Slog AM: Seattle Police Priorities, Trump's Taxes, and the Northern Lights Visit Seattle



Wow Matt, you really are on a cop bashing rampage this morning.


Re: Massive Taxhole

Holy sheeee-it!

China heard us and answered our prayers! 谢谢! 谢谢!
Or wouldn’t it be completely fucking historically bonkers if the Germans save the US from fascism this time?

Can’t wait to hear how $hitler’s decades of tax evasion are the fault of Democrats, immigrants, and hummuhseckshals. And it looks like the scams were so blatantly obvious that the incompetent IRS was his defacto accomplice, jeezus cuh-ryst!!!

Now we just need to add the piss-hookers tapes, and we’ll have the perfect split screen for Serena Joy Barrett’s illegitimate sham “confirmation” hearings.

Time for $hitler and Melanoma to hit the bunker!


kudos on the Simpson's reference.


“Just hours after the worst story about President Donald Trump dropped from the New York Times, former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale barricaded himself in a Florida home with a gun threatening to harm himself.”

Yep, that’s a totally normal campaign-thingy to do...
The A.S.S Tr666ptanic is going down!!!


"if the police can’t “create a new model of community safety,” let’s give that money to someone who can."

And who would that be, dear? No one seems to have an answer to that question.


"We cannot do this work to create a new model of community safety while fires burn in our streets"
So perhaps do not willfully turn the peaceful streets in an 'us against them' battle-zone? Do not instigate a disturbance by shooting and gassing innocent people?


Lemme tell you something about Keira Knightly. She's a terrible actress. As terrible as Tom Cruise, which is very terrible. None of her performances are memorable. I'm surprised she can remember what she does for a living!


Maybe if there were more police and a city attorney who would prosecute crimes, you would still have a bicycle. Instead, you have tweakers, dealers, used needles, and a city overrun with homeless polluting campers. Enjoy!


@6: Innocent people don't throw molotov cocktails and demolish storefronts. Much less even celebrate their usage:


@5 "And who would that be?" Whyyy.. that would be a shiny new group of folks which we could name them "Charter Police". That is, if a system is broke (and it certainly is) then an common solution is just to establish an (apparently) separate system ...uh, somewhere a bit over there somewhere... and fund them instead. "But won't that just re-create the problem, in the fullness of time, and with a more Byzantine Italian police structure!?" nah... because this new group will be a new group done right because ...different training. Well OK, slightly different training ...maybe. Anyway, extra points if the new group has the word "navigation" in their title.


Your expectations that a u-lock would secure your bike are as misguided as your expectations that the police have time to find it amongst the hundreds of other bikes stolen every month, murder suspects drowning themselves in bleach in city parks, people throwing firebombs every week, and other general bullshit like using people's helmeted-heads for trials practice.
Come on now.


I've never seen mention of used needles unaccompanied by mention of human feces. The dreamscape is incomplete.


I thought property crime was a harbinger of urban decay for cities overtaken by leftist anarchist thugs but now i guess we’re not allowed to care about it because some people were killed once. Hard to keep up with this stuff.


Not all that hard to keep up with when you consider the damages and injuries from property crimes and violence vary widely and thus require prioritization by the public employees you pay to address these issues.


I thought it was amoeba found in the water supply in the Houston area. I don’t think amoeba are bacteria (?)


Not that brain eating amoeba sound any less terrifying than brain eating bacteria...


Kanji @ 16- it is possible to care about both.


"Your city, your Leftist Urban 'Civilization' is crumbling around your ears and you don't seem to notice."

You trolls are SUCH drama queens. The only thing that I see crumbling is the conservative worldview, as it becomes more and more apparent that is is a movement for simpletons that is lead by criminals, sociopaths, bible-addled nitwits, and trustfund idiots.


17: Apparently, from a quick search on the google machine, it appears that amoebas are not bacteria. All living organisms can be broadly divided into two groups — prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Amoebas are eukaryotes and bacteria are prokaryotes.


