Slog PM: Trump Picks His Supreme Court Nominee, U.S. Hits 7 Million COVID Cases, a New Baby Orca!



Nice safeword pick. Nothing would kill a boner faster than "female Antonin Scalia." "Kelly Anne" is close, but you win.


Serena Joy Barrett is a member of an extremist Handmaid’s Tale-style cult called People of Praise that literally has handmaids, though apparently they function more as patriarchal enforcers against other women, like the Aunts.

It’s sickening that the Republinazis are going to obliterate RBG and her entire life’s work by installing this sadistic lunatic to relentlessly attack women, minorities, and the poor for decades from the bench.

This cruel, malevolent court is totally illegitimate.


SCOTUS can become irrelevant. We've set the precedent that laws and procedure don't matter anymore, and the executive can't be held accountable, so the Biden administration and Democratic Congress will be under no obligation to enforce Supreme Court rulings. America is dead anyway. Can't wait for Joe to have some Executive Order fun.


The Washington State Patrol made every effort they could to protect Summer Taylor and her friend that fateful night on I5. They closed the freeway and blocked entrances, but nothing could have stopped the panicked wrong way driver from plowing into them.


Funny, digital Seattle Times unionized, hooray! The Times is burning money. Within a year they will be digital only and evaporate like the P.I. with all the Union demands.

Meanwhile another Union SPOG should be busted because their doing their job.


As they always do, Trump and Republicans have normalized horribleness. The lack of outrage at what’s going on in this country is really unfathomable. It’s a bit disheartening that there isn’t the same show of protest as for BLM, for the undeniable crumbling of our Democracy and any pretense of fair representation in our government, along with the realization that a jaw-dropping 40% of this nations citizens have no idea what it means to be a decent human being.

A week ago, Pelosi spoke of the Dems having many "arrows in their quiver" to fight the confirmation of another stolen Supreme Court seat… and like every time before, we will not see the arrows… or they will be shot meekly into the darkness. Remember brief chatter about impeachment and packing the court? Put away such foolishness naive little one. The latest from CNN, "Senate Democrats say they will press President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee to commit to recuse herself if the justices hear a case that could impact the outcome of the fall elections…” That’s right, Dems have already negotiated down to recusal. Pretty please? It really would be comical if this wasn’t so deadly serious.

There have now been over 7,000,000 cases of COVID and over 200,000 deaths. But Trump and the Republicans, with an assist from the MSM, have normalized that too. This is the new normal. The strong and rich will survive and those that aren’t, won’t. Survival of the fittest and richest. It’s the foundation of Republican capitalism, their true religion. Because of their gross negligence and mismanagement of this disease on a federal level, and the state and local governments that follow their lead, we will likely be living with and dying from this disease for decades to come, all because they just don’t care.

Not so sure "we" really care either.

Happy weekend.


@8 - When you consider nearly 3/4 of Americans want to keep Roe v. Wade, she is more polarizing than inspiring.

Meanwhile, Susan Collins is quietly sipping Chamomile tea and working on her needlepoint up in Maine trying to distract herself from yet another gut wrenching, soul searching vote decision process in the Senate.


@ 8,

The average German would’ve said exactly the same thing about their country circa 1939.


Yes, that's the same as a soccer field. Or about the same as a football gridiron - with mines, it's close enough. Good on Magawa!


Rosa Parks was the first woman to lie in State. I don't understand why this is being obscured.


Summer Taylor's family is engaged in a disgusting cash grab. She was actively committing a crime while cavorting on I-5, and her parents have the temerity to sue the state because they closed the freeway entrance ramps but not the exit ramps.

Maybe they should sue the guy who drove the wrong way in order to access the closed freeway. Maybe they should sue the protesters in Summer's group who made a screen of cars so her body was blocked from view to anyone who did drive that way.

Maybe they should realize that a risk of death was part of the deal and that most of the fault for Summer's death falls squarely on Summer herself.


@14 Rosa Parks laid in "honor". RBG laid in "state".

"Laying in state vs. laying in honor

According to the Architect of the Capitol, the U.S. Capitol Rotunda has been considered "the most suitable place for the nation to pay final tribute to its most eminent citizens."

The AOC preserves and maintains the historic buildings, monuments, art and inspirational gardens on the Capitol campus.

In the case of government officials or military officers, those individuals are honored by having their remains "lay in state." This includes Justice Ginsburg, who is receiving the honor just months after U.S. Rep. John Lewis did.

The honor was first bestowed upon Henry Clay in 1852. Clay served as a U.S. representative and senator from Kentucky in addition to being President John Quincy Adams' secretary of the state in the 1820s.

For private citizens like Parks, they are honored by having their remains "lay in honor."


To add to that, the other day I had to look up the other day of "laying in repose" vs "laying in state". In all honesty I thought in all of my 45 years that laying in state meant you lay there in the state of being dead. I remember going to a friend's dad's funeral and it was open casket. I've spent decades describing it as "his dad was laying in state and it creeped the fuck out of me" etc. But nothing's been "obscured" we just get a little history and nomenclature lesson.


