Slog AM: Trump Pulls Plug on TikTok, Thunder Is Coming to Town, Migratory Birds Dying in the Southwest



Yes Charles, iPhones are made in China but iOS is made by Apple engineers - not by the massively evil Chinese communist government that is perfecting the art of autocratic control software.

Huge difference.


"The only reason this anti-mask business has become a religion in America is because..."
Charles makes a good point. But "the only reason"? Do recall that Appalachia still has plenty of Snake-Handling devout in 2020.


3 [Chinese communist government that is perfecting the art of autocratic control software.]
No, it's Vega$.


People who test positive for covid are 2x likely to have visited a bar or restaurant prior to onset. States with contact tracing networks find 1 in 5 covid cases are linked to bars & restaurants.


"The only reason this anti-mask business has become a religion in America:

Because wearing one exposes the fact that the leader of these pastors and their followers failed to save nearly 200,000 lives.

The mask can only say this: something could have been done about the pandemic.

If you love your leader a whole lot, you have no other choice but to always show the world that he can never be wrong.

And so what is wrong becomes what is right.

Keep your face free.

There is no other explanation for this dismal resistance." --CM, brilliantly. thnx!



Look we already know you're dumber than a box of rocks, but what exactly is it that compels you to come here to prove it to us over and over again? Are you and SB and Biker McSkidmarkface in some sort of running competition to see who can post the stupidest, most inane and ill-informed comment every day? Seriously, that's the only rational explanation I can devise for your collective idiocy.


@2 - there is little if any scientific evidence that you have even the most miniscule understanding of the scientific evidence on masks.

At least make a token fucking effort, man - Googling "scientific evidence for efficacy of masks" finds published studies FROM YOUR OWN FUCKING GOVERNMENT supporting it.

So fuck off with your stupidity and/or misinformation.


@8 I'm a Geezer and no, it's Not a pejorative*

*to me
and I Vote.


i value peer reviewed research based on nationwide data and contact-traced networks over whatever is going on in nashville but to each his own


Half the country has been living in a hotbox for months, the other half of the country is being drowned by hurricanes, and everyone just keeps acting like it’s business as usual. When do we actually start treating a fucking planetary-scale extinction like an emergency?

God, we are such an ignorant fucking species. When the clock restarts on evolution in ten years, I hope the mudslime creatures that take our place have greater wisdom burned into their DNA.


The herculean effort to stigmatize a cheap, simple, non-invasive preventative measure for a deadly respiratory infection is one of the stranger features of today’s conservative movement. It’s almost like they want people to die.


@10 Kindly leave me out of that shit pile next time, if it wouldn't be to much trouble.


17, You seem to be confusing ‘people correcting blatantly misleading information for other readers’ with ‘people giving a fuck what the idiot sharing blatantly misleading information personally believes.’ I can’t believe this even needs to be said but you’re not the protagonist in everyone’s story.


Still begging for money. You should ban more accounts for wrong think.....that’ll do it😜


@17, yes, let's have completely unethical controlled experiment during an epidemic where uninfected people are exposed to a deadly virus. I'm guessing the way you'd like to do this is to grab some black people from Tuskegee and not inform them they're being experimented on. FFS.


Good Morning Charles,
Actually, I have no problem with TikTok being banned or whatever. Good riddance. I just heard of it 5-6 weeks ago. I choose not have a TikTok or Twitter account. I detest Twitter. Also, I don't use Facebook anymore. I want to control the technology not have it control me.

To be sure, I acquired my first smartphone, an Android in Jan. 20'. It was a gift from my brother-in-law who found it startling that I didn't possess one. Evidently, they are cheap. That surprised me. Yes, it comes in handy (PC in a pocket!). But I use it sparingly. On my most recent road trip, I didn't take it with me.

But TikTok etc. is for the birds. I use my digital camera when I hike or travel. And use my smartphone largely for internet surfing when at a bar by myself. Yes, there are features that I use but they are practical (laundry app, calculator etc.). My point being I want to keep it under control.

I have no problem with others consuming these apps. But, they aren't for me. My lifestyle has been fine without them.