Those poor amoeba are going to starve. (I stole that)


the story is that he is either a tax cheat or a failure but either way he's been caught in another lie that will satisfy his lemmings who still haven't figured out they're being taken for a ride

fortunately people are already voting and in a few months we will be rid of this idiocy and the entire trump empire will be a smoldering ruin


Everyone knew Trump was a tax cheat. This is not news, it's just now proven instead of just people who already knew saying it (the truth) and Trump lying about it. The question is why was he allowed to get away with it for so long? The IRS and NYS need to answer for that.

I hope he goes to prison in NYS. I hope he has no access to a phone, twitter, an audience, or anyone other than the walls of his cell to rage to until his life ends. The only thing that would be better would be that he is executed for his many cases of treason, including the murder of hundreds of thousands of people in this country and the theft of BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars for himself and his family (and their spouses) and all of his sycophants.


DeJoy and Trump lose a third time in federal court as Postal Service works to undo sabotage (which is great but still no one is addressing the fact that more than 771 destroyed sorting machines cannot be magically put back together and put back into business).

For the third time in a matter of weeks, a federal court has warned that the sabotage at the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) at the hands of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is politically motivated and aimed at crippling the USPS' work in helping secure a free and fair election. U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan of Washington, D.C., ordered DeJoy to halt implementing the changes that have resulted in mail delivery delays nationwide. His is the third such ruling. A fourth case was heard last week in Pennsylvania.


Former Trump housekeeper: He 'only paid $750 a year in taxes and calls all immigrants deadbeats'

The truth is that undocumented immigrants pay $12 billion in taxes annually, including billions into Social Security. The chief actuary of the Social Security Administration estimated in 2014 that undocumented immigrants in fact paid $100 billion into the fund over the previous 10 years—all money they’ll never see back unless they’re able to adjust their immigration status. Barring immigration reform, the vast majority of undocumented workers are unable to do so.

Other undocumented immigrants joined Diaz in slamming the Trump family’s lack of contributions to America. “As an undocumented immigrant, I can now say that I've paid more in taxes than the President,” tweeted Rodrigo Pimentel, a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient in Rhode Island. Pimentel shared one receipt showing he paid more in quarterly taxes than the president of the United States did in 2016 and 2017 combined.


Former trump campaign mgr brad parscale involved in an armed standoff with the police after beating up his wife. Only the best people!


Holy shit.

Not one person in here understands how the American tax system works. Amortization of debt is a tactic used by thousands of businesses. The system was set up by billionaires for billionaires. No tax attorney in the country is thinking “wow, this is a smoking gun of criminality!” It’s not. It may be a moral outrage to you, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary at all. I’ve done it.

Trump is in debt. But that debt is calculated. His actual wealth can be sheltered or put in investment property for which tax liability can be allayed. He then takes out loans — which he will likely default on for as long as he can until forced to sell an asset to repay them. Then. He can spend other people’s money. And it’s a debt. Which he can then claim means he’s posting a loss.

Yes. Many of businesses have failed spectacularly. Yes he isn’t as wealthy as he claimed — though with the money he literally stealing from tax payers and through pay for play schemes that is changed rapidly.

The story here are the conflicts of interests. That is what they do not want talked about. And why they LOVE you talking about how little he paid in taxes. Which the Republicans see as an enormous success. They created a system exactly so rich people won’t pay.

No. The issue here is the clear map of corruption that would’ve never been allowed had he released his tax returns in 2015.


It's always so odd that the same people who bitch about, and want to defund the police, are also the first and loudest to complain about the cops own defunding of wasted time trying to uphold the law with no consequences to those who take pleasure in destroying other peoples shit.



