More Bullshit from Superintendent Candidate Maia Espinoza



@1: Right, because they are taught in 3rd grade.


Why is this an elected office anyway? It has no real power and people get distracted by whatever dreck gets raised in an election cycle. Let the accountability fall to the governor instead.


I'll vote for her.


Remember, Jesus Lied for your sins!

Oh, wait, no that's what the Nazis and Russians said.



I'm not gonna vote for her but she is kinda hot


@6: Eva Longoria would be a more appropriate object to suit your prurient interests.


"On the recorded campaign call, Espinoza introduces herself to the unlucky caller and then claims incumbent superintendent of public schools Chris Reykdal '"championed a policy that teaches sexual positions to fourth graders.'

As I have written, this is a false claim propagated by Espinoza and a small army of very confused or deliberately mendacious people on Facebook." --R.S.

"... a small army
of very confused or
deliberately mendacious people... "

prolly a pretty good mix of both with likely-heavy overlap
naturally, they're Repubs then. No wonder they gotta do
massive Voter Suppression (hard af in a Vote-By-Mail state)
and outright Lies (also hard, 'specially with an Informed Electorate).

oh and Eva L. surely Suits mine