Slog AM: Some COVID-19 Drug Success, Biden Gets Down to "Despacito," Anti-Maskers Dig Graves in Indonesia



"The emails are from the weeks before a car killed protester Summer Taylor"

A Black man Drove his car into a crowd of protesters and killed one and seriously hurt another.

It was done on purpose.

Hate comes in all colors.


Why do the Democrat candidates try to act hip, Biden with Despacito and Hillary with the hot sauce/dabbing? I don't think it helps or hurts them but its so cringe.


The NWA version is better.



Uh, because nobody cares one way or the other about what you personally consider "so cringe"; a phrase that sounds suspiciously like someone desperately trying to "act hip".


@4 is correct.

So, "Washington State Patrol frustrated by freeway protest closures" means it is working. Same as protesting in wealthy neighborhoods. They're upset because it works.

Go Sounders!


If these anti-masker, Trump loving, science denying, COVID-19 spreaders in America had been forced to dig graves and bury the dead bodies of the now over 200,000 counting dead, maybe they would give a shit that the pandemic will continue to surge through this country SOLELY BECAUSE OF THEM.


@4: Although he didn't use the term, Chase found it "so cringe" last night in PM Slog. What's with you anyway? On the attack first thing in the morning over this. Maybe it's the smoke.


@6 - no shit. Can you imagine Fat Donald and Ivanka actually getting their hands dirty? For that matter. making Jenny McCarthy dig graves for people who die of measles or pertussis sounds pretty good to me too.


@4 Sorry I didnt know "so cringe" was a hip term. Even Nathalie said "It was vastly uncomfortable"


The state troopers who wrote those emails better not still be working for us. They knew how it would turn out yet did it anyway.
Likely to prove a point in the eyes of public perception.
It should be obvious that going out on a freeway, at night, would result in a collision.


'...23% of American young adults think the Holocaust is a myth'
I overheard a millennial pumpkin-spice say to her boyfriend: "they speak terrible English in France," so anything is now possible.


Those Holocaust numbers are scary.
Those are probably the same folks who don't realize or won't admit the Democrat Party started the KKK.


@12 How can you say the Holocaust denier numbers are scary and then tell a lie in the next breath? The KKK was not started by the Democratic Party. The KKK was started by white people of all political affiliations and/or no political affiliations. Period. Full stop.

There are so many sources of facts regarding this matter, but here are a few articles to get you started.

As for the Holocaust, one of the things Germans were forced to do when the war ended and the horror of the camps was discovered and shown to the world, is they were brought into the camps and forced to look at what had happened and in some cases put the dead bodies of millions of dead in mass graves. They were forced to look and see what their country had done and what they had just sat by and complicity (or apathetically) allowed to happen. Many of them killed themselves as a result.

Americans of course are shielded from ever having to see the reality of what their country is doing. And when it is seen (as in the murders of Black people by police), too many just do not give a fuck.

America is in for a reckoning. It is coming. Trump and his administration have been engaging in war crimes against immigrants and asylum seekers and mass murder of Americans. Someone will pay for the carnage that has been done and continues to be done. Trump will most likely be dead. Others will have to pay.


@13: If you're going to get all angry about history, you really might want to learn some.

"The KKK was started by white people of all political affiliations and/or no political affiliations. Period. Full stop."

At that point in history, the only political party in the segregated, racist South was the Democratic Party, because Republicans had won the Civil War and imposed Reconstruction. So everyone who formed the KKK in the South was either a Democrat, or had no party affiliation. A century later, after LBJ signed the Civil Rights acts, the racist Southern Democrats ("Dixiecrats," like Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms) became Republicans. (LBJ's habit of sending the FBI after the Klan also assisted this process.)


Biden awkwardly boogies to Despacito. Trump eats taco salad and says he loves Hispanics as he cages kids and employs eugenicist doctors forcefully sterilizing Latinx mothers.


The primary factor to look at when analyzing the past incarnations of both parties is not by minding the names but by sorting out which party was the "conservative" party and which was the "progressive/liberal" party. Even that's too simplistic since there are number of social and economic factors that resulted in changes in values over time (some more abrupt than others). But anyhow, for a simplistic-ass discussion like this, Republicans used to be the party of the North: big businesses, big governments, and more progressive social values. Democrats used to be more small government, farmer/agriculture-based, and therefore was fine with slavery and other shit that made Southern ag work.
But new states in the West, World Wars, the Great Depression and New Deal, and the Civil Rights Act...all this shit played it's part in shaping and changing political parties so for awhile now the Republicans have been the conservative party and the Democrats are the more (socially) progressive. There's been plenty of overlap during their histories too (both parties used to be anti-federalist).
So again, while the following statement is clearly lacking in appropriate nuance, the core is correct: modern liberals would be more likely to have been Republicans in Lincoln's time and modern conservatives would be more aligned with Democrats of that era. Just deal with it.


"Around 23% of American young adults think the Holocaust is a myth: "

In spite of the fact that we have the easiest access to facts in human history.

The more knowledgeable and technological we get, the more unchanging is our species' human nature. Perhaps the faith (in the pejorative, religious sense) in humanity of TS writers and readers should be reexamined in light of ongoing data points like these accross the historical and archaeological record.

History does not bend toward justice, because human decisions generate history. It just repeats cyclically.



"I’ve seen this a lot in people who describe themselves as “conservative.”[1] They are outraged about government bloat except when an individual profits tremendously through grift, graft, and self-dealing. As I said, that’s what they think power is for–to help yourself and your friends and hurt your enemies. And that’s one reason that so many people openly admire that Trump is using the government as his personal checking account.