Do you actually live in Seattle? If so, have you ever had anything stolen and called SPD to report it? They don't - and in fact never have - done squat about burglaries, thefts, or car prowls, l mean literally for decades, if ever. What you get instead is a squad car rolling up to your residence or place of business, usually hours after you called in, asked a few perfunctory questions the responses to which are scribbled in a spiral notebook, and handed a business card with a case number and some variation on "well, we'll keep an eye out for it, but in most instances the item won't be recovered or the perpetrator apprehended." That's because your paperwork will get thrown onto an overflowing pile of similar cases back at the precinct, eventually to be crammed into an equally overflowing file cabinet, and never see the light of day again. This is the way these things have always been handled, and no amount of pouring more money into SPD like so much maple syrup on a stack of pancakes will ever change that.


@29 care to rephrase that in some sort of logical sense. In English.


When I used to do volunteer income tax assistance for artists there were four things I told every client to NEVER attempt to write off as business expenses under any circumstances: for women, the purchase of street makeup; and for both men and women, the purchase of business attire, gym or health club memberships, and hair care and maintenance - because all of them were definite "red flags" that could very easily land one in an auditor's office. So, the idea he was able to successfully write of $70,000 IN HAIR CUTS is simply mind-boggling, and just goes to prove once again that if you're perceived to be a big enough fish you can get away with things smaller fish are skewered for on a daily basis.


@28: Which is why it's a stupid ritual to have politicians making their tax returns public in the first place.


@30 I lived in Seattle for 20+ years. Yes, after a car prowl I experienced exactly what you described. Seattle needs more police and a city attorney with a spine. Arrest and detain the druggies and dealers and you will reduce street crime. How much is still a question, but what is happening now isn't working.

You know what does work? Moving to Bellevue.


@33 Well of course that's your takeaway. Because you're an idiot.

No. That is why it's 100% necessary to make MANDATORY for all people running for elected office to publicly release their tax returns and do a full financial disclosure and audit under penalty fo law. So that conflicts of interest can be vetted and corrected for.

But no.

To you it's "Hey, let's NOT do this totally necessary and practical thing. That is proven to prevent corruption problems. And that every single other major western democracy does as a matter of routine. Because I am a dipshit apologist goober with no sense."


@34 Detain? HAHAHA. You moron. What would "detain" do? Nothing? How much more do you want to spend in taxes to build courts and jails?

It is literally impossible to arrest, detain, charge, indict and convict every single porch pirate and car prowler. No major municipality does. Because it doesn't do shit. And. It's outrageously expensive. It's why you have insurance. dipshit.

But sure. Fill our jails with 93lb junkies. And then while your junkie porch pirate is getting arrested and booked, the psychopath rent boy you picked-up, the one with a record of violent crime that they had to let go because the jails were full with harmless junkies, is sawing your head off in your bathtub.


@36: Okay if you want the perfect to be the enemy of the good and make it harder and harder for people to entertain a career in public service.


@29, It's always odd that those who support less accountability for police along with the 40% + increase in their pay over the past five years seen unconcerned that has done nothing to reduce crime in Seattle who seem unconcerned with stopping actual crime or violence unless it's violence they incited against those asking for police accountability and a cut in their obscenely high funding.

I support defunding police and am usually met with "the world will become Mogadishu! if we stop paying them to harass the marginalized, or sit in Starbucks all day. As it is now, the Seattle Police use little of their $400 million + budget and the Sheriff office little of their $100 + budget to stop the crimes the community actually cares about.

Muhh, Trump not paying taxes. I haven't seen this much outrage since it was found out Timothy Geithner, President Obama's Treasury Secretary had paid no taxes the year prior to his appointment while working for that income sucking squid of human capital Goldman Sachs.

Should president Trump go to prison over his taxes? You and I would. But the American people have made it clear they only expect one thing from their politicians: Will you use your power to hurt the people who should be hurt because I don't like them. If you do that, all else is forgivable.


You could triple the number of cops and they still wouldn't hunt down your stolen bike.

What was the name of that guy the Atlanta cops shot in the back a while ago - they'd been called because he fell asleep in his car in the drive-thru line at a Wendy's. I remember from the reporting that they'd spent 50 minutes hanging around with him before they lost control of the situation and unleashed their spasm of lethal violence. Nearly an hour on a "guy asleep in his car" call - that's how the police spend their time.



