American Health Will Sink the GOP in November



Republinazi Death Cult nihilism

It’s also why they’re against any efforts to mitigate air pollution and climate change: it’ll kill millions.

They literally believe they’ll be better off after they’re day-ed.


Good. Let's hope all the MAGAs fahtin' fer their Free Dumbs all drop dead of TRUMPVID-19 before they even vote. Flush the Turd November Third!


Exactly. I was thinking this soon after the shock of RBG dying wore off. I thought "The Democrats should ignore Roe Versus Wade -- they should focus on ObamaCare". Sure enough, Biden started doing that almost immediately. That's because people who really care about abortion laws have already made up their mind. But ObamaCare reaches those undecideds -- the ones that are only casually looking at the various races. Nominating someone who is on record saying they would repeal the law could very well shift a few Senate races.


They should not ignore RvW - they should focus on both. (btw, very typical of a male-dominated power structure and POV to suggest we should just ignore it).

I do agree ObamaCare is more likely to pull undecided/on-the-fence voters, and if that swings a state, great!

However it's the typical democrat pipe dream that these low-information voters make those kind of connections en mass. They may once ObamaCare is gone.


Our only hope is to build giant domes, have a computer tell us what to do and not let anyone live past 30. That should do it....


Just commenting here to highlight the really smart comment by Ross @3.

The shame is that Joe Biden could win this election, the Democrats could win control of the Senate, and this new partisan Supreme Court with Amy Coney Barrett on board will almost certainly act as a blunt instrument of the GOP to strike down all sorts of legislative triumphs and deny Americans health insurance.


I have the sense that republicans are smart enough to know overturning roe v wade would be an electoral disaster for them because a huge majority of Americans are pro-choice, and criminalizing abortion has been the singular motivating force behind their voter base for 5 decades. The ACA is a similar issue for them, where the threat of dismantling the law is more effective for them than actually fucking over their voters. Once the real world impact of these changes is felt, voters will understand why those laws were necessary in the first place, and sane republicans understand this.

That said, I also have the sense that republicans are out of their fucking minds right now and not thinking rationally. The inmates are running the show, and we can only hope cooler heads will prevail after the trump era is behind us.


It makes no sense to compare our response to a pandemic today to one 100 years ago -- pre-vaccine, pre-big pharma, pre-so many things that make these comparisons completely unrelatable. Given all the tools and knowledge at our disposal today, from a historical perspective, we're fucked.

A more apt comparison is to other countries of similar disposition, and from that perspective it's apparent our covid response has been a complete disaster. There is no way around it. The void of direction from the federal government left it up to local municipalities to figure out how to manage, so we have thousands of different disaster responses taking place across the country. In the early days Trump had states !!!BIDDING AGAINST EACH OTHER!!! for PPE and equipment, driving up costs for everyone and misallocating vital resources. Now we have 200K dead and counting, and millions more survivors with potential long-term health complications that could end up killing them later on. It's impossible to overstate how badly we fucked this thing up.


@6: The most important choice that was lost with the passage of the ACA is this:
in the good old days before Obamacare, for-profit healthcare companies could freely choose which people to deny coverage based on the odds that they would actually need it.


Re the ACA...with the exception of only Biden himself, every single democrat that sought the nomination, and much of the Democratic congressional delegation ran, if not explicitly in condemnation of ACA, then impliedly so. If the Supreme Court invalidated the law on constitutional grounds, that would be a good thing for Democrats, not a bad thing, as it would create the "crisis" necessary for pushing through something different.

14 has long been a state function. If blue states haven't implemented universal healthcare, their cries about Federal inaction are the worst kind of cynical demagoguery. Prove it works in California or Vermont,


I'm so old that even I can't remember the last Republican health care plan.

Nobody can, except maybe WW II vets.

The GOP is all about looting your healthcare funds and spending them on wild parties for ultra-rich people while Americans die in the streets.


13, Nice gish gallop you got there. Everything you said is completely false, from top to bottom.

