Slog AM: Defund the Supreme Court, Inslee Should Consider Using Dogs at Sea-Tac, Amazon Withholding Tips?



Elizabeth Warren brings it:

“Ruth Ginsburg was a woman who never let any man silence her,” said the Massachusetts senator. “The most fitting tribute to her is to refuse to be silenced, and to name exactly what Donald Trump and Senate Republicans are trying to do—steal another Supreme Court seat.

This kind of sleazy double-dealing is the last gasp of a desperate party that is undemocratically over-represented in Congress and in the halls of power across our country.”


I like the reading suggestions.


["City of Seattle hired a former pimp, but will fire up to 100 cops."]
So? Some of Trump's best friends are living, and dead, pimps.


@3 Can't tell where your facetious ends and the sincerity begins. Maybe it doesn't?


A malignant SCOTUS can easily be neutered by a functioning Congress of a mind to do so. All Congress needs to do is agree with each other. That is a real possibility soon.


Amazon creates 600 new jobs in Redmond, to move 15,000 jobs to Bellevue.


Good Morning Charles,
I'm not going to ask for a citation but saying 50 percent of Americans have no wealth to speak of is a bit of a stretch. I don't agree.

Curiously, read this morning in Gene Baulk's column that Seattle now has a median income of greater than $100,000.
Seattle definitely has wealth.


5 it's impossible to tell whether his racist bar fly schtick is an act or if its just for the trollz but i think it's authentic


@8 If your total debt is greater than your total assets then you have negative net wealth. If you're making $100,000 a year but you're spending it all, you have zero wealth.


@8 - Read the definition of "household" which includes roommates and everyone living in the same residence. Cram enough minimum wagers in a crappy apartment and the numbers add up. About 25% of "households" make less than $50K and minority "households" skew much lower than non-minority . Seattle is a good example of income inequality.


The covid sniffer dogs are amazing but the US has a few more airports than finland and a federal government that is messy and incompetent by design, particularly so during republican administrations. The pandemic would be over by the time we rolled it out.

(though honestly they don't give a fuck if sick people fly around the country killing people along the way)


Charles, until the BLM movement can control the pyromaniacs in its midst, the media will indeed be "ragging" on it.


You seem to be relishing in the idea that people from all over are visiting Seattle for various reasons, then lament the fact that many of these places AND the airports which they are moving through have lax covid measures, or no measures at all.
And we sit here in Phase 2, like we aren't even supposed to be traveling to other counties for fun and shit.


@14 Read it again - you got the wrong end of the stick.


@9 I take it more as patois native to some other region of the internet. So on that reddit, or whatever it is, his post would make perfect sense and express some deeply held wisdom. But to outsiders, its a puzzle.


My wife used to manage a restaurant, and every year, one or two employees would show up an hour late when daylight savings time kicked in, claiming they forgot to set their clocks back. But no one ever showed up an hour early when daylight savings time went off.

The same with payroll mistakes. It always seems that software glitches end up keeping money from workers. You never hear of anyone getting paid double by mistake.


Why is it shocking that a working American has only $20 in her account? She has a job. We have no idea what her salary is, her expenses, her living situation, or how she spends her money. Now she has more. Be happy for her and don't hijack her good twist of fortune just to bash capitalism.


@19 arr oh eff ell. Next time throw in some advice about thrift and you'll win the cake.


It’s not shocking. That’s the point. It’s appalling, in no small part because it’s not shocking that an “essential worker” in the wealthiest nation on earth is scraping by, but we can make some pretty good guesses about her salary and living situation based on the limited information we have.

Fetishizing rare events of charity as “feel good” stories when the underlying truths are dark & depressing only serves to prevent people from considering the bad economic policies that make these circumstances — people working 40+ hours per week yet barely able to make ends meet — not only possible but common. So common it’s not shocking.


Just got an email from the UW alumni list-serve for my college. Anybody want to rent a 3bdr in Beacon hill for $4k per month? They allow pets with additional deposit. Definitely a good sign for working families.


@21: Okay - you and Charles have had your exploration alert fix.

I hope she goes out and spends it on whatever she wants. Of course, if she spends it luxury items it will blow your entire narrative.


Nothing on Putin's announcement? Seems he's telling Trump he's washing his hands of him. Trump can't win without foreign interference and he's now been told that won't be happening. OOF, that's gotta hurt. Then again Trump could always go live in North Korea.


It doesn't matter what one person does with their money any more that it matters that one person was given $11,000 for being generous to another person who was also struggling. I am talking about systemic problems that are a direct consequence of economic policies that make these situations possible. It really doesn't have to be this way.

You are 100% correct -- this individual could very well live in a nice house and blow all her money on luxury items but the probabilities are not in her favor because of the way our entire economic system is designed. If it makes you happy to put on on "feel good" blinders because you technically don't know the specifics of this one Walgreen's cashier's life story then knock your socks off but the systemic problems that make these circumstances all too common aren't going anywhere.


