The battle for the White House is going to get real...
The battle for the White House is going to get real... Philip Rozenski/

The biggest joke today is that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised "the peaceful transfer of power if Trump loses the Nov. 3 presidential election."

The problem is very recent experiences have undoubtably shown that a promise from McConnell is, to the use the words of a character in Charles Burnett's film, To Sleep with Anger, "...not worth the salt you put in greens." Whatever McConnell says can be ignored. But what about the words of Sen. Lindsey Graham, another full-blown liar?

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Trump ally and chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, told “Fox & Friends” on Thursday, “If Republicans lose we will accept the result. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of Joe Biden, I will accept that result.”

The Supreme Judgement comes not from the voters but the Supreme Court? This is where the GOP already sees things heading. It's a done deal for them.

But the foundation for this certainty is the assumption that the Supreme Court's authority is, after very recent events, still valid. In truth, the question of whether or not a Supreme Court's post-Ginsburg decisions have the final say in legal matters is still in the air. Many on the left can no longer see that court as the measure of anything meaningful, but only as the expression of the dominance of the lies that have shaped its present composition. Whatever democracy there was in the Supreme Court will vanish when Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat is filled by Trump.

So, what is the GOP expecting from the Dems?

Nothing less than the maintenance of institutions that they have brazenly gamed. They want the left to be the party that does not run these institutions—the Supreme Court, the lower courts, and so on—but the one that maintains their integrity by the acceptance of and compliance with its decisions.

What this means is the job of the leader of a party that now covers everyone from RINOs to socialists is not to win the election but, after its done, and after Trump is clearly beaten, to come down from the mountain and tell his big-tent people that the Promised Land is actually not here in the winter of 2021 but not that far away. We must journey, Biden is supposed to tell us, through another four years in the political wilderness.

The left will then be expected to grumble on The View, to make some vitriolic statements on CNN and MSNBC, to sturm und drang like never before on Democracy Now, etc. Once all of the steam is out, they must then accept the decision of an institution that's no longer validated by democracy but rather directly operated by a party that is actually dying, that can't compete in a fair voting system.

This is what the GOP expects of Biden, and nothing more. If you read the whole Associated Press article, you find that this view of the future is already being baked into the press. No mention at all is made of lies the GOP used to obtain total and potentially long-lasting control of the Supreme Court. That is now a thing of the past. We have moved on. RBG's services to the country will be warmly remembered.

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Trump no longer expects to win by votes. That's obvious enough. The polls have been stable for three months. Trump could not beat COVID-19. He is locked in his base, which is about 40% of people who vote. In another time, we would simply call Trump unpopular. And that's all he was and will ever be. So, what is he banking on after the vote of Nov 3? Not to win, of course; there is no chance of that. No, it is something more brutish, more blunt. What it is is his belief in his own ability to outlast Biden's resolve to claim the presidency. Trump is certain that his opponent will be first to relent under the pressure of a constitutional crisis.

And so it won't be a question of whether Biden has lost, but of whether Biden loves his country enough to end the America-breaking standoff and force his whole party to do the waiting. Expect the moderate left, RINOs, and the press to place pressure on Biden's patriotism ("If you love your country, do not let it burn like this") and not on the GOP, which used undisguised lies to control the Supreme Court.

What must we on the left do? Make sure Biden does not see coming down that mountain with bad news as an option. This is the point where concentrated action may have results.