@21: But David, you really don't need perfect data to conclude what the right thing to do is based on common sense, logic, ethics, and being prudent.


"Look we already know you're dumber than a box of rocks, but what exactly is it that compels you to come here to prove it to us over and over again?"

I think there are two things at work:

Trump is a crybaby.
Trump is their god.

And then a third thing:

They think they are going to win the lottery.

So with the first two, they will do anything for Trump, and because Trump is so insecure, they post anything that will comfort him.

That's gratifying enough on its own. But they are hoping Trump sees their sycophantic remarks and rewards them, as he is apt to do with nutjob fan boys and fan girls who come to his attention.


david thinks we will never know if masks work unless we conduct a randomized trial where people are deliberately exposed to a virus that might kill them so perhaps david is not the gold standard of ‘reasonable layperson who can be persuaded with simple facts and ethical considerations’ and should only be used as a springboard for sharing useful information and to occasionally make fun of


Does anybody have any idea what the legal theory is behind Trump's actions on Tiktok? The Commerce Department's press release doesn't refer to any actual law - only the executive order. But EOs are addressed to the government - they aren't decrees that can demand action by private parties. Its so common for Trump to blurt out vaporware pronouncements that I'd normally consider this to be as ephemeral as his recent Covid relief orders (remember them?) but this one is causing events in the real world - Tiktok is actually in negotiations with Oracle.

But why? If everybody involved just ignored Trump, what can he do about it?


Republicans hate the free market and love cancel culture. Every accusation from Twtiler is a confession.


@16 - Sort of. They want people to put a white male vision of liberty above safety. Whether it is guns or global warming or covid, dominance demands that people not acknowledge any of that and just accept the “way things are meant to be,” which is to say: the way they want things to be.


"Says the geezer who runs Commerce Department"
In that context, the word "geezer" is prejoritive.

"Failure of "Trump's Law and Order Stuff"
Hard to conclude that this strategy is a failure. 538's average of presidential polls shows Biden with a lead of about 7% - down from a peak of 9.5% on 7/1. Granted this is correlational data and many cities are more integrated than in the past. But Trump seems to have settled on the traditional "southern strategy" as his best hope for November. If you talk to Trumpsters, riots and looting are the first things that they want to discuss. Biden needs to win conservative suburban woman and do reasonably well with blue collar whites. Trump has to scare those groups.


@30 Its a theme that comes up again and again - for Donald J. Trump, its like he was trapped in amber in 1982.


I wouldn't count on that thunder. Forecasts have been chronically wrong, I just checked mine again and thunder is no longer part of it. Even if it rains it looks like we're getting less than a tenth of an inch. Just like covid, this could stick around a lot longer than we hope.


Has everyone forgotten the Trump rally debacle where teens on TikTok coordinated and got huge amounts of tickets, leaving him with a mostly-empty auditorium and egg on his face? You need look no further for the ban reason.

Same thing with the post office. The Republicans have wanted to kill it for years, but Trump is trying to use it to stick it to Amazon, because he hates Jeff Bezos so much. He's a petty tyrant throwing tantrums.


"Does the regular consumption of eggs increase blood cholesterol" is not a simple question at all because we produce cholesterol endogenously so tracing its source in the body is extremely complicated, as is the entire field of nutritional science, as people consume thousands of calories per day and its health effects take years to register.

Using this as example to say we cannot rely on observational research to estimate the effectiveness of masks on covid transmission demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of observational science generally, but I appreciate that you visited the wikipedia listing for human subject research before coming up with this ridiculous analogy. Trying to not sound like an uneducated buffoon is the first step towards no longer being one.


@32: In regard to public health, I don't get the compulsion to always hang your hat on the arbiter conclusive proof at the expense of possibly spreading sickness.


"Legs up. Eyes shut. Mouths open."

Sounds like a porn shoot


"The bulk of the movers away from King went to nearby counties. Snohomish absorbed the most, at about 21,000 per year in this period, slightly ahead of Pierce County. Kitsap ranks third at 2,900 per year." What this means is King County is expanding, and as consequence, so is it's politics."

