And do Dell, Apple, and others provide low cost hardware to minority communities?


i didn't Read it it cause
they've taught Blacks to Read?

but whatever became of all that kinda thought where slave patrols kept our Bloodlines Pure because, well, you know the Negro...

and so
the Great Reckoning
(perhaps) finishes its Beginning.

our Home-grown
Terrorists ain't
gonna Like it.

too Bad
they didn't have
their very own* Country somewhere...

*Lily White
like Snow


Municipal WiFi would go a long way towards solving this. Alas after a few cities set up municipal WiFi in the mid/late 90s, laws suddenly popped up across the country making it illegal to do so. One guess as to which political party championed those laws.


um, the 'party' that Believes the Citizenry is here soley to be Farmed/Harvested by The Clever? that one?

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