schools in the Atlantic Coast Conference and the Big 12 and bring football back for parents, players, coaches, and whoever else can't live without football during a global pandemic.

Louisiana State University coach says most of his team has had COVID-19: Ed Orgeron used that fact—that the majority of his team had already caught the virus—to assure people that the team wouldn't catch it again. Um, I'm sorry? Most of the team was infected already? Orgeron didn't specify numbers. The Southeastern Conference starts football at the end of September.

Biden celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month: He was introduced by Luis Fonsi, a Puerto Rican singer most known for his song "Despacito." Joe Biden whipped out his iPhone after the introduction and said,"I just have one thing to say." Then he played the opening 20 seconds of "Despacito" and did a little jig. It was vastly uncomfortable. I've watched it 10 times. I need to watch it again.

To make matters worse, someone doctored the video: To make it sound like Biden was playing NWA's "Fuck the Police." Trump retweeted the edited video. "What's this all about?" Trump wrote. Great question.

Justice is finally served: Anchorage dentist who defrauded Medicaid and extracted patient tooth while riding hoverboard sentenced to prison

Nurse who blew whistle on ICE "uterus collector" speaks out: Dawn Wooten worked at an Immigrations and Custom Enforcement facility in Georgia. Mulitiple detained, Spanish-speaking women approached her about a doctor who had performed hysterectomies on them. "Is he the uterus collector?" One asked. Wooten also alleged that the ICE facility ignored COVID-19 precautions. Here's a clip from Wooten's MSNBC appearance:

A crossword for you: Get that mind moving.