The (conservative) author Jonathan Haidt has said that people who self-identify as conservative value loyalty to their ingroup whereas people who self-identify as liberal don’t. Haidt tries to make that valuing loyalty an admirable and simultaneously morally neutral quality, but it is neither.

It isn’t that my neighbors valued loyalty as a principle (in which case they would admire loyalty in Democrats); it’s that they value loyalty to their group. Had the people involved in that shady land deal been Democrats, my neighbors would have been outraged.

The GOP outrage machine (one of these days I’ll post about various other outrage machines) has for some time been engaged in a logically vexed anti-government demagoguery in which “government” is liberal.[2] They have also been promoting political success as nothing more than “stigginit to the liberals” and upsetting media. Once you’re drinking that demagogic Flavoraid, then there is no such thing as Republicans grifting the taxpayers.[3]

Republicans should care that Trump is grifting the government. But they don’t really care about fiscal responsibility; that’s just a phrase to make them feel better about their own corruption. The government does have bloat (every big institution does) and the government doesn’t do things in the way that makes the most sense to me (no big institution does). As I said in another (much too long) post, big institutions make bad decisions. But they also make decisions that aren’t bad–they’re the best decisions within the various constraints, or good enough decisions within the constraints. If we spend our lives outraged that the university, or city, or government isn’t enacting the policies we believe to be right, then we’re spending our lives in the pleasurable orgy of outrage. We aren’t doing good political work. Knee-jerk anti-government outrage enables the kind of grifting my neighbors admired.

[1] They aren’t conservative. They’re Randian neo-liberals.

[2] By its very nature, government is always conservative, but that’s a different post. And the GOP outrage machine isn’t about conservatism–Trump isn’t conservative–but about supporting whatever the political agenda of the GOP candidate for President happens to be at this moment.

[3] It isn’t just conservatives who have an irrational and knee-jerk hostility to the government. But, regardless of the voting pattern of the person engaged in trashing government, that position helps neo-conservative/neoliberals dismantle necessary services."



So, he didn't actually use the term, but you nevertheless suggest he used it in - what, spirit? And I don't give a flying fuck what time of the day it is or what the air quality index reads - go fuck yourself you self-absorbed twat-faced tosser.


@19: deep breaths dear, deep breaths


12 Sorry Howdy-Doody, the defeated rebels of the Confederate South created the KKK.
But you like Trump I bet. So lying is okay.


@12 YEAH! The republicans are the real liberals!

Must be why Biden has the most high profile republican endorsements in American history. And the very first ever endorsement (in its 175 year existence) by the most prestigious Scientific publican in American history. Science is a democrat now!


@5 Will, I disagree - I don't think they're "working" and I think it's generally counterproductive. I support the protesters, I am one, but there are certain avenues of protest that are counterproductive, and that's one of them. Even destruction and violence, which I don't condone (at this point), is understandable when people have been pushed too far and feel they have no further recourse. The marches through downtown districts, neighborhoods, parks - those "work". Randomly shutting down I5 as a protest publicity stunt just pisses people off.

@13 xina, so true, unfortunately.

@18 Garb, another great post.

@19 Comte, I tried the "go fuck yourself" approach with Raindrop when he started sharing his incomprehensible drivel on my posts - he will not stop being a shitty person and a shitty poster no matter how many times or how many people tell him so. I think he just gets off on it. Maybe you'll have better luck.


@24: For agreeing that something was cringing?



Fuck off, you gonococcus-ridden cum-stain...


@26: Ooooo. Put your talents to use tough guy:


@13 - As much as I agree that there is going to be a reckoning for this administration's crimes, and I won't shed a tear regardless of what happens to the grifting Trump family (or if they were to follow the lead of the German Mayor and his wife described in the article you link and do the honorable thing), that link has some serious Nazi-sympathizing propaganda. Blaming the Allied bombings and invasions for the deaths in the camps? Yeah, right. And they're splitting hairs pretty fine to argue that Belsen was not a death camp.

incidentally, in the time of Trump, how the hell can a spell check algorithm not be familiar with the term "grifting"?


The Holocaust survey numbers are tragic, but it's also a terribly run survey with some generation-baiting headlines. The question wasn't asked "did millions of Jews die in the Holocaust"- they had to PICK A NUMBER. I think it's much more feasible, and understandable, that 66% thought more than 6, or 4, or 2 million died.
Other survey issues- there were only about 1000 respondents nationwide by landline (you know those Millenials and Gen Z love their landlines), and most of the results were OPEN ANSWER. As in, write whatever you want and a pile of interns will code the results. Therefore a terribly worded question like "what contributed to the Holocaust?" results in all sorts of answers, but you can slap a pithy headline when 23% don't singly put down "Nazis."

There's definitely some tragic information here on the state of Holocaust education in this country, but pointing fingers at entire generations based on one flawed survey is probably not the right way to proceed.


@27 Jesus what is wrong with those other two.

Anyways, I thought about it some more and I think Biden/Clinton are trying to be like Obama. But while Obama was a great orator, I think he was even better at looking genuine/natural (I'm drawing a blank on the adjective Im looking for here) in all situations which Biden/Clinton lack.


If anything, the shitty WWII movies are partly to blame for the holocaust deniers. Who can sit through that garbage, other than boomers and rightwingers?


@30: They (COMTE and P'nP) are simply unnerved when challenged and fly off the handle in disgraceful and cringing profanity spews.

They're the real trolls of Slog.


@32. Nobody but you subscribes to your own standard of bottomfeeding anti-quality. You are complete and utter trash, you just can't face it through your cowardly deference to mannes. Get real you slime


Manners, B