Slog PM: A Senate Debate in Iowa, a New Wine Shop Near the East Precinct, and the Threat of More Smoke



Not to go all Keanu, but that body cam footage?

Is Parscale:
Shirtless? Check. (Nice chest, Brad! Now stop skipping leg day).
Chilling next to his monster truck? Check.
Casually fondling a beer can while yakking at the cops? Check.
Tackled by the cops and arrested in the most humiliating way possible?
Oh, check and mate!!!

OMFG it’s #PeakFloridaMan winning the Florida Man Olympics!


Whattin the world are Canuckistani news outlets like the CBC gonna have to talk about?

"I mean, sure Minister, our heavily armed and violent next door neighbor is collapsing in a fascist terrorist attack allied with Russia against their own people, but let's talk about Paragraph 23, subsection J of the WE charity report in which there's a comma when obviously it should be a period...
J'accuse—Ça a fait scandale!"


Keep rounding the corner; after the 4th corner you're just walking in circles.


Do police ever just put cuffs on people any more, or do they always throw in some complementary road rash?

f'n brutes.


Free education for everyone!?! The horror.

KAGA, motherfuckers.


@4- wellll... the guy is buff & 6'8" tall... had refused to come out of the house, they knew he had a bunch of firearms... and he had recently beat up on his wife. I just can't summon any moral outrage over excessive force in this instance.
I can certainly understand his suicidal ideation- if any human being deserves to wallow in self-hatred a disgraced Trump campaign manager would be one.


Also, the Trump campaign guy's fiery red, sunburnt chest is legend. Good for him for defying tyrannical, libtarded protective safety measures like sunscreen, which I hear also causes autism, and quite possibly even skin cancer.


Ernst is an idiot, but so is most of Iowa these days. I'm sure it will go for trump, but if the challenger was smart, she would harken back to the days when the state universities were affordable. "Free" college education would make them fling their poo, but an affordable UI, ISU, UNI and all the community colleges would probably meet with their approval.



Do Iowans care about college or is it too elitist? By the way, do you all know about Ernst attacking Greenfield's dog?


@ 6,

Looks like it's not a crisis of conscience; he's been implicated in the Tr666p campaign's 2020 embezzlement scam to the tune of $170 million and for lying to Congress.

He's headin' to the slammer for a looooong time.
Unless he gets a break for flipping on the Tr666p-Kushner Crime Family.


seatackled dear, back in my day, the state universities in Iowa were a source of pride. And schools like Grinnell and Drake were nationally known for their academic prowess.

Iowa used to spend a lot of money on public education, and the state schools were heavily subsidized by the legislature so that tuition was affordable. Part of the brain drain the state is now experiencing is due to the high cost of tuition.


And the high cost of Oelwein and Muscatine at al personifying forgotten rural America.


@4 - Yeah, they were quick with that. Handcuffing a 6'8" dude while he is standing after what he had just done isn't preferred; it leaves him with not enough of a disadvantage if he decides to resist. Who would resist 8 Tac cops you say? You'd be surprised.

That said, the proper way is to calmly order him to the ground, either to his knees or prone, several times over a much longer (30 seconds, a minute) period of time. Give him plenty of opportunity to comply. If he doesn't, then get ugly.

It's possible the tackling officer saw some subtle body language thing that made him think he would resist and opted to take him down fast before he could fully realize that suspected intention. That's a thing and if it was so, what the cop did was smart. But Ha-Ha, c'mon, it's more likely the cop was amped up and itching to teach him a lesson in not barricading himself, not 100% but like 80-20.

Still, a well trained and well disciplined Tac team would have done what I described.
Oh, and the cop was as certain as he could be that he didn't have a firearm on him. He wouldn't have tackled him if that was even remotely possible in his mind. That's loud verbal commands at gunpoint territory.


No mention of the war starting in the middle east?
Azerbaijan invaded the Armenian Republic of Artsakh two days ago. The Azeri's are backed by Turkey with Syrian mercenaries.
They are threatening to finish the Armenian Genocide.
It should be on your radar.
Just kidding, I know Americans don't care about those things.
I'll try again.
It might disrupt oil supplies. Now you are interested, right?


@14 Exxon is in trouble because global oil prices are too low. Right now America (by which I mean Exxon) wants global oil supplies to be disrupted.


Ernst is probably right that Roe won't get overturned. Rather, the court will approve whatever restrictions any state legislature might devise, making it impossible to actually get an abortion.
That's how they do it these days.

To actually overrule it would create a hook on which to hang a kind of national level organizing that we don't have and there's no angle in that for the Republicans. Barrett may be a throne and altar dominionist crank but she's also a product of the Harvard/Yale/Fed.Soc. conformity machine.


@13 I couldn't really hear Parscalle so I don't know how rational/coherent he may have been. Who knows. Its just that one can always make a plausible argument for why violence justified in any stressful situation and it seems the police do just far too often.

Same thing in the Jacob Blake shooting - police waited until the instant Blake did something that would give them a plausible reason to shoot him and then they shot him. Its this pattern of behavior that lies at the core of the problem with policing.


Overturning Roe would wreak havoc on GOP fundraising and may cause the Catholics to wander away from the GOP. They largely don’t care about guns or gays.


It's rad that all the headlines said "Seek help if you are suicidal" and not "Seek help if you abuse your spouse". Seems like this says something about our country but not sure what.


@20 Like Trump!


@20 they are following the fine example of your cult leader in the White House, Broflake. So clearly they deserve high profile positions in the Republican Party.


Its awesome that we force 19 year old's to take responsibility for their actions but the 50yo CEO of any multinational corporation well, he just needs a little help from Uncle Sam. This to me is conservatism.




Or jail him.

Ok, jail would work too.