IOW "Let's make it so easy to run for office every corrupt criminal in the nation can do it and loot and exploit the public until government is rendered useless and meaningless!"

But sure every other wealthy western democracy has these laws but simply can not find anyone to run for office!

Fuck. You are an incomparable idiot.


I shouldn't expect stranger 'reporters' to dig deeper, but dear leader paid $750 in taxes in 2016 and 2017. Over 18 years he paid $95million, but received a $73million tax refund, which is at the heart of the IRS investigation. After it all shakes out he paid roughly $1.2M per year in taxes, which for a supposed billiionaire, is just disgusting. But he's not a billionaire.

btw, his followers are most likely either saying this is fake news or applauding him for sticking it to the IRS.


@41 Exactly. The story is the obscene conflict of interest he has and the on-going grift his entire presidency has been. Shit, even his "campaign" itself is simply a backchannel of money directly to him.

But the most import thing is for us to not pass any anti-corruption laws for those that entertain to enter public office. After all, we wouldn't want to discourage a drug cartel from running the nation or anything.



Ha ha, those two well placed commas toward the beginning of that post had led me to believe I might be in store for a well articulated criticism, but it went pretty far sideways from there.


I know Don Jr is a huge piece of shit but c'mon somebody needs to get that guy in recovery. Sad watching addiction ruin someones life even if they are a fece. I guess if we can walk past a homeless junkie its easy to ignore addiction when we see it in trust fund kids.


@30, Yes, years ago my motorcycle was stolen and the SPD found it a couple of weeks later. Last year my old work truck was stolen and they found it within 48 hours. Thank god. I could not have afforded to replace it. And I would have been unable to do my job without it. Good job SPD.


@9: Cops that don't need to be defunding don't use their extra constitutional powers to violently assault peaceful protestors expressing their first amendment rights, or in this case quietly eating dinner:



And you DO understand why moving to Bellevue "solved" your problem, yes? Because suburban municipalities have a long tradition of refusing to fund social services (for example, Bellevue literally opened its VERY FIRST full-service, year-round shelter only a year ago last August), and additionally many have adopted policies of literally driving their marginalized populations to - guess where? - larger cities such as Seattle; this is all well-documented. So, OF COURSE it's less of a problem where you live, because, rather than deal with your own homeless problem you and your ilk continue to foist YOUR HOMELESS ON US, and then have the nerve to complain about how awful things are HERE.


@46: Their dining went just fine. Nothing got spilled or tipped over. They were probably just waiting longer than usual for their entree to get to their table after the appetizers because of the commotion.


It's such a shame that Matt had his bike stolen, when his sophomoric blog post indicates that he really couldn't be a nicer guy.

Go find some of your old CHOP buddies with rifles slung over their shoulders and see if you can round it up.



Were the recoveries part of an active, ongoing SPD investigation or was it more likely simply a case blind-luck, as, for example the vehicle was abandoned somewhere and was eventually ticketed, or perhaps the driver was pulled over for a traffic violation in another city and then it was discovered the vehicle had been reported stolen in Seattle, both of which are ways I've had vehicles recovered in the past?


@47 Well, yes, if you do nice things for druggies and vagabonds you get more of them, there's no doubt about that. Bellevue isn't foisting homeless on anybody, the homeless decide where they want to live based on where life is easiest for them.


the sudden widespread belief that there are drugs people take to be better at debating is one of the stranger developments of the last few weeks but if the last few years have taught us anything it’s that there really is one born every minute


They ran license plate checks on the motorcycle, which had been abandoned, and the truck, which was left parked on the Burke-Gilman trail. Like I said, good job SPD.


@53 actually he is accusing biden of developing a cure for Alzheimer's and keeping it to himself.


@53: Prevagen


Perhaps Trump will drink a big glass (with two hands of course) of Biden's urine before the debate, so that he, too, can be considered "enhanced."


All I can say is, I'm going to hire Trumps accountants, damn they are good.


