Jess Stein

"What I Ordered"

Spotted on Broadway.
Spotted on Broadway. JK
This sticker comes to us courtesy of Christos Andrews of Ghost Note Coffee. Though to be fair, if you thought you were getting a Bernie Sanders-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez presidency... you thought wrong.

Support Local Business. Buy direct from WA farmers weekly at Neighborhood Farmers Markets.
Weekly Markets in Columbia City, Lake City, Magnolia, U District, West Seattle, & Capitol Hill.
"ACAB: Furby Edition"
Cute. JK
I had no idea that Furbies could get that long. I want one!

UPDATE: These stickers come to us via Gwendolyn Wood and you can get 'em right here. Also long Furbies? They are real.

"Make Seattle Shitty Again"
I dont think Ive posted this one before.
I don't think I've posted this one before. JK
I honestly hate the re-appropriation of Trump rhetoric to make a point, but I'm seeing this everywhere.

"Homophobic Since 1983"
Rotated this so it'd be legible. JK
MMMMMmmmm it's 2020 and the homophobia in the blood donation world is still going strong.

"Make Gentrify"
I have no idea what this says.
I have no idea what this says. JK
The definition of "word salad."

"Blue Balls"
Nice. JK
I don't care about blue balls, but this sticker immediately reminded me of something way more terrifying (scroll to the second slide):

"When You Swallow All His Cum"
Um... JK
Please, someone, tell me WHO this sticker was made for! Grown-ups that like both Minions and swallowing cum? People who are turned on by Minions? People who love eating cum? Maybe I don't want to know!

"The Cops Will Always Be Racist"
A bit faded, but still there.
A bit faded, but still there.
Spotted in the area f.k.a. CHOP.

"Bongs and Snacks"
What a cute pairing.
What a cute pairing. JK
An actual picture of my quarantine circle and me, except we ride hard for several different flavors of Pocky instead of doughnuts (better for cottonmouth) and pop edibles instead of hitting bongs (better on your lungs).

"Anti-Fascist Zone"
Looky here.
Looky here. JK
Don't show Trump!

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at

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