Slog AM: RBG Lies in Repose, Bezos Starts a Preschool, Facebook Sued Over Wisconsin Protests



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Speaking of: “Four people sue Facebook over Kenosha, Wisconsin protests: The civil complaint alleges that Facebook gave a platform for groups to recruit and ‘empowered right wing militias to inflict extreme violence and deprive Plaintiffs and protesters of their rights… ‘”

here’s this, from Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now:
Federal Agents Tapped Cellphones of Portland Protest

The Nation magazine is reporting federal officials with the Justice Department and Homeland Security have intercepted the phone communications of protesters in Portland.

The Nation reports the surveillance involved cellphone cloning, where the government steals a phone’s unique identifiers and copies them to another device in order to intercept the communications received by the original device.

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley has called for a full investigation. He wrote on Twitter, “The Trump admin has treated the people of Portland like enemy combatants. These tactics—like cell phone cloning to spy on protestors—are unacceptable in America.”

Velcommon to trumpfism [Fascism] in America
fellow [former] AMERICAN Citizens.

Where Pandemics & police spying are gonna be the very least of your Worries.


Trump's already got death squads running around. It won't be long before he sends them after elected officials and other political opponents.


@3 -- I'm already thinking of changing my Party affiliation to Leans Heavily Fascist -- it's really quite popular -- like a great big Club!

Which is our beloved Symbol, obviously.


@2: Thanks krisofarian - never heard about phone cloning before. Here's how to tell if you phone might have been cloned:


[Four people sue Facebook over Kenosha, Wisconsin protests]

This will definitely get Court traction. It is already demonstrable that the FB platform was knowingly used to organize violence. Messy indeed and probably crawls to settlement.


Vid of surfer chick is like tubular, man.


@6 Violence, to be sure, but was it illegal violence or armed citizens coming together to protect their community?


Information left out about the state of live music venues - the crew who put on events and other production companies are just as screwed as the live music venues without forthcoming aid. And if we are left without aid much longer the whole infrastructure that gets people ons stages and supports big events like tours, festivals, etc will be gutted.

There was a national day of action to this effect on September 1st, when crew marched in cities across the US and buildings were lit red. And the campaign is ongoing.

You can go to,, and to find ways to get involved (mostly writing your elected officials and asking that they pass the RESTART Act, whether as part of a larger aid package or a standalone bill)


Portland and Seattle should sue FB over the far right white nationalist drive by shooters


@ 7,

Zuckerberg's appalling baby bangs are another one of his crimes against humanity.

That and providing the world's largest platform for Tr666p's refried white trash nazism.


"Ginsburg's dying wish was to be replaced before next year's presidential inauguration." That doesn't seem correct.


14: Indeed it isn't - it was be be installed by the next president which wouldn't be until Biden or Trump is sworn in on Jan 21.


@9 Kyle Rittenhouse wasn't from Kenosha, dumbfuck. It wasn't his "community."

Nor did anyone from the businesses these racist militia dipshits deputized themselves to "guard" for ask any of those yahoos to protect them.


@16 he's referring to community in more of a figurative sense. He means to say the "white community".


if you consider this use of "community" in the same context as the "black community" or the "lgbt community" it's pretty obvious what these people are trying to communicate but don't have the grapes to say out loud


pretty sure you don't get a free pass to kill people because a business owner asked you for help


us White folk works too


@20 -- that sounds suspiciously


Nobody thinks its strange that lily white teens from the midwest feel so hopeless under this president that they choose to drop out of school to hunt minorities? Seems like this might be an issue to focus on. Maybe get some socialism going and give these kids a couple free years at a community college so they have some real job skills?


@17 You've got the wrong information. None of the businesses in Kenosha asked for help from the traveling militia members, and the police barred them from the car dealerships they claimed to be protecting, at which point they moved into the streets and started murdering protestors.


@18/19: No, it's more malleable than that. It could be anything from local to nationwide of any demographic. Community doesn't need defining because it stands by itself.

The sheer fact that you're trying to read in some racist narrative into such an innocuous term points to the real problem going on.



Fuck off, racist.


@17 HAHAHA. Riiiiight.

His lawyer dug that up after the fact. And his lawyer never named the business or the business owner.

His lawyer, BYW, John Pierce, is a fucking rightwing nut whose law firm describes itself as a “state-of-the-art litigation law firm dedicated to the lost art of combat by trial.” HAHA. He also makes regular tweets about how this is the beginning of another "revolutionary war." Yeah. That guy is sane and balanced.