I'm not sure this is true. My theory is people generally vote for what is in their own best interest so when they live in a dense urban environment where they are confronted with social ills on a daily basis they are more likely to vote for transit and to fund social programs however when they leave that environment they begin to adjust as their own needs adjust. If the population of Seattle declines and shifts to Pierce, Snohomish and other outlying counties you may actually see the region as a whole shift more to the right as King diminishes in importance.


TikTok being banned can only be good for the youth of America. Less people out there thinking "TikTok star" or "social media influencer" are viable career choices, the better. 1% of these people will make something out of social media stardom, the other 99% will be a drag on everyone because posting short videos of themselves reacting to reactions is their only skillset.


@10 kristofarian and @11 COMTE: GOD, I love you guys! Keep on consistently rocking the house! :)

@17: Give it up, Doofy. You're just blubbering like a baby because kristofarian, COMTE, myself, and so many others have called you and your fellow MAGA COVIDIOTS on your terminal Trumpist bullshit.


@33 - I hope there isn't any thunder. Charles seems to forget what causes thunder, which in the current environment is most definitely not welcome.


I would hasten to add that Toots is reported to have succumbed to COVID.


@auntie Gee -- thanks for the Kudos
but Charles gets ALL the Credit:

"The mask can only say this: something
could have been done about the pandemic.

If you love your leader a whole lot,
you have no other choice but to always
show the world that he can never be wrong.

And so what is wrong becomes what is right."


-- now get out there
and inflict MAGAts.

You OWE it
to Fake 'prez.'

surely, he'll eventurally Hate you for
it, but it's for Two Good Causes:
re-electing the Hater-in-Chief

& your Progeny're
gonna LOVE ya for it.

depending on



My comment wasn't directed at you, but to Biker McGriddle Face or whatever he's called these days, among other trolls, and I apologize for any confusion.


@43 kristofarian. You're right---Charles Mudede gets all the credit for this well written article. But I also believe that you and COMTE are spot on in your comments here, as well.

Sorry, Charles, for the unintended omission. Major kudos to you, too, for another well written article. Once again you nailed it.


@40: Oops! Correction: I meant @9 kristofarian and @10 COMTE. Sorry for the numerical mix up.



If that's the case they're truly delusional if they think their Feckless Leader gives two shits about them, because any rational person can clearly see by his words and deeds that he doesn't. So far as he's concerned they're nothing more than political, if not actual, cannon fodder, a means to an end; but apparently their irrational, enthusiastic ass-licking blinds them to that reality, as it does to most other forms of evidence-based perception.

They're never going to become one of the Select, the Chosen, and they have no clue the game has been rigged against them from the beginning - hell they don't even have a ticket for the ideological Mega-Millions; what they've been handed is a soiled cum-rag dipped in kerosine with some gibberish scribbled on it in black Sharpie marker that someone told them was as good as gold. And they're too greedy, stupid, and filled with hate for the proverbial Other to believe otherwise.

But then, what else can you expect credulous, slack-jawed rubes? It's like they're literally begging to be fleeced, and the Kleptocrats are more than happy to accommodate them.



Moreover, they see compliance with COVID protocols as a sign of weakness, which fits with their larger pathology wherein anything that runs counter to their idealized version of unbridled, every-man-for-himself Old West styled individualism, that is to say, anything that requires cooperative, collective action, is Beta behavior, and they'll have none of that. Their toxic-masculine, white pride is more important to them than even their own health and safety, and they'd rather die in obdurate isolation than live in a world where they actually have to work with others for mutual benefit.

It's "if I can't have it all, then no one can have any" for these yahoos, and the rest of us would probably be better off in the long run just cutting them loose; they're lost causes, and all they're going to do is drag the rest of us down into the abyss with their puerile tantrum-throwing.


@49 Nice rant, but, the real problem is the wealth disparity.

