Do Not Watch the Presidential Debate



It will be a total farce. Joe Biden is expected to speak with perfect elocution and can't be too angry or too calm. One misstep and the media will fall over itself questioning his competence.

All Trump has to do is drink a glass of water with one hand and not drop an n-bomb and we will hear how presidential and commanding he seemed.


If Trump manages to not shit his own pants and throw it at the camera Fox News will demand he be given the Nobel Prize.


Charles, I totally agree with your sentiment. It's spot on. The entire 'politics as entertainment' and 'horserace' coverage has been going on way too long, and with djt it's completely out of hand.


I never watch debates - too exasperating.


You are totally right, Charles.

The entire presidency of the orange shitgibbon has been exhausting. I made up my mind years ago who I was voting for (anyone but Trump). There is nothing either of them could possibly say or do during the debate that will change my vote. Biden was never my favorite during the primaries, but he'll be a thousand times better than Trump.

So why watch this shitshow tonight? It won't make any difference. It will just raise my blood pressure for no reason. Way less stressful to read a good book, or watch something mundane on Netflix, either of which would be a far better use of my time.

I don't plan on watching any of the debates.


Oh such stupid and vapid smugness. Maybe you all won't watch it tonight but you'll watch every YouTube clip of it with glee tomorrow.


@6 Every accusation is a confession.




Joe really needs to
Fake 'prez' & establish some Ground Rules.


oh man i am so drunk now - 1 sip for every Trump lie my head is spinning


I'm not watching.
Why would I want to listen to Trump's psychotic babble of lies?
Trevor Noah, or Stephen Colbert can sum it up for me later


No, Raindrop, I'm not smug at all.
I'm deeply distressed at the shabby state of our democracy.


only a glutton for punishment would watch this...not like anyone is really on the fence.


oh god it got so much worse seriously buy a mute button or I'm not watching the next debate


@12: Well, after watching it your take was better than mine.


Very well written, Charles. Agreed and seconded. I'm way ahead of you, as far as avoiding the 2020 Presidential debates (and SO fucking glad I don't have a TV).
Brad Pitt currently serves as a better view. I just purchased a DVD copy of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood to add to my video collection.

@12 pat L: sigh---agreed and seconded. I know I couldn't handle any presidential debates now without throwing something at a TV set.


Good call. I went to bed and woke to news that friends had to flee their home in Santa Rosa and my 3-year-old nephew has a 101 fever. The last thing I needed was to watch that shit.


The last thing anyone needed.


My life is a cakewalk compared to the suffering going around this country, and that is the point. All I have are my anecdotes to relate to that. How can we have these ridiculous displays when what people need now most is a government that listens to them and uses its power to bring them relief? How can we just ignore all that suffering to validate cheating, lying, and such bogus displays of bad faith? If people are suffering, it should be incumbent on neighbors to address that suffering, not wall off and sandbag and hide and exacerbate it. What a world.


@20 voting for Biden is eminently justifiable and is the only sane option.

But it’s unsurprising the guy that claimed CoVID19 was “just a flu” and hasn’t killed more than a few thousand, couldn’t spell “Libya,” and thought “buy low, sell high” was genius advice... would be easily confused by clear moral and reasoned choices.