And he wasn't asked specifically asked by any business. He said he "heard" an auto dealership asked for help. But he wasn't in front of the auto dealership that was on the radio that supposedly "asked for help." He was at an entirely different auto shop. His alter claimed it is owned by the same unnamed person. But it isn't.

And that' not where the shooting took place. It took place down the street at a gas station. And nobody asked him to guard the gas station. When he was asked after his arrest he couldn't name the owner of the business he was in front of. Or the name of the business.

Rittenhouse shot an unarmed protestor then fled. Was pursued by other protestors, one armed, attempting to subdue an armed threat, and Rittenhouse then shot them.

He is a murderer, a deranged deluded lunatic who deliberately and illegally armed himself to provoke an armed confrontation and should spend the rest of his life in prison.


@26: Totally predictable. Profanity outbursts typically occur when fear of not being able to define the narrative is suddenly taken away.


@27 -- perhaps those who persuaded the rwnj to Rampage bear some Culpability as well. Speaking of Justice.


25, I’m reading racism into a comment from a person who routinely leaves racist comments on this blog but the observation that bigots often co-opt the language and social/political frameworks we use to describe minorities isn’t exactly novel.


Yeah. Nothing at all racist about a bunch of armed white teenaged self-appointed militia lunatics driving to another state to confront a black protest about police murdering black people.

I'm the real racist here, obviously.


*is suddenly apparent.


@29 listen dumb fuck, I don't how to use small enough words for you to understand.

Rittenhouse shot first. Nobody shot at him. He fled. He was pursued. His pursuers never shot at him. The small caliber gun owned by Grosskreutz was not fired and entered into evidence. the only weapon in evidence that was fired was Rittenhouse's.

What was he supposed to do?

Easy. Stay home and not venture 30 miles into another state with an illegal weapon to deliberately provoke armed confrontation.


@30: I guess what I'm trying to get at is why can't we try to give people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to racism?

If we don't give that deference, we'll never make progress as a society.


Hear that everyone? We won't make progress if we call armed white self-described militia members (who are lauded by white supremacists as heroes) who shot unarmed protestors at a Black civil rights rally "racists."

Give them the benefit of the doubt, everyone!



34, The benefit of doubt is either earned by demonstrating good faith, or a free pass for someone who may have not realized what they were saying could be construed as racist. Duckfart’s previous profile was banned, probably for racism because that’s kind of their thing, so they don’t get the benefit of the doubt.

To take it a step further, anyone making excuses for an armed vigilante who crossed state lines to kill people doesn’t deserve a generous reading under any circumstance. Whether you call them racist or not, they are defending something indefensible in a civil society.



Fuck off, troll.



This is some of the dumbest shit you've posted yet. GTFO. Who calls 17 year old kids to "defend" their business? Are you a grown person? Do you enlist minors to protect your shit? Is this kid fuckin' Batman or something?

He murdered people and you’re cool with it because you share his ideology. Just say it.


@26 have you considered that you are a piece of shit? I mean, I'm sure Brian Bosworth thinks hes a good person too.


@37: I suppose you find that empowering.


@27 Here's from the NYT piece:

"While Mr. Rittenhouse is being pursued by the group, an unknown gunman fires into the air, though it’s unclear why. The weapon’s muzzle flash appears in footage filmed at the scene.
Mr. Rittenhouse turns toward the sound of gunfire as another pursuer lunges toward him from the same direction. Mr. Rittenhouse then fires four times, and appears to shoot the man in the head."

Notice the, Rittenhouse being pursued by angry mob thing started BEFORE the Rittenhouse shooting people thing. So basically, your just wrong.


You guys have your knickers in a twist because Comte posts as he does but have no issue with how Trump denigrates others. Good for goose = good for gander.

What really takes the cake is thinking it’s plausible for some random business owner to call a minor in another state he doesn’t know to illegally bring a firearm across state lines. Suuuure....

The kid watched too much Fox News, thought he was a bad ass and headed to Kenosha. He killed a guy without provocation, was chased then killed another guy. He’s lucky he didn’t get stomped to death. If he were a black kid the cops at the end of the street would have shot him to death for holding a gun.


@42 Did Frodo and Aragorn and all those guys wait for a written invitation to kick ork behind?


@40 My guess is he finds it threatening which is all he needs to shoot you these days (assuming he's white).


@41. Hey. Asshole. Link to the so-called quotes. Why is this so hard for you?

