Have the Birds Left Seattle? Or Did the Smoke Kill Them?



Plenty of birds in Bellevue.


The natural suddenness of nature is always an ambush. We immediately assume, whether we think we caused it or not, that it will be the end of our species.


Or better said 'a sign of the end of our species.'


Gently genius, as always, Charles.

Ian Frazier's 2001 piece, "Count on Crows".


There's some possibility they migrated early - which, for migratory birds, can unfortunately be a disastrous decision. There are mysterious mass dieoffs happening in the southwest. https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/14/us/new-mexico-birds-died-migration-trnd/index.html


no food no birds. Insects like mosquitos are basically done, birds follow the food so they go where there are lots of insects. If there are no birds in your area then they are probably closer to fresh water where there are insects or have moved on.


.. and there are hundreds of thousands of birds falling dead out of the sky along their migratory route. Search for it yourself I ain't spoon feeding anyone. It's been in the news all week ffs.

You just trolling your own readers for fun? Good time for it yeah, not like anything important going on.


the Ravens were out yesterday and it was so quiet one could hear not only their loud caws but some guttural (-sounding) noises and a few clicks -- it made me think of the (previously-) Local's language,* apparently written by foreigners -- which we are\were.

*and now the Proud Boys are worried us (poor) White folk are gonna inherit the Natives' Legacy: White casinos and Reservations (eventually) [WAIT for it.]. perhaps we might give it a try? only, this time, hold the Genocide, off-Whites? Thanks!

@1 -- that's what all the Big cats say

@6 -- it's no Wonder
they're dying off in hordes
I saw a pair of swallows attempting
to kidnap a coconut either for Housing
or sustenance I couldn't quite make out
but they were having a Devil of a time with it.


Lots of birds at my house. Even the hummingbirds were present through the smoke. Birds always stealing my blueberries even though I have a fuckton of blackberries, my lazy-ass cats sit there and watch; they prefer snakes and rodents.