Haha. Try harder Feebs. So much winning! LMFAO



If this magic drug that enhances debate performance, and presumably overall sharpness and mental acuity actually exists, not only would I not want it tested for, I'd hope to hell that someone in his inner circle has the general human decency to slip a dose into Trump's drinking water on the regular. Or better yet, abandon the subtlety and just forcibly strap his fat ass on to a table and inject him with 7 billion milligrams of it every couple of hours.

Also, you're an embarrassment to this community. Please stop posting here.


@47, "...rather than deal with your own homeless problem..."

It's not my homeless problem, it's not something I created. I did not create an influx of people living here. I did not put signs up across the country telling homeless to move here and make the equivalent of a working wage in free services and open air drug use with no consequences. I was simply born here, got a job from some Capitalist and bought a house.

I can't control, nor would I want to, how other people live their lives. The problem is they are starting to control mine and yet I pay for the services they are offered for free. The problems of people living on the streets is not news to anyone. You can't force people to help themselves. Yet I must make amends to these few who disrupt and destroy the businesses and livelihood of our community.

Homelessness is not something I created.


@50 - Got to SLOG AM late today!
You are mostly correct regarding luck when it comes to recovering stolen vehicles.

In the old days we had "hot sheets," a long printout of cars stolen in the last 3 days or so. the passenger officer would compare license plates around his/her car in traffic to the hot sheet, which was taped to the top of the glovebox. Officers without partners couldn't really use it; print was too small.

In the last 20 years, of course, cops have had data terminals next to the driver. So, cops just run plates around them at random, especially at red lights, hoping to find stolen cars...or even just warrants, which is far more common.

Still, some officers are lazy and don't bother, so officers that do this could be considered doing a "good" job...or just their job. There are also some telltales to stolen cars such as windows slightly askew, high beams stuck on, 12-year olds driving, etc. If an officer is alert and spots such a sign and follows-up, that's a good job.

But most recoveries are down to luck or citizens calling in suspicious abandoned vehicles. Oh, knowing where such cars are often dumped helps in finding them, too. Lazy cops don't bother checking these spots, tho.


@62 you do not get to abdicate your responsibility just because a problem predates your existence. You didn't create poverty, war, pollution, murder, theft, fire or the need for public transportation either you fucking idiot.


@48: You once again show your contempt for the 1st amendment. Those protestors that were charged, shoved to the ground and arrested had done nothing wrong. They were literally on the sidewalk across the street when the police charged them.

You are right that this is nothing unusual, but something for people to keep in mind the next time you throw one of your melodramatic fits about the western civilization crashing down because someone broken window.


@64, Abdicate. A bit judgemental. It was never my responsibility to begin with, especially how people live their lives. Nevertheless, I give to charities who help the homeless and I pay my taxes.

I didn't create poverty but I've done my best to avoid it all my life and I would encourage anyone to do so also. It can be done.

As far as war, I boycott it.

Pollution? I get cleaner every year and encourage others too.

Murder. Theft. Thank you very much but no one has to tell me those aren't Kosher.

Fire? My taxes pay for the Fire Department. Always have.

Public Transportation is something not enough people, by choice, use and must increasingly be subsidized by higher taxes.
It's also a great place to catch a virus.

If that's just not enough then open your couch. Be a leader by example.


@62 You realize EVERY LAST CITY in the US has people like you, right? Like "Seattle is Dying", a friend of mine sent me a link to "Denver in Decay" last week. Every single city in this country has idiots like you in equal proportion to the despised victims of their crusade to not recognize the social needs around them. This is also comparable to the phenomenon of EVERY LAST CITY I've been in in my life has people who complain the drivers suck, but only in that city. Where they came from the people drive better.


I would suggest putting your bike information on Bike Index ( My husband's bike was recovered and returned because of Bike Index a week after it was stolen.


@66 haha. Yes. You pay taxes for these things! See? Almost. Almost there. A little bit longer and you might — might — get a molecule of self realization.