I believe the question at hand would be if political yard signs placed in ROW are lawfully placed. Not a lawyer, but previous understanding is that you cannot randomly place signage on public property.


has anyone checked
Chairman Timmy's
basement / Office
Chair Museum
& Emporium?

Some things just have a Habit of ''wandering off''....




I was over in Grand Coulee over the weekend. Lots of Biden signs, and not many trump signs. No Culp signs, but that's no wonder - another complete loser running for Governor on the GOP ticket. Really, where do they find these people?


@1 - I think the vast majority of people have a similar feeling - that a sign placed on someone's private property is legally protected free speech, but that a political sign placed "along major thoroughfares" are not 'yard signs', they are garbage.

I've worked professionally on several political campaigns for Democrats, and volunteered on many others, and the concensus among campaign managers that I knos is that 'yard signs don't vote,' they are a waste of resources - including the major time suck of assembling, delivering, placing, and maintining them.

Unfortunately, political candidates tend to be very vain (part of what it takes to run for office) and insecure - and freak out if they see their opponents 'out-sign' them. Meanwhile, the professional political consultants love them because they are a high-margin product that they make money designing and printing.

"People are putting a little sticker on their signs that say they'll donate $100 to Planned Parenthood if it goes missing." Here's an idea: instead of wasting money on roadside litter, why not just donate to Planned Parenthood to begin with?

I support Democrats across the board... but have zero sympathy for business-as-usual, zero imagination 20th-century campaign tactics, or complaining about someone cleaning up litter.


Don't teenagers steal yard signs anymore? It doesn't have to be nefarious political operatives.


@4 -- it's chock full of one-hundred-dollar bills.


Campaign signs are good for one thing and one thing only. After the election we can see which side truly cares about the environment and the overall look of their community: which side puts in the most effort in removing these items once they become useless garbage. Too bad it becomes more evident after the election.



If campaigns really cared about the environment they wouldn't waste resources making yard signs in the first place; same with mailers. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't need a seemingly endless stream of oversized postcards filling up my mail box to decide for whom I'm going to vote.

That said, I have to agree with @6: aside from identifying a residence as a supporter of candidate X and giving volunteers a make-work task to keep them occupied, their only real function is to keep the candidate's name in constant public view, which I suppose has some limited value, but I have to wonder if the cost, both in terms of financial expenditure and environmental waste, provides much substantial benefit.



I'd be pretty surprised to learn that signs didn't benefit candidates in down ballot races in which little/nothing is known of said candidates. I'm pretty sure I've cast votes (or at least been swayed toward doing so) for people who I knew little about based on seeing signage from my neighbors whose opinions I trust and respect, even in instances where I may not know said neighbors personally.


Also, any signs on the right of way of state colleges, state universities, schools, or parks are illegally posted and will be taken down by maintenance crews.

Post them in your own yards or windows, or interstate highways. They might not last, though.


It's the Stranger's fault. If they hadn't banned that Shoreline loser he'd still be busy here instead of out there.


@7 I enjoyed listening to Kirby Wilber on the radio regale his listeners with stories of stealing yard signs in his youth when he was 32.


@11 - EXACTLY - you cast a vote for someone "based on seeing signage from my neighbors whose opinions I trust and respect" as opposed to a sign placed by a roadside ditch on the highway between Eatonville and Orting, which is what the Sound Sound Dems are trying to defend.

And weigh the impact of a sign in the yard of a neighbor when you "may not know said neighbors personally" against everything you see posted on social media by people you do know, however tangentially. In this day and age, so-called yard signs are indefensible.


Something similar is occurring in Arizona, to "Arizona Republicans for Biden" yard signs.


@5 -- when ronnie raygun Hero of the right (and all Good Christians) made our government the Enemy of the People he also freed all the folks in our mental Institutions from an overly-Burdensome government and out, onto our Streets (or into jails), where they and even more Citizens of these United States remain to this day.

So, there's a large pool to choose from.


So what ever happened to Gary D. Smith of Lake Stevens? Was he charged with assaulting the guy who filmed him? Was he fined for stealing political signs?


I have a small stack of Biden/Harris signs that I bought in bulk for $7 each. Every day I put one out on my property and within less than 24 hours it is stolen. Such is life in Seattle. Fortunately I have plenty to spare.

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