We're Doing the Gun Debate Wrong



Is it African Americans or criminals who are excluded from the 'good guy with a gun' category? I mean, for various cultural and historical reasons the criminal element is disproportionately Black, that doesn't make African American synonymous with criminal, does it?


Have these debates, sure, but they will move the needle nowhere. Nobody is giving up any guns, ever.


wow, a click-baity article like this and very few comments.
Perhaps everyone is finally exhausted with these arid arguments about the Second Amendment and we all collectively realize nothing meaningful is going to change in regard to gun ownership in the US in our lifetime.
I wonder if the subject even comes up in tonight's debate.
Coincidentally it has been some time since any mass-murder incidents, wonder if anyone keeps track of that sort of ghoulish statistic, like the road signs that tell you how long it has been since a fatality accident.