As White America becomes increasingly broke and desperate, it will look once again toward scapegoats to explain it's predicament. This is happening now and has been since before Tacoma ran out the Chinese in the middle of the night on November 3, 1885. People didn't have jobs, some of the local Chinese got hired to lay some water pipe, and the white people didn't. Therefore, the Chinese took their jobs. Run 'em out! Cleveland was an economic disaster for anyone who wasn't already a Robber Baron. He fucked the unions, the lumberjacks, the farmers -- everyone except the very rich -- and it was his policies that caused that resentment, whipped into a fury by a racist asshole named Jacob Weisbach who got himself elected mayor by being a racist asshole, and further caused 700 Tacomans to be run out of town in the middle of the night.

If we address the wealth disparity, if we can provide everyone some measure of financial security so they don't feel like they're constantly under assault from all sides, if we can show them that their kids are going to grow up healthy and happy, then all this hate and jealousy and fear of the other will fade right into the background. Unfortunately, if that happens, we won't be killing each other for jobs, and capital won't get its 7% growth. And I don't think the USA is quite ready for that yet.


Hey Gang, It's raining outside! Hooray!
Charles, there is a God! Ha!


Well we're definitely getting more than a tenth of an inch, no thunder though. Fall is here.



Bull-puckey. Wealth disparity exists certainly, but it's not the main motivating factor for these inbred racist Rambo-wannabees. There are plenty of white people who are comfortably - and more than comfortably - well-off. They're simply too full of hate to admit that BIPOC should share in that wealth and they've been hoodwinked into believing they should continue to cling to economically unviable lifestyles (e.g. literally any coal miner in Pennsylvania, Kentucky or West Virginia) instead doing what their great-grandparents - who were themselves immigrants - did, which was move on to greener pastures when their local economies collapsed.

As Lyndon Johnson famously quipped "If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you.” And so they've been holding open their pockets for generations, because every Republican administration since Hoover has been telling them "prosperity is just around the corner", and no matter how many times they're kicked in the balls by Republicans, they keep believing the hype.


Shit, RBG passed. I said a few weeks ago that it wouldn't mattered if she did so then, Team Shithead won't have enough time to nominate and confirm a new justice. Let's hope I was right.



McConnell will conveniently have selective amnesia and completely forget everything he did during the last few months of the Obama Administration, and attempt to push through a nomination before the November election.

RIP, Notorious RBG - we're really going to miss you...


What a loss. What a dame!

@53, @54: In principle the Senate could do the hearings and appointments in December, even after a possible Trump loss.


Ted Cruz will get the open seat on the court


God fucking dammit. Why didn't she resign when it was safe to replace her?!?! She had cancer like 10 fucking times. Let's hope the Democrats are as good at obstructionism as they are tossing completely winnable elections.


BTW... ALL the Presidents have a short list of nominees for the Supreme Court and the GOP can make this a very short process if they want

You really should talk to Hillary about the shitty campaign she ran in 2016


Ha, did u no hoo get deservedly banned for all the disinfo they promoted?


Oh, damn, I didn't know about RBG. RIP.

I bet he got banned for gloating about her death.



I used to report bigoted commenters but gave it up when they made a bigot one of their top writers.


@61: Yet you are thrilled to become unglued and rant and spew vile and insults whenever you are confronted on your rabid drivel.


@66 -- "... get a permanent cure to your genital and oral Herpes or HIV AIDS or Lungs cancer or Alzheimer's disease... "

Are you SURE?

Gosh, the Stranger needs to do an Article on the wonderful 'doktor' WATER -- he (she?) (They?) (they?) sounds like a Fucking MIRACLE. Have him contact them, ASAP? Thanks! He'll be Famous!


@67: I reported 66 as spam so your silliness will be in vain.


"My ancestry is stained by having a wagon master in that infamous Trail of Tears."

raindrop on September 17, 2020 at 11:11 PM ·

Ah. so you come by your Trolling honestly.
It shows.

Report this


COMTE, as David Cassidy once sang, "I think I love you". Yes, I think I love you. You're very articulate and thoughtful in your comments here.


@67: 66 has gone and left no forwarding address.


yeah, right as reiny, your 'cure' was prolly no worse than any 'docktor' Nelson might portend; oh; see: @72.

Hello, Emmanuela.
have you met rainy?
can you Fix him?

there's likely
in it if ya