Slog AM: Everyone's Still in Mourning, Trump's Moving Fast on RBG's Replacement, and the Emmys Happened



They didn't even wait til RBG was in the grave. Congress should impeach both those sleazy mutherfuckers $hitler and Barrf if they try to fill this fucking seat. FSM knows there’s plenty of high crimes to hang on them.

It feels so inadequate, but I’ve been donating munnie til it hurts to GOTV like Swing Left and Flippable to target state legislatures and the US Senate, where these contributions can make the maximum impact, moneyball-style.

“Get Mitch or Die Trying”


Personally, I believe "Schitt's Creek" improved with age: starting out as your run-of-the-mill "fish out of water" contemporary Canadian take on "Green Acres" and slowly evolving over the course of its six seasons into a beautiful testimonial to the power of love, humility and forgiveness. If the Roses had simply stayed the same the mild send up of "bougie versus country" would have very quickly become trite and boring. But, it went in a completely different direction as each side learned to appreciate, respect, and eventually even come to love their equally quirky neighbors. It's one of the few shows in recent memory that's been able to successfully walk that fine line between mockery and genuine affection for its characters, and in the end presented a hope-inspired vision of how the two sides can overcome their inherent suspicion of and disregard for the other.


A scooter won't free me from my car Matt, but I appreciate the thought.


Oh, and Attorney General Bill Barr declared Seattle an Anarchist Jurisdiction and defunded the police.

Not that anyone in our city noticed. Or the other Anarchist Jurisdictions of Portland and New York.

Good news, though! This means there is no need to pay any US Federal Taxes!


[Seattle police captain who was arrested for trying to hire a sex worker]

Captain had no intention of paying the sex worker; he would have flashed his badge and said, "SPD gets it free."


COMTE, fabulous post @2. "Schitt's Creek" shows you can still do a great, fresh sitcom in this day and age, and it shows how to evolve the characters and the storylines over the seasons to keep building and moving forward and avoid getting stale and trite.

For me, one of the perks of living in Seattle is having the Vancouver CBC station in my cable lineup. Because of my life constraints, I was never a regular viewer of "Schitt's Creek," but it was great to be able to catch it when I could.


@2 - I was going to post much the same thing, but you worded it far better than I could have done, so I'll just say that I whole-heatedly agree.


@8 - Aargh, whole-heartedly, not whole-heatedly. Well, maybe a bit of whole-heatedly...


Ew, Morty!



I loved how Schitt’s Creek evolved into a more compassionate and thoughtful series. Incessant snarking on provinciality is tiresome and predictable.

If you liked that sort of sweet positivity then you’d LOVE the new show “Ted Lasso,” a sleeper hit full of surprises and great performances for sure.


If Judge Barrett gets an Obamacare case, will she rule that God does not have to heal you if you have a pre-existing condition? Or maybe one of the snakes will bite her in church as divine retribution for sucking up to Trump.


How DOTH Fake 'prez' choose his female ussc associate justices?

Well, he always did like grabbin' 'em by the pussy.

Hey, when you're Fake 'prez,'
they'll let ya do ANY thing!

Is she has the Good Sense not to
say Anything she's likely a shoo-in.

Womens' Rights:
Who NEEDS 'em?