Defund SPD?


@2 excellent argument. literally no one has ever said this before. like after every stabbing. you are the first to ever make this argument congrats. fucking legend.


Came to see the extremely goodfaithed comments from the people who think its cool for white teens to carry AR-15s in the street and also against the law for a soccer mom to carry a leaf blower in the same streets. Was not disappointed.


@4, @5 is correct. Somebody needs to be killed with a projectile fired from a leaf blower before it can be protected under our 2nd Amendment right to openly carry deadly projectile weapons. As it stands leaf blowers are nowhere near deadly enough to be shielded from safety regulations.


At least we were spared a "nothing about the stabbing in Bell Town?" post



That would be Article I, Section 3: "No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or PROPERTY, without due process of law", dumbass.


Good thing they didn't think that she was hiding drug money or they would have had to shoot her 20 times.


When you are fighting yourself, who is winning?



The second amendment doesn't say we have a right to bear Guns. It says "arms." Does a knife count as an "arm" for the purpose of the 2nd amendment? What about a sword? What about a spear?


I wonder how obviously facetious a post would have to get before facts2 wouldn't get pedantic all over it.


I thought evictions were on hold until Oct 15th or something?

Flash bangs and pelican boxes -- to the 24th floor(!) -- are extreme measures for a pair of stabbings.

The manager probably deserved to get stabbed; LLs are felons, and they deserve to be treated as such.


Per updated news reports, the man who was stabbed is dead - so I guess you got your wish.


A 24th floor apartment in that area is probably like $3,000/MO. From that, to murdering people...wonder what caused such a downfall?
@15 guy was probably just a manager working 9-5, doubtful he owned an entire luxury apartment building. Get a grip. Hope nobody walks into your place of work and stabs you because you forgot their ketchup.


@15 - Thankfully, we can still evict people for doing crazy shit that endangers other tenants. If I had to guess I'd say this was not the first psycho outburst from this woman.



What leaf blower? Whose leaf blower? You DO realize - oh, wait. No, you probably don't - the leaf blower referred to by @4 was purely hypothetical. But hey, if you want to go down that road, please provide evidence the imaginary leaf blower was used in the commission of a crime, such as assault, and was confiscated as evidence. Additionally, please provide a constitutional citation or legal ruling that in-general proscribes owning a leaf blower, either real or imaginary.

Or, you know, just keep on being the dumbass you are...


@15 - the man who died was a maintenance worker, so you can go and eat your own shit.


Good to know that the GOP position is if bullets dont go inside it you have no constitutional right to own it.


@1 This incident is completely irrelevant to the discussion of defunding the police, as this was actually the sort of job police are the are supposed to do, and would still be doing if our paramilitary police were defunded, downsized, and refocused on public safety. Of course, we know you know this, and just prefer to spread Reich-wing propaganda to being honest.


Okay, so I am wrong -- I apologize.


I still thought that evictions statewide were on hold until October 15th or some date like that.


I have to say though -- even though from what we have heard repeatedly from LLs in the media that not all tenants are perfect, from my experience and that from others I know of (a diverse grp), neither are LLs/property managers . . . . and it doesn't take much to have a negative experience.

Now hearing that it was a maintenance guy -- that's really sad, and he likely didn't deserve it. I'm not saying of course that anyone deserves to die from a stabbing or even to be stabbed . . . . . . just that maybe LLs and owners and LLCs need to think really fucking hard about their words, actions, and how they treat others.


Oh, and flash bangs 24 floors up to an inset balcony is extremely extreme. That could have really injured someone, either an apt neighbor or a pedestrian on the street. Or damaged other property. Then SPD would have been on the hook for repairs and medical bills. People could sue, and the city def can't afford that rn . . . . ah hell, who gives a damn, let it bankrupt the city, teach 'em a lesson about letting SPD run amok.

/end rant


Please proofread! Man or woman??? “At around 5:30 p.m. police apprehended a man suspected of stabbing two people near the Centennial Tower in Belltown this morning. After the stabbing, the suspected barricaded herself in her old apartment on the 24th floor of the building. After a standoff lasting all afternoon, cops said they got a warrant to enter the place, tried to negotiate with him, deployed a taser, and then took her into custody.”


@28 - the suspect is a male who identifies as female and was booked under the male legal name. That’s probably why the gender confusion in the pronouns.

@26 - the suspect has a history of being mentally unstable and a safety threat to other residents, which is why the eviction qualified for the “health and safety” exception to the eviction moratorium. But hey, blame the victim. I’m sure landlords should watch what they say and deserve to be stabbed to death, just like rape victims should be careful what they wear, you POS.

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