Skyway Wins Big in the Proposed County Budget, For Once



Wait! You mean an elected official can work with diverse county/state/national stakeholders and council colleagues in a collaborative way to do something good for his community? What kind of fiction are you pushing, Rich?!? /s

Hoping our Seattle City Council can have a look at this. It might give them an idea...


I actually live in Skyway. I have been following the changes to planning for Unincorporated King County closely as it affects my neighborhood. I'd like to see where, exactly, he has been a proponent of down-zoning because the new plan for Unincorporated King County includes substantial up-zoning. And while they added a clause that a certain percentage of new construction must be "affordable" moving forward, one need only look to the recent upspring of luxury townhomes crowded 3 and 4 to a lot from Skyway on into Renton to see where this is going...more gentrification.
I will catch shit for this but I have seen King Co Sheriff do real work in improving our neighborhood which is largely Black, Asian, and multi-family. 5 years ago the free/subsidized pre-school on my block would only walk so far down the street on their walks because of a couple well-known drug houses. Men would sit outside and catcall women as they would walk to the bus stop, my spouse got sick of it and started having me pick her up in the car. Stolen cars were abondon on our street on a weekly basis. Today, none of that. The homes were "busted" and tenants removed. The sheriffs who patrol our neighborhood are good at outreach with our youth and I would hate to see the neighborhood devolve back to how it was 5 years back; people, of all skin color, afraid to walk down their own street or leave their homes unattended.
I applaud many of the moves to improve Skyway and other unincorporated areas through investing in infrastructure such as sidewalks and youth facilities and affordable housing with support services. But hampering some of the work of the Sheriff would be detrimental to our communities; our block has lived it.


strong piece. thanks rich, and thanks girmay & skyway community investment advocates!


@2, two commercial areas on both sides of Skyway were down-zoned from Commercial to Neighborhood business in the recent phase 1 of the Skyway West Hill Community Plan now officially part of the King County Code.

You'll have to cite how the Sherriff has fought for or put resources to work in Skyway to convince me that they haven't been hampering themselves. The proposal is for future budgets in any case. If your block has live it, it has been under the county's existing status quo.


One nit from the article and county claims that marijuana tax money is going large to Skyway. The statement, "Constantine proposes moving $4.6 million in marijuana tax revenue from law enforcement to 'community-based programs in King County'" is open to all cities as well as the unincorporated area, of which the unincorporated communities of color (Skyway and White Center) are just a small part.

So I'm not holding my breath right now for a windfall for Skyway from it even though the concentration of legal weed stores in Skyway and White Center is five times higher than in the unincorporated area as a whole.


Seriously? We're letting people from SUDAN and INDIA try to dismantle our police? And seriously? The full details of George Kirby has been released, he's no martyr and definitely is no reason to change anything about King County SPD. Why, Seattle, why?