Slog AM: 13 Seattle Protesters Arrested, Trump Got Booed, Man Dies From Too Much Black Licorice



"A masked (!) President Trump got booed while paying respects to late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg"

Brace yourself for the incoming "why can't democrats be civil and have decorum" crocodile tears from the people that brought you forced sterilization of women, kids in cages, more than 200,000 dead from malfeasance, and outright attempts to steal an election.


ICYMI -- trumpf says Vote-by-Mail invalidates Election; won't step down; Repubs say nah, of COURSE we'll hand over the Keys. We're people of Integrity, folks. You've got Nothing to Worry about.

See: Merrick Garland


Black licorice is just the worst tasting candy. I can't imagine liking it enough to eat a bag a day. Or any candy enough, for that matter.


Wow Jasmyne, you're throwing money away buying microwavable rice. Get a rice cooker, throw 1/2 cup rice and 1 cup water in it and press a button and have prefect rice every time. Don't have the time you say? That won't be an issue when you see how easy it is and you can have the rice cooking while you think of what you want to have with it.


Better off now
than you were
four long years ago?

Fake 'prez'
sure has got
the Situation

Four more years?
We* won't make it that far.

*expect ten to twenty Million US
Citizens GONE (to a "better Place").


40 days.


@3, sorry for your sad existence. This is REAL black licorice, like the Finnish Panda brand. Not those plasticy spiral wands. The good stuff is addictive (and the package bears a warning about heart effects).


Declaring a "riot", "unrest" or the like is a strong-arm trick used since the beginning of civilization to commit brutality on populations.
Probably would not shock you to find out that Hitler, Stalin, Caesar, Pontius Pilate all used this trick that you now see nightly on your screens.
But history is for losers, like, right?


@8: Yes, history provides lots of tangential things to point to for pathetic attempts to dilute the reality of what's going on.


Pilate is now an anchor on Fox news -
"What is truth?"


"... pathetic attempts to dilute the reality of what's going on."

another perfect projection
as per Usual


@12 what an apt description of our nations police forces. Well done.

15 the Boston Tea Party.


It’s both tragic and unsurprising that most white Americans have chosen to commit national suicide over their racist hatred of people of color.

All that China, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Russia have to do is sit back and laugh as these ghoulish, moronic, Tr666p-Republinazi sociopaths destroy us in the ultimate insider attack.

Canada is now the lux penthouse above a meth lab.


@14 beat me to it damnit


keyboards don't cause misspellings but people with keyboards are at far greater risk of misspellings than people without keyboards because keyboards increase spelling efficiency and a natural correlate of more efficient spelling is a greater accumulation of misspellings


Whatever your political beliefs, peaceful transfer of power is one of the foundations of our country. It is not to be fucked with or joked about.

Just in case, start preparing now. Read and share:


Trump got booed. Who cares. Start throwing shit at him and that might be news.


@14: Yet it boomerangs back to @12.


Watch the film RBG and listen to what Trump says about her. He had some fucking nerve even showing up after all of the hate filled shit he said about her. He deserves so much more than being booed. Civility? He has never shown any basic decency or civility to anyone, ever.

People should throw bricks at his head. Fuck Trump. And Fuck all of his supporters who are nothing but shit bags just like him. I am sick to death of him and them. Being bludgeoned to death would be pretty fucking civil given his depraved indifference to all life he has shown, including not one word, NOT ONE WORD of empathy, condolence or compassion to the over 205,000 families whose loved ones have died from COVID-19 (or the Puerto Ricans who died as a result of Hurricane Maria, or the people held in cages at the border who have died or the victims of all of the white supremacist terrorist mass shootings he has incited, etc. etc. etc.).

Now he's saying he's going to throw out ballots and remain in power no matter what - that there will be on peaceful transfer of power. And shit bags still support this demented and deranged animal. I have absolutely had it. I dream of his assassination.


@18: I think what you're saying is that autocorrect with keyboards is more likely to render the wrong word.


@19 -- Bingo, Lastlight.
from yesterday's NYT:

Bernie Sanders Sounds Alarm on a Trump ‘Nightmare Scenario’

Warning that this election is an “extremely dangerous moment” for the country, he said in an interview that he would aggressively push to try to stop President Trump from delegitimizing the vote.

In a phone interview on Monday evening, Mr. Sanders said he would spend the next six weeks urging the country to prepare for a “nightmare scenario” in which Mr. Trump declares himself the winner of the election and refuses to step down even if he loses.

As part of his effort, he is set to deliver a speech in Washington on Thursday — his first in-person appearance related to the election since before he dropped out of the presidential race — to outline in stark terms the danger that he says Mr. Trump poses to the nation’s democracy.

“We are living in an unprecedented and dangerous moment — extremely dangerous moment — in American history,” Mr. Sanders said.