The Piglord's nominee is a devout Christian and pro-lifer with two adopted children. That's genuinely nice to hear and all and it'd be wonderful if more people with such beliefs actually "walked the walk" and adopted. We're gonna need several million such people and families to emerge over the next few years as abortion rights continue to disappear.

If the Dems SHOULD somehow manage to take both the executive and legislative branches and land in a position to do so, they should amend the constitution to double or triple the size of the court, then fill all the newly created seats with trans-gender, communist, teen age drag-queens. For no other reason than to call attention to the absurdity of this fundamentally broken system that's so ripe for gaming and exploitation.


@ 12,

Actual smart people never need to proclaim that they're "smart;" it's self-evident.


At the risk of not staying in my lane since I don't have ovaries.

If the Supremes really really overturn Roe, then women's groups all over America are going to have to get serious about mounting some sort of underground railroad movement for reproductive rights (if it's happening now, it will have to take much more aggressive action). Angry speeches from the league of women voters in NYC or DC will do nothing for the women who lose reproductive freedom in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. It won't be enough for the ACLU, NOW, Center for Reproductive Rights, etc, to mount challenges in the courts when they've been stacked with Heritage Society Fascists. It won't be enough to stage happy go lucky pink hat marches if you're not exerting power over your life at the end of the day.

Get ready for the equivalent of bare bayonet trench warfare to preserve the right to privacy.


Huh, wasn't aware court expansion wouldn't even require an amendment. Not that it'd be a given, but it's certainly within the scope of the possible.

Push to get Garland on there at the absolute minimum, and I'd hope for at least another to bring the total number of justices to a nice non-round number.


yeah, Sarge, let's not look a little higher up -- at Liar- cum Denier-in-Chief who told us not to worry, it's gonna 'just go away' on its own -- what's two or three MILLION DEAD -- it's just another flu he said. AND a Democrat Hoax. AND the Economy (ours; anyway) nearly Dead.

So, yeah, Jay, why on Earth did you let trumpf win?


Re: Tim Brown, the first person to be cured of HIV who is now in hospice for terminal leukemia.

I am surprised this doesn't mention that he was born and raised in Seattle. I was in his graduating class at Ingraham high school. Good guy. You'd think a local blogger would want to sniff this out. But the AP article link was good.


@4 is technically correct.

It's time to either mainstream SCOTUS or to ignore it.

I'm thinking 21 seats and 10 year terms renewable by Senate confirmation of at least 1 senator from each state.


@25, 26 -- what is it with your Repressives – whenever someone does good shit you always think it’s Gotta be about the Accolades – “but Greta’s only in it for the FAME!” and RGB made herself NOTORIOUS for chrissakes, you screech – oh, okay, that helps explaing things a bit – you think everyone thinks just like you do and why the fuck would people do Good Shit unless they have alterior motives? Well, we’re not all like you, for starters….

tut you emotional response is Totally understandable – your very sad Sad Boys were excruciatingly Underwhelming, today, there were no Hordes of WMD-toting reich-wing Terrorists & they didn’t getta Shoot anybody and there you were hoping for a little of the olde Ultraviolence…

one thing to remember – when trumpfy sends out his Clarion Call, & says, Sad Boys, come shoot all these Libs and Commies and Socialists and the gays, too and don;t forget the Muslims and maybe those free-loading Mexians, too, lonig as we're Cleaning House -- for me – they’re Stealing my DESTINY for chrissakes-- and you get to live out your Fantasy of overthrowing our Government, remember how hair Furor's LIED to you about that silly little virus [ETC] – and in doing so, endangered your (and your Families’) Lives -- just to keep his sorry sorry ass the Fuck 0utta Jail.

of Course he’ll abandoni you – just like bush (the elder) abandoned his Iraqii Freedom Fighters. Remember them?

“I had the grim duty of monitoring and reporting on the massacres from NPIC. I could see the destruction to Shiite villages; I helped map out the Kurdish refugee encampments for subsequent food drops.

In my life, I had rarely seen such a cynical and dishonorable act by an American president as the encouragement, then abandonment, of a people whose only desire was to be free of Saddam’s tyranny.

Another group of Desert Storm survivors was abandoned by Bush—sick veterans of that war.

By early 1992, reports surfaced of Desert Storm veterans suffering from a constellation of symptoms that were subsequently tagged in the press as “Gulf War Syndrome.”

During the last year of his presidency, Bush took no action to direct the departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense to take seriously the veterans’ claims that they were exposed to toxic agents during the war.

Thousands were denied disability benefits and did not receive proper examinations or treatments for their ailments.

It would be long after Bush left office that the federal government would, haltingly and grudgingly, begin to honor disability claims from Desert Storm veterans.

Even then, federal officials continued to deny that a toxic stew of low‐level chemical agents and pesticides, the mandatory use of untested nerve agent “pretreatment” pills, and other toxins might be at the root of their medical problems.”

