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The person who made this poster probably paid more taxes than Trump.
The person who made this poster probably paid more taxes than Trump. Boogich/Getty Images

The police are tired: At a press conference this weekend, Seattle Police Interim Chief Adrian Diaz says that police response to protests over the last few days have been a huge drain on department resources. “We cannot do this work to create a new model of community safety while fires burn in our streets,” he said. Yeah, that’s kind of the idea behind defunding — if the police can’t “create a new model of community safety,” let’s give that money to someone who can.

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Car stunts by the Space Needle got out of hand: Some folks spun their cars around in the intersection near the Space Needle Saturday night, at one point hitting a few people in the crowd. Police say they didn’t show up for hours because they were busy (running over peoples’ heads) at the protests, and that although sideshows like this weekend’s have been an ongoing problem, they have no investigation underway. Cool!

Donald Trump paid $750 in taxes: In news that will not change anyone’s mind about who they’re going to vote for, the New York Times served up a big tasty exposé on Trump’s finances. The big takeaways are what you already knew: he pays virtually no taxes, he’s getting millions of dollars from foreign sources, and seems to have used his daughter as part of his tax dodges. Fortunately, he is the only rich person in America who has ever taken advantage of the tax system.

The city’s setting aside $100 million for BIPOC communities: Jenny Durkan discussed the “Equitable Communities Initiative” with Converge Media, though it’s a little unclear where the money’s coming from and who gets to decide how it’s spent.

The first Biden/Trump debate is tomorrow: Will they talk about Trump's taxes? I bet they'll talk about Trump's taxes. But I also have a feeling that to his supporters, the revelations that he's cheating the system only makes him look better: It makes him seem aspirational, since they would like to be able to dodge their responsibilities as adroitly as he does. Anyway the debate's at 6 pm Pacific, and will be moderated by Fox's Chris Wallace, who has said it's not his job to point out when someone's lying.

Seattle could see the Northern Lights this week: At this time of day, at this time of year, but not localized in anyone’s kitchen, some magnetic storms are coming our way. If you peek up at the sky tonight you might catch a glimpse. (Though the city’s light pollution will make that challenging.)

Someone stole my bike: Literally a day after I wrote about how Seattle needs to set aside more space for scooters and bikes, someone cut the U-lock off my bike and disappeared with it. As part of SPD’s theft-reporting form, I had to check a box acknowledging that police will probably not investigate it, which … idontknowwhatiexpected.gif. Anyway, looking forward to that new model of community safety!

Houston’s tap water has a brain-eating bacteria: If you’re a Houston resident looking for a little company, just turn on the tap and you might get billions of new friends: Colonies of Naegleria fowleri have been found in the water system, and residents are being warned not to use the tap water for anything other than the toilet. No drinking, no cooking, no showers.

Railroad workers suspended for unauthorized relaxation: Three Metro-North Railroad employees are accused of turning a storage room under Grand Central Station into a break room, complete with TV, fridge, and futon. That sounds wonderful. Bosses say the room created a fire hazard, but they’re probably just jealous nobody invited them.

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Keira Knightley was startled to learn she was never the Queen of Naboo: An interviewer with ComingSoon.net asked Keira Knightley about the character she played in The Phantom Menace, which led to an awkward moment in which she learned that she played Sabe, the queen’s decoy, and not the Queen herself. To be fair, that whole decoy plot line is super confusing. Also this whole kerfuffle made me realize I know more about Sabe than I do about Keira Knightley.

It’s a boy: More good news about Tahleqah, the killer whale who grieved for her dead calf in 2018 and recently had a new baby: Scientists have determined that it’s a boy, and it seems healthy. The pod really needs more females, but hey it’s better than nothing. Another mom in the same pod gave birth as well, though that baby’s gender is unknown.

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