“And what this speech is going to be about is whether or not the United States of America will continue to be a democracy and a nation ruled by law and our Constitution.”

more at:

he's always envied/worshipped Dictators
and this is trumpfy's Last Chance for a
Thousand Year Reich/ keep outta Jail.


Make sure you get the really good black licorice from Canada or Sweden.


Sorry, I meant the Finnish stuff. But the Australian licorice is good too.



Sure, facts, but this armed population is getting played against itself. There are bots/trolls all over social media promoting the idea of an inevitable "civil war" coming. That's some dangerous shit. This is not a game to be "won." There is no unity in this country right now.

Take a look at the document I linked. Let's plan for non-violent resistance first. We must preserve our democracy.

I hope to God I'm totally off-base and am just turning into a paranoid crank. I'll happily admit to such if there's no foul play with this election.



Except in our case the bulk of the armed populace, despite decades of professing their arsenals are intended to protect them FROM the government, are now ready and willing to use their arms to SUPPORT what may very soon be an illegitimate government. So, one has to ask: were they REALLY afraid of the government all that time or were they more afraid of their fellow citizens exercising their Constitutional and democratic rights?


Trump was probably concerned that the 'anarchists' at the RBG memorial would sneeze on him.


Yes fax2 but what ARE our overly-well-armed
and TOTALLY Un-regulated
Militias here to protect?

a Fake 'president'
undermining Elections
along with a fully-complicit
& totally corrupt fascist political party?

Surely not the Rule of Law.


I'm always impressed by the sheer volume of imagination it takes to envision a scenario where a populace armed with handguns and AR-15s is any match for a tyrannical government armed with tanks and bombs. If only those powers of imagination were devoted to more useful endeavors, like developing flying cars or writing more authentic-sounding dialogue for TV dramas. Instead it's just used to justify casual gun violence.


By August, 1 in 5 Covid-19 cases was someone in their 20s

Trump keeps telling the American people that young people are not affected at all.
Just this past three days in the county in which I live there have been close to 100 cases of COVID announced (77 at a seafood processing plant the county insisted be re-opened during the pandemic) and 10 of them children between the ages of 0 and 16 (that's the only information they share).

So where are all the trolls that love to constantly bleat about how only old people get it and only people die from it and therefore we should all just get on with our lives?

COVID-19 causes severe organ damage if you survive. Every single person who has "recovered" from infection with this virus will have health problems for the rest of their lives and it will be considered a pre-existing condition (you know that thing Trump and the GOP want to make sure if you have you are denied health care in this country).

The GOP is a death cult. Every person who supports the GOP is a member. Honestly, it would be so much easier if all of these sick fucks would just kill themselves. That would make more sense, but of course their death cult is HOMICIDAL not SUICIDAL.

Imagine - an entire generation of children who grow and and are denied health care because Trump refused to do anything about COVID-19 solely because he wanted people to die.

And people still support Trump.


@J.K., "We gotta start taking this Asian giant hornet problem seriously"

Which unfortunately means that nothing serious will be done about it until it's too late... like literally everything else government is responsible for.


Raindrop dear, rice cookers are for wussies. All you need is a pan and a heat source.


Wow, that cop that ran over the injured person's head clearly did so very intentionally and should not only be fired, but he should also be arrested for Assault. It was a sickening display of casual brutality planned in advance just for the hell of it.


"... nothing serious will be done about it until it's too late... like literally everything else government is responsible for."

not so fast, PiP.

just 'cause Repubs
get elected to destroy
the Government they Hate
their 'success' rate has yet to
hit 100%.


The bike cop is on administrative leave. Check out the second video taken five minutes earlier, according to the poster, when police shooed off someone trying to help the guy in the street.


9 -"pathetic attempts to dilute the reality of what's going on."
Must weigh heavy on your mind.


37 oh wow you actually believe we just armed some civilians and left them to sort it all out on their own, fascinating


Well, it's hardly ever a civilian overthrow but a long, miserable, guerrilla warfare thing that goes on for years and years.

And that's what we might be in for, so now is the time to listen to Joan Baez and Country Joe McDonald and light candles.


Now is the time to send a strong and clear message that we won't stand for this shit here. We are dedicated to government by and for the people. No matter what.


@38 kristo, you're right in that my remark was a little broad... it's just getting really discouraging to see NOTHING working in government. I deal with local government agencies throughout western washington on a daily basis, and they all suck. Of course there are good/nice/smart individuals in government with the best of intentions, but collectively, it's just the shit - jerks/petty/dumb and the story of unintended consequences everywhere you look.


@37 Holy fuck you are stupid.

The entire combined air power of the EU and the Special Forces of the US and UK crushed the Libyan military.

Not to mention the “militias” were factions of the Libyan army and supported and equipped by neighboring nations. With tanks.


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