Oh, whoa -- not just the Freedom Fighters.
OUR Sodiers, too.

putting your Faith in a man like trumpf
is ALWAYS gonna be a Losing Proposition.

look how many of All the Best People have been abandoned by him.

he saf ain't gonna change his stripes now -- he's nearly eighty years olde.

You're fighting for the Wrong Side.


What is kanji for feebs? 敗者


Feebs needs a hug or something. He sounds very sad. Maybe he should get out of the house sometimes. It must be hard watching his deluded fantasy world crumble.


it only Crumbles when his
(FIVE deferments!)
(in time of WAR
on the Vietnamese People?)

Hero* does.

not all Heroes abandon their charges

trumpfy WILL

it's just (his) History


@25; 26; 31; 32; 32 -- speaking of Memory Lane:

one thing to remember – when trumpfy sends out his Clarion Call, & says, Sad Boys, come shoot all these Libs and Commies and Socialists and the gays for me, too, oh and don't forget the Muslims and maybe those free-loading Mexians, too, long as we're Cleaning House, infact anyone the least bit off-White (STOP working on your tan, Citizens!) -- all those US Citizens're Stealing my DESTINY for chrissakes -- and then, 'patriot,' when you get to live out your Fantasy of overthrowing our Government, remember how hair Furor LIED to you about that silly little virus
-- it's just a FLu! -- [ETC] [twenty thousand Lies -- so far] – and, in doing so, endangered your (and your Families’) Lives -- just to keep his sorry sorry ass The Fuck 0utta Jail.

of Course he’ll abandon you – just like bush (the elder) abandoned his Iraqii Freedom Fighters.

Remember them?


at this rate this country won't be able to recover. we're looking at 2022 before there is enough of the population vaccinated (and there are plenty of people who will not get the vaccination).

so, how many millions will be dead? will there be anything left of any industry other than the health care industry which will be required to manage the chronic health problems experienced by everyone who had COVID-19 and survived? how many in the health care industry will have died from COVID-19 or killed themselves from the never ending onslaught of people with it?

and if Trump is still the resident in the WH, we're looking even farther out. how many people are going to die due to starvation? homelessness? joblessness? all other fallout from a pandemic the psychopath refuses to acknowledge or do anything about?

Trump must have a real solid plan, a firm belief he has the election in the bag, because the most cases and deaths are now and will be from now on, occurring in red states and red enclaves in blue states. otherwise why callously murder your voter base?

will there even be anything left of this country when this shit show is over?


oh, and how elder bush
Abandoned the

but that's pretty much how ALL Repub CsIC treat the Military:

Unfit for

Why are you on their side?


Billionaires and mult Multi Millionaires'll all be just fine, xina, and Repubs'll just sell-off everything in Sight including our Future. Dump your Toxic Waste Here. Stop Inspecting our Food. Isolate US. Build more Walls.

Close more schools but allow Corps Americana˜ to build more Schools and Prisons -- oh and Make them Fuckers EARN their Keep. They might even hafta keep Working for a Few More Years to pay off their Debt. Who can say?

This Republican Utopia is too rapidly becoming a Republican-sponsored all-too-predictable, dark, motherfucking Dystopia.

Thanks, Republicans.


The president wants you dead — and so do his friends and advisers. It's that simple
It's not adequate to say that Trump's regime is stupid and incompetent. That's true — but the malice runs deeper

Perhaps it is the single most satisfying stroke of his ego to realize that he has the ability to save people's lives, but chooses not to do so. It is by now common to compare Trump to a cult leader. As Jonestown, Heaven's Gate, the Order of the Solar Temple and many other cults have demonstrated, the leaders of especially destructive cult movements eventually turn on their own people, ordering mass suicide as the ultimate exercise of power.


bingo, xina, and very much like Adolph* led his whole fucking Country into a Death Spiral long after surrender had made the Most sense. It was Mass Suicide.

trumpf's then-girlfriend shared with us trumpfy's Love of Hitler and his speeches and kept a book of them, right there on his bedside table along with his conscience.

*huh -- musta been a Pictire book...

regardless, all Death Cult leaders
will brook no surrender -- and they'll surely
send out their own Special Assistants [their own private, Very well-organized Militia, if you will], to
help 'persuade' the recalcitrant. Boy oh boy -- talk
about Committment.

So -- you can choose Fascism
or, you can be an Anti-fascist.
Not much Middle Ground.


41: Then-wife - Ivana


@31 32 - see that's why I'm a dual citizen, my other country has a flag made when I was 7, a Constitution created when I was 22, and it has equal rights and privacy for everyone.

Or I can go neanderthal on you and mention I was born in the slave state of Texas.

I prefer the more modern one


31, the super wealthy live in all the cities you hate because everywhere else sucks but if alabama wants our billionaires no one is going to stop them from leaving, honestly we would probably throw a huge party after they left