And this magic weapon or shooter that mythically motivated a teenaged vigilante to shoot three people has not been found nor are they among the people he shot.

See. Here’s the deal: You don’t get to just shoot anyone. That should be obvious to even a low neuron density shut-in like you.

Even IF there was another shooter, there is no evidence it was a protestor and it was not anyone Kyle “Girl Sucker Puncher” Rittenhouse shot in supposed self defense.

And until a link appears that has this quote with actual evidence instead of a quote of an unsubstantiated claim, we’ll treat this the same as we do everything else you say — Like idiotic trolling lies.


@46: Amazing how unglued people become when prompted to re-evaluate their racial stereotyping.

I have no idea what race COMTE is, nor do I care.



I'd not heard that the business owner reached out to a minor for "assistance" in this capacity. If true, and he knew that KR was a minor and not legally permitted to own the weapon, much less provide armed security in this respect, he/she should be charged as an accomplice.


@44 yeah. And your rightwing teenaged murderer hero has about as much reality as a child’s fairy story about hobbits and dragons.

No one is surprised you confuse fantasy with reality.


That Atlantic piece is some bizarro world shit. Other sites are also reporting Trump is making "contingency" plans if he loses the election. WTF are we going to do if he refuses to concede and causes a Constitutional crisis?

If grown people will buy into defending Rittenhouse, they sure as hell will line up to defend Trump's destruction of democracy.


@47 The link to the article is @24. Rittenhouse was being chased by a mob and the guy he shot was lunging at him. Deadly force is generally permitted against unarmed assailants, if the shooter is outnumbered. So, take the gunshot out of the picture and Rittenhouse still has a pretty good case for self-defense.

@50 Hobbits Unite!.



Fuck off, wanker.



Fuck off, racist troll.



Not knowing what occurred prior to the image in the NYT timeline, there's no guarantee he has a case for self defense at all. How are we to know HE didn't in some way incite the group that chased him? You can't commit a crime (e.g. brandishing, which is illegal under WI law: and THEN claim "self defense" as an after-effect of that crime. Plus, "self-defense" in the way you imply doesn't appear to be legal under Wisconsin law either, since it doesn't meet the criteria for privilege to use deadly force:

Not to mention the fact he was already in-violation of WI firearms laws, given he was under age and open carrying, so in this case there's simply no way a multitude of wrongs on his part is ever going to make a right.


Heated expletives are occasionally appropriate, but the more mature of us prefer to avoid gratuitous and repetitive insulting.


"WTF are we going to do if he [the Fascist in the White House] refuses to concede and causes a Constitutional crisis?"

Excellent question, Lastlight.
Looks like we gotta go to
the Socialist, once again:

from today's NYT:

Bernie Sanders Sounds Alarm on a Trump ‘Nightmare Scenario’

Warning that this election is an “extremely dangerous moment” for the country, he said in an interview that he would aggressively push to try to stop President Trump from delegitimizing the vote.

In a phone interview on Monday evening, Mr. Sanders said he would spend the next six weeks urging the country to prepare for a “nightmare scenario” in which Mr. Trump declares himself the winner of the election and refuses to step down even if he loses.

As part of his effort, he is set to deliver a speech in Washington on Thursday — his first in-person appearance related to the election since before he dropped out of the presidential race — to outline in stark terms the danger that he says Mr. Trump poses to the nation’s democracy.

“We are living in an unprecedented and dangerous moment — extremely dangerous moment — in American history,” Mr. Sanders said.

“And what this speech is going to be about is whether or not the United States of America will continue to be a democracy and a nation ruled by law and our Constitution.”

more at:


Your Fear appears fully Justified, Lastlight
this, also from today's NYT:

Trump Won’t Commit to ‘Peaceful’ Post-Election Transfer of Power

In response to a question, the president complained about mail-in ballots and said: “There won’t be a transfer, frankly. There will be a continuation.”


I Ain't Goin' ANY Where.


"Hours after Mr. Trump’s assertions, Senator Mitt Romney, Republican of Utah, expressed alarm over the comments on Twitter.

'Fundamental to democracy is the peaceful transition of power; without that, there is Belarus,' Mr. Romney wrote.

'Any suggestion that a president might not respect this Constitutional guarantee is both unthinkable and unacceptable.'"

Oh, MIttens -- you're so very Mavericky!
Way to Stand Up to our Dictator!

Perhaps he'll make you
Ambassador to Hades.