The Xb1 X differs from the original Xb1 not in that it is bigger, it is actually smaller in dimensions despite having an integrated PSU (I believe the original Xb1 had a brick power supply), but that it has beefier processors to push 4k content. Anyway, the nerd in me got that out of the way...
I can see the confusion between "X Box One X" and "X Box Series X", very similar naming scheme.
Remember that old 360 meme? Something like, "why do they call it xbox 360? Because you turn 360 degrees and walk away." Ha.

Who else hoping to score a rtx3080? Figure by the time places are able to keep them in stock, I might be able to save up enough to afford one womp womp


Just buy one of each and you're covered.


@1, note that if you turn 360 degrees, you're facing the original direction, so you cannot walk away. I hope this doesn't diminish your enjoyment of the "joke".


@3 the joke is that it doesn't make sense, as you have pointed out

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