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I'm sure you saw the video of the SPD officer rolling over a protester's head: A warning if you haven't: It's graphic. SPD placed the officer on paid leave. The Office of Police Accountability requested a criminal investigation of the incident by an outside agency. SPD referred the incident to the King County Sheriff’s Office, which will investigate the officer.

The Headline of the Day: 3 accused of creating man cave under Grand Central Terminal

Judge Doug North, a Proponent of Diverting Non-Violent First-Time Offenders into Treatment Programs, is Endorsed by The Stranger
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Paid for by Committee to Reelect Judge North, P.O. Box 27113, Seattle, WA 98165

Don't have plans for tonight? Have you checked out Northwest Film Forum's Local Sightings Film Fest yet? If not, tonight's a great night to watch one of the regionally grown films. I recommend The World Is Bright, a surprisingly moving documentary that follows two Chinese parents as they investigate the circumstances surrounding their son's alleged suicide in Canada. The filmmakers are participating in a live Zoom panel this evening. More info here.

Damn: Rangers recovered the body of a Seattle man from Mount Rainier National Park today. Alex Fitzgerald died at the age of 27 after he and his camping partner experienced white-out conditions while spending the night at Camp Muir. Fitzgerald's hiking partner says he became disoriented and unresponsive, and she left to find help.

How are your houseplants doing? Here's one of mine.

Trump anticipates the election results will go to the Supreme Court: “I think this will end up in the Supreme Court. And I think it’s very important that we have nine justices, and I think the system is going to go very quickly. I’ll be submitting at five o’clock on Saturday the name of the person I chose for the most important of all positions,” he recently said. Of course he has to go and ruin a decent Saturday night. I'm sure Mitch will confirm Donald's pick before church on Sunday.

Trump is up in Iowa: According to this new Monmouth University poll of Iowa that polled registered voters.

And here's a new Fox News poll of likely voters for Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania:

It appears North Korean troops shot and killed a South Korean official: The South Korean was trying to defect to North Korea. Troops reportedly killed the man and set his body on fire, thinking he may have coronavirus. Details are a little shoddy, but if the shooting is confirmed, this will be the first time North Korea has killed a South Korean citizen on North Korean soil since 2008.

BREAKING: We may have another Headline of the Day contender: Chunky thighs and wide hips linked to long life expectancy

Mary Trump, the president's niece, is suing the president: Mary (in)famously published a popular book about Donald. More from WaPo on the lawsuit:

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in New York Supreme Court, accuses Mary Trump’s uncles, Donald and Robert, and aunt Maryanne Trump Barry, of pretending they would guard her assets—valuable pieces of the Trump family real estate empire—that she inherited after her father died, only to bully and take advantage of her during estate settlement negotiations. It alleges fraud, conspiracy and violations of fiduciary duties.

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Another night of protests for Breonna Taylor kicked off around the country: Louisville extended its curfew through the weekend, although that's not stopping demonstrations. Courier Journal reporter Sarah Ladd is one of the reporters on the ground in Louisville tonight.

Meanwhile, in Florida:

C-SPAN has video of the rally if you're into that kind of punishment.

Ivar's is shutting down a few of its restaurants until at least 2021: Its full-service restaurants Acres of Clams and Salmon House will close on September 28, reports Eater Seattle. There aren't plans to open up either restaurant until next spring, but takeout windows will remain open.

Pac-12 fall football is on: A seven-game season will start on November 6 and last until December 18. Fans are NOT allowed to watch the games at the sporting arenas, cuz COVID.

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Submission shoutout: Tim's Tavern in Greenwood is producing a livestreamed music fest on October 17 to help raise funds to save Tim's Tavern. They're currently seeking pre-recorded video submissions from acts (submit here). The show will be aired on YouTube, Twitch, and potentially Facebook "if they let us," the Tavern tells me. "An unforeseen Phase 4 is when we are allowed to open back up. Still paying rent and insurance are our biggest hurdles," they continued. "We DO NOT want to be one of the 90% of venues to close during this." Phase 4 is a long ways away. Help a local music venue out if you've got TALENT.

Send it, Bernard: Bernie framed this election as "an election between Donald Trump and democracy" in a speech today.

The speech is the beginning of "a new six-week campaign," according to USA Today, where Sanders will "highlight the 'unique threats to democracy'" and campaign for Biden.

Amazon's new Ring camera is totally "Next-Level": Oh, what's that? It FLIES? Oh, it's an INDOOR SECURITY DRONE? HA! HA! TOTALLY CHILL!

Seattle’s Earshot Jazz Festival returns October 16 through November 8
The all-digital festival features one-of-a-kind performances and panels streamed straight to you.