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A nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court would be a huge win for Christian conservatives.
A nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court would be a massive win for Christian conservatives. Screenshot from C-SPAN
Trump will pick Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace RBG: Siiiiiiigh. Well, it's happening. While Trump plans to make the announcement tomorrow, Barrett is his choice to fill Ruth Bader Ginsberg's seat before election day. Barrett is described as a "female Antonin Scalia," the late justice who Barrett also clerked under. Female Antonin Scalia is my new safeword.

Three more businesses on Capitol Hill pack up shop: Heritage Distilling Capitol Hill, Amandine Bakery, and Bar Sue have all bit the dust, adding to CHS Blog's growing (and depressing) list of COVID-19 Crisis Closures.

Kim Jong-un is sorry about killing a South Korean official: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who I thought was in a coma (??) and being impersonated by a body double (???), apologized for North Korea's lethal shooting of a South Korean official crossing a maritime border between the countries. According to a letter Kim Jong-un sent to South Korea, North Korean officials fired at a man floating on an object after he didn't identify himself. They later burned the floating object. Kim said the incident "shouldn't have happened" and that he's "sorry to have disappointed."

Good news: Today, the Seattle Times' digital journalists unanimously voted to unionize and join their colleagues at Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild. A bright spot in these dark times for journalists.

I know what you'll be doing next weekend: Starting October 1, all 45 seasons of SNL will finally be available on Peacock. If there were ever a time to rail thousands of hours of sometimes amateur-ish comedy, it'd be now.

Oregon woman finds out she's been dead since 2019: Judy Cashner of Lincoln City received a letter from Wells Fargo, her bank, last month that gave condolences for Cashner's passing and alerted her estate that the credit card payments she made posthumously were still due. But Cashner wasn't dead. While Wells Fargo ultimately resolved the issue—Cashner is very much alive—the bank alerted other credit agencies that she was dead. The accident prevented her and her husband from refinancing their home.

This Tik Tok is a salve: I'm going to make an aspirational vision board and it's just going to be this video on loop.

You hate to see it: First man cured of HIV infection now has terminal cancer

Ballard Food Bank has started construction on its new location: The 11,000-square-foot space is expected to be completed by fall 2021, with an expanded grocery section, cafe, garden, and service waiting area, says MyBallard.

A new lawsuit alleges that the city and state failed to protect protesters from drivers who could hurt or kill them, while also allowing police to injure protesters, reports the Seattle Times. In the case, plaintiffs include Summer Taylor’s family, protester Daniel Gregory, other protesters, live-streamers, and a student journalist. The protesters allege that law enforcement grabbed, pepper-sprayed, and hit them with explosives during protests this summer.

Pinky swear? As you'll recall, Russia dipped its fingers into the 2016 presidential election, and there's evidence to support the claims that it's happening again in 2020. Russia continues to deny this. But, whatever, why worry about it anymore? Today, Vladimir Putin proposed that the U.S. and Russia agree to not meddle in the other country's elections. Sounds good? Sweet. Great. Guess that's over. No more election interference. Thanks for taking the time to hash that one out, Vlad.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg became the first woman and first Jewish person to lie in state at the U.S. Capitol: As her casket left the Capitol, destined for Arlington National Cemetery, female members of Congress lined up on the steps to bid farewell to the late justice. But the moment on everyone's minds is when RBG's personal trainer Bryant Johnson paid his respects by doing push-ups in front of her casket. Kind of a weird sight to see at the Capitol building, but it's 2020.

The U.S. tops 7 million confirmed COVID-19 cases: It's only been 25 days since the six millionth case on August 31 and eight months since our very first case of COVID-19 on January 22, says CNN. Remember in May when Rick Bright said we're facing the "darkest winter in modern history"? HahahAHAHAHHA.

Robert Kraft gets off in case about him getting off: Florida prosecutors dropped two solicitation charges against the New England Patriots. Kraft was accused of getting some sexual massages at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in 2019. The charges against the Orchids of Asia Day Spa weren't dropped, however. Two people still face felony charges.

A new mini-moon will orbit Earth for a little while: Astronomers spotted a new mini-moon on its way to Earth. They believe it's a small asteroid that will do a few loops around Earth before high-tailing it out of here. But, it might not actually be an asteroid. The mini-moon might be a hunk of space junk. Possibly a Surveyor 2 Centaur rocket booster, according to a NASA guy. So it turns out Wallace and Gromit were wrong about the moon. It's made of trash, not cheese.

The Seattle Police Officer Guild president got a shoutout:

Love Slog AM/PM?

Kentucky lawmaker who filed Breonna's Law arrested at Breonna Taylor protests: State Kentucky Representative Attica Scott was arrested last night while protesting a grand jury's failure to indict the police officers responsible for Taylor's death. Scott is the legislator who pre-filed a law that would eliminate no-knock warrants across Kentucky and require officers to wear body cameras while executing search warrants. The law is called Breonna's Law, and it's a statewide expansion of the no-knock warrant ban passed in Louisville this June.

The only celebrity that matters is Magawa the landmine rat. He received the miniature PDSA Gold Medal for bravery. Magawa is a giant African pouched rat and he's been working in Cambodia to uncover landmines and other explosives. He can search an area the size of a tennis court in 30 minutes. So far he's found 39 landmines, 28 items of unexploded ordnance, and he's sniffed and cleared the "equivalent of 20 football pitches." This is gleaned from a Guardian article so I'm assuming that means soccer fields?

Let's end on something heart-warming, shall we? Another baby orca has been born to the J pod, reports the Seattle Times. This lil' calf is the second born this month after Tahlequah gave birth to a baby male calf last week. Scientists are still waiting for the whales' return to Puget Sound to determine the baby's health, but, cautiously, there is hope.