Trump spent the first 2 months of the pandemic pretending it wasn't happening and insisting it would go away on its own. It was another two months following his declaration of a national emergency before we had testing reagents, though that didn't stop him from saying anyone who wanted to get tested could. We've never been able to catch up because Trump wasted precious time to prepare. Here is a timeline of his statements on the pandemic vs. the conditions on the ground when he said them:

The whole point of having centralized disaster response is that governors are too preoccupied with circumstances on the ground and restricted by limited resources due to the afforementioned disaster. In the critical early days of the pandemic, the most afflicted states were begging the federal government to step in. In the first couple weeks of March, before Trump declared a state of emergency, Cuomo publicly called for the federal government to take action. So did Inslee:

As for the relief package, where to even begin? How about yesterday, when house democrats unveiled another one, with no expectation that it will pass in the senate. I'll leave it to you to figure out who is in control there:

As for HIV, for one it's an STI, not a respiratory virus that is communicable through breathing, and it's impossible to "cure" retroviruses because they integrate into the host genome, but sure, we could have acted much sooner. Guess who dropped that ball? We were more than 5 years into the crisis before Reagan even said the word AIDS, because it was "only" killing queers and junkies.

The good news is we've gotten to the point that HIV is a manageable chronic condition that most people will survive. We've had those drugs since 1996. Try to keep up.


*citations needed


Facts are stubborn things, believe me! Many people are saying them. You wouldn't believe the things I'm hearing! Of course I'm not going to marshall any evidence to prove my point, you just need to take me at my word.

You're just adorable.


sorry, just one more, from 2014:

"Fundamental aspects of the biology of HIV-1 make cure implausible. After HIV-1 enters a host cell, the viral genetic information is copied by the viral enzyme reverse transcriptase (RT) from RNA into a double stranded DNA molecule approximately 10,000 base pairs in length. This DNA copy is then inserted directly into the DNA of the host cell. The resulting proviral form of the viral genetic information persists in the host cell DNA, essentially functioning as a cellular gene, for as long as the cell survives."


Oh dear. Not only do you not understand sarcasm, apparently you also have no idea how citations work.

See the hyperlinks in my comment @16? They're the text strings that start with https://, and if you paste them into your web browser -- the thing you're using right now to make shit up about infectious disease research -- you can read the source material and verify the information I'm helpfully providing you. Enjoy the rest of your day.


Once Democrats begin to regain power in the federal government, and Trump and his goons are flushed away, expect to hear Republicans start talking about meeting in the middle and not playing partisan games (also, expect constant whining about spending and the deficit).

Let's not fall for that trap this time. Don't forget the last 4 years, or what happened to Obama.


Uhhhhhhh you were the one who brought AIDS into the discussion to argue I guess that medical science sucks because we haven't cured it yet, even though we've been successfully managing HIV infection for nearly 25 years, and there are substantial, biological roadblocks to a true "cure."

This you? "We could compare this to the AIDS epidemic..... which might be even closer to the mark....let's see . Oh yah...still no cure."

The FDA and NIH are fast-tracking a number of vaccines to market, essentially by expediting regulatory paperwork and in some cases manufacturing vaccines before we even know whether they're safe or effective. That's cool and everything, but it has nothing to do with the president. Here is a citation from January 23, where scientists from the NIH were discussing pulling together resources to develop a vaccine, while Trump was saying it would just go away on its own:

Meanwhile, Trump, one day prior: "We have it totally under control. It's one person coming in from China. We have it under control. It's going to be just fine."

We won't know until early next year which vaccines have proven safe and effective and it will be another 6-12 months before they are distributed.


@15 - the "last Republican health care plan" was Obamacare. They came up with it. They just can't stand that a black man (and a tan suit-wearing Lib'rul too) is getting credit for it.


@13 misinformed: You've got to stop mistaking Fox TeeVee for a reliable news source and snorting hydroxychloroquine just because Trumpty Dumpty said so.

@26 dvs99: Yep--Mitt Romney, then Governor of Massachusetts, had a state healthcare plan identical to Obamacare. Spot on and kudos--you nailed it.


@21 & @24 misinformed: Do you use your MAGA cap to cover up your flatulence? What on Earth will you use to mask your growing bald spot, an empty BigMac container?