Time to stay the fuck out of Indiana (OK, yet another reason to stay the fuck out of Indiana).

Given that another 100k dead in that state is not going to help the Mango's cause, you would have thought that Macho Man Mike Pence would have leaned on them to be a little more careful.


@18 Superman III ruined that for everyone


@24: Please don't stereotype her as a welfare queen.


^^^ hahahaha. Too much. Just precious.


For some reason it’s really important for a lot of Americans to maintain the fiction that one’s financial status is entirely their own making, such that even people who struggle to make ends meet can easily be wealthy if they do everything just right, as if the choice between gambling on the stock market or paying rent is a real choice that anyone who’s had to worry about paying the rent would even consider.

When people are poor their life choices tend to be more focused on making it to through the day, not planning their long term finances.


@31 - exactly. Too bad that all the people who are sick with COVID won't be able to go vote in person. If only there was a way to vote without showing up. Oh, wait, some mango-colored idiot decided that was a bad idea. Here's hoping that most of the voters the Repubs kill off are their own.



Until police departments can control the murderous racist thugs in their midst, the rest of us will continue ragging on them...


We're the kind of country that forces the elderly to continue working long after they should have been able to retire and enjoy their "golden years" in relative comfort, health and safety, so they can stay just barely out of poverty. And even then, we'll bankrupt them into penury the moment some inevitable geriatric medical condition forces them to give up whatever savings and property assets they've managed to accumulate during their working lives in order to pay for it - unlike literally every other advanced society on the planet.


They spend it now, because they have needs now, you know: rent, food, clothing, transportation, medical bills, child care, and other essentials - and yes, a smart phone is an essential these days, as is internet access (try scheduling job interviews, doctors appointments, etc., without either of them). Buying a few shares in a startup is only an option once you've paid for all the necessities, and most people living at or near, and most definitely below the poverty line can't afford the luxury of investing money for tomorrow when they need every penny they have right now.


@37 What's hilarious is the stark admission that #35 McBikefuckface has neither ever really invested or knows a fucking thing about start-ups. It's god damned comedy gold.

I mean. Where to begin?

He actually imagines that in 2020 there exists a person that forego's a "smartphone" and instead uses pay phones? Or a $30 2008 flip phone? I guess?

And then takes that $300-700 and some how finds a PUBLICLY traded start-up and buys.... what? 20-40 shares TOPS (being exceptionally generous going by Amazons first public 1997 $18 share price - though it wasn't a "start-up," hahaha). I don't think he knows what a "start-up" even is.

Lets do the math: In FIVE YEARS to earn "tens of thousands of dollars" would be from $18 a share to $500 a share.

HAHAHA. Hey. McBikedipshit. In 2002 Amazon's stock price DROPPED to $16 per share in five years. Meaning in your universe in five years a "start-up" is now in league with Apple Inc., Google Inc.,, NVR Inc., Seaboard Corp. and Berkshire Hathaway.

Berkshire Hathaway started in the early 1960's. With a stock price around $12. It took FIFTY YEARS to hit the insane $347,000 share price in 2020.

So. In five years? A start-up? HAHAHA. Apple's stock only went up 4% in five years? How do you think this works?

Please find me this mythical publicly traded "start-up" that you could buy, say, $500 Smart Phone's worth of shares and it would be worth $20K in five years (you said TEN'S of thousands). When has this happened?

Find that. I'm not saying it has never happened. But no investor invest that way.

This is entirely separate of from the erroneous claim that wealth is commonly built this way at all. While, he's right income and wealth are separate - income still matters. "Wealth" isn't the issue here. We were talking about paying people a living wage. Nobody is saying everyone needs a yacht. Income matters if you want a society that can have an advanced economy where people buy the things you make without debt.

No. The reality is (like me) "wealth" is almost always INHERITED. That's where the vaaaaaaast majority of wealth comes from. And it always has.


@18 I was making extra money at an hourly job because they coded me as the wrong position and then when I quit these motherfuckers tried to get the money back. I was like LOLNOPE.


HAHAHAA... Being a cashier at a 7-11 or Bank Teller isn't in being in the "financial industry."

I mean the sum total of your wisdom here so far is:

A) Don't buy a smart phone and take that money and gamble on a 27 million-to-one shot you MIGHT get some magic publicly traded "start-up" (hahaha) that balloons from $16 dollars a share to $500 dollars a share in five years. IOW: Buy a lottery ticket.

B) Saving money... saves money?


Yeah. You were in the "Financial Industry" all right.


You managed to whittle yourself down to only $150 and were forced to sell cheap plastic crap on the streets. A perfect illustration of your acumen in the "financial industry!"

And you're giving so-called financial advice in here?

Judging by the fact you've never understood basic terminology like "rate" and "start-up" I believe only having $150 is most honest thing you've ever claimed.

Hey everyone he's laying down a third bit of financial wisdom:

C) Buy low, sell high!

HAHAHA! Genius!

Why, I had to watch watch at least ten episodes of Gilligan's Island before Thurston Howell III laid that bit wisdom down. This thread was worth it.


Hey, if I inherited 150-million dollars, there's no reason those poor people can't do the same, other than they're too lazy to do it.


PS. By "sunglasses" he means "meth." And by "sell" he means "smoked."


@49 I came to this town with nothing in my pockets... but a large inheritance in real-estate. And from that I managed to convince other people to give me money to invest. Easy.

If I can do it. Anyone can. Anyone with large amount of real-estate. Which is everyone, right?


@18, 43 Yeah, it happens now and then, especially in large bureaucratic firms where things can fall through the cracks. At one job I received an extra day's pay on every holiday for a few years even though employees of my classification technically weren't eligible for that benefit. Eventually they caught their mistake but (wisely) decided not to try to recoup the money. I would have quit on the spot if they had.


@46 I have a cousin who was a complete fuck up most his life - in and out of rehab. But his wealthy estranged father, fleeing guilty, gave him a $4 million dollar loan to start a business. His father then promptly died and the loan became an untraced gift, witch remained untaxed because it was considered a loan and not part of an inheritance. The rest of his family took the estate tax hit.

He took that money, formed a LLC, with his mother (who was in real estate) as the front, got a series of huge loans with her home as collateral unknown to her. He used that money to attract partners, and bought distressed properties in southern California and flipped them. Using undocumented labor. Who he cheated.

Most lost money. A few didn't in the neighborhood of $9 million or so. He stuck his mother and partners with loans. And the taxes on the profit.

Meanwhile he took that money and bought vacation homes and high end hunting lodges tying it up from litigation. Eventually settling with his former partners. But leaving his mother broke and homeless and moving into one of the hunting lodges where she works for $16 an hour as a manager. In her 70's.

He has borrowed again against the empty vacation properties since the pandemic and is leveraged to the hilt. But got about $2 million in PPP money. Most of which he spends on coke. And flying around the country cheating on his wife and three kids which he left high and dry.

He was recently profiled as a great self-made entrepreneur of the Mountain West. And he is the biggest dirtbag I know.

See. That how you build wealth in America. Inherit money and be the biggest sociopath you can. Easy.



Oh. Look! Another one you guys:

D) Take the bus.

Keep 'em coming Biker McFuckface. This is making this thread sing!


Chuck tourism sucks everywhere not just Seattle. Fires and CHOP don’t have anything to do with it.


Oh. Lord. It keep going! No one is mocking you for a "different view."

We're mocking you for quite possibly the most hilariously insipid series of comments on SLOG since... since the last time you commented. You come here with these aphorisms like someone's grandma posting memes on Facebook from the back her grandsons 1947 savings account book.

The sum total of your views on "wealth management" are about as insightful and revelatory as a Bazooka Joe comic. The fact that you want us to believe you were in the Finance industry in any real capacity is the icing on the cake.

It's like if Captain Obvious was on loan to eTrade commercials in A Saturday Night Live commercial parody sketch. I can't tell if you even realize how dumb these posts of yours are.

If you do? Bravo!


@53 Its not that the stuff you say isn't true in some abstract sense - the fortunate will always be fine. But what about the unlucky and the mediocre? Shouldn't society work for them too? Should't they be able to live more than one missed paycheck from homelessness?

Or is it more important that they suffer, as objects of aesthetic contemplation, to illuminate the parable.


More believable that Biker was in the finance industry than the furious professor was actually a professor of history.


Hahaha. Of course!

When the Mayor of Simpleton shows up to defend you, you KNOW your in the Low Neural Density club.

What’s the matter? Was your Fetal Alcohol Baby Syndrome support group meeting canceled?


I made it through the rain.


@61: There's nothing about your disposition that leads anyone to think that you would be drawn to teaching history, or anything else for that matter. You enjoy reprimanding way too much. Nor is there any self-reflection or questioning one's beliefs coming from you. Granted, such attributes are not easily divulged on Slog, but your personality disorder is enough to validate these observations.


@62 Did you keep your world protected? And keep you point of view? And found yourself respected? By the others who... got rained on too? And made it through?


When raindrip writes more than seven words my eyes glaze over out of sheer boredom. I don't think I have ever finished reading one them.

All I hear is this Merry-Go-Round calliope music and the tin whistle tooting of an old broken steam engine. His inane prattle like a deranged Spinster Aunt whose been locked in the attic too long.

Man, I wish mobile Safari could run GreaseMonkey scripts so I could just strip him out entirely again.


@65 Prof, thanks for the entertainment... I got some good chuckles out of that. These people are just beyond stupid. It's a little like shooting fish in a barrel, but fun way to start the weekend anyway.


@65: Exactly, you never read, think, and comment. You just troll.
@66: I'